LDM 554 – Haku’s Introduction (2)

There’s no way an ordinary human could serve as a vessel for a high-level god. That’s why it was acceptable fact that Leona, who is called the Chaos God, to be the vessel. However, did she really need to release herself in this room?

“…Leona, why are you here? I mean, I understand that you’re a vessel, but…”

“Soto-chan asked me to help out with the space-time god’s mission. It seemed interesting, so I accepted. Maybe you should complain to your daughter instead?”

“Yeah, could you just go back already? I’ll make sure to teach Soto not to choose Leona as a vessel…”

Ignoring my words, Soto gazed at Leona with sparkling eyes.


“Huh? Oh, um, what is it, Papa? I’m not, like, love-struck at first sight or anything, okay?”

Crap, that’s suspicious. She’s the one who brought up love at first sight, which makes it incredibly dubious.

“Hey, Leona, go home already. Don’t lead my daughter astray.”

“Oh my.”

Leona gave Soto a mischievous smile, causing Soto’s face to turn visibly red.

“Fufufu, isn’t it too late for that?”

“Curse you, Time-Space God Karinisoto…”

There’s no doubt she did it on purpose. After all, she’s my daughter; there’s no way she’d mess up something so important. Rather, the Time-Space God Karinisoto must have already met Leona before. And wanting to introduce Leona to her other self in this timeline, she orchestrated this whole thing.

“…Papa. There’s one thing I have to tell you.”

“What is it, Soto?”

“I always thought I wanted to marry someone like you, Papa!!”

“Why did you choose now to say that?”

Moreover, her gaze was firmly fixed on Leona.

I mean, something like “I want to marry Papa” or “I want to marry someone like my father” might rank high in the list of lines a daughter should say to her father, but this situation definitely isn’t one of those.

“Ah… I see. What Soto said makes sense, I suppose.”

“Wait a minute, Rokuko, whose side are you on?”

“Well, Kehma, you said Leona is an upgraded version of yourself, didn’t you?”

I did say that, but… the gender is different, wait, is gender not a concern when it comes to gods?

“Don’t worry, Kehma. You defeated the 10th core, right?”

“Huh? What does the 10th core have to do with you…?”

“If you defeated the 10th core, then Haku-chan and I have no reason to be enemies anymore. In fact… what do you think the reward was for lending my body to the Time-Space God’s version of Soto-chan?”

Leona smirked smugly.

“What did you get as a reward?”

“The information in Soto-chan’s memories from the Time-Space God’s side.”

“… Information from a god who has memories of different worlds, huh?”

“In one world, it seems that Kehma and I teamed up and defeated the Creator God. So, Kehma and I aren’t exactly mortal enemies. As fellow Japanese heroes, why don’t we get along?”

She said that with a friendly smile, and I couldn’t sense any hostility from her. Still, even if she’s not an enemy, there’s no denying that she’s a magnet for trouble. Wait, did she just say that I killed a Creator God? What does that mean? Does that mean that the Space-Time God Karinisoto, who observed this, is a higher being than the Creator God?

“Also, Haku asked me to train you, Kehma.”

“What? But you were supposed to be enemies with Haku.”

“I was only pretending to be in opposition to Haku because of the tenth core. I was working behind the scenes to ensure that the derivative dungeons couldn’t escape. If you think I’m lying, ask Haku-chan.”

“I wonder if Haku would admit it while doing such harassment… Rokuko, can you confirm?”

“Yeah, I’ve sent her an email.”

“Leona, don’t hack it, okay?”

“I already asked [Father] to make sure I couldn’t, so I can’t interfere anymore.”

Leona shrugged as if to say, “Oh well.” After a while, Rokuko received a reply from Haku.

“The reply from sis says that she indeed asked Leona for help. She didn’t mention the name to surprise us, but it seems Leona was the expert on Hero skills… “

“Ah, so now that Karinisoto is gone, the recognition has shifted to me. How interesting.”

“As long as it’s Haku’s introduction, I have no complaints. Let’s leave Soto’s matter aside for now.”

It seemed that the fact that Leona came here with Haku’s introduction had been confirmed, and the influence of Space-Time God Karinisoto had converged to a minimum.

“So the traces of the Space-Time God will be erased by the world’s corrective force?”

“Fufu, I guess that’s what I should expect from a Creator God in the making. Well, there’s no need to think too deeply about it. Things will happen as they should.”

As Leona said this, Soto, who was sitting next to her, clapped her hands as if she had an idea.

“So, does this mean that Leona will be staying in the village for a while?”

“Wait a second, how did you come to that conclusion?”

“Well, she’s here to train Papa, right? That’s not something that can be done in just a day. And she needs to meet Haku’s standards.”


I couldn’t find any reason to object Soto’s words.

“Leona, how long are you planning to train my Papa?”

“At least until he can master his [Super Transformation] at Lv 7. If he can handle that, he’ll be one of the strongest. And I’ll make sure he acquires the skills to match that.”

“That sounds like it’ll take quite a bit of time! In that case, if you don’t mind, you can stay in my room―”

“Soto, Leona will be staying at the church.”

“Oh, is that okay? To stay?”

“Well, it’s Haku’s introduction, after all… ugh.”

It’s better than her staying in Soto’s room―the “Storage” dungeon. Besides, the succubus sisters at the church were originally under Leona’s care, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

If the succubus village in the dungeon still existed, I would have tried to push her there, but the dungeon has been renovated and moved to the church. Some of them have moved to the neighboring Drago village.

…Should I create a separate room for Leona in the dungeon and isolate her? well at least, I’ll have to set up a surveillance for now.


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