LDM 555 – Training Begins

Previously in Lazy Dungeon Master:

The space-time god, Karinisoto, intervened in Soto’s life to change history. (Done)

Leona showed up, and Soto fell in love with her at first sight. (Karinisoto’s doing)

In order for Kehma to become a hero worthy of Rokuko, Leona was supposed to train him. (It’s suspected that Haku is half responsible for this mischief)


And so, somehow, I ended up receiving training from Leona.

…Wait, why am I trusting what Leona says in the first place?

Well, I can still trust the Time-Space God Karinisoto’s side.

Darn it, my head is so confused! …This isn’t just some illusion from Leona, right? I tried ringing the [God Alarm Clock], if there’s any sort of mental contamination, it should be dispelled by this, but nothing changed in my perception. It didn’t seem like my consciousness had been tampered with. tsk…

“Sigh… Leona-san…”

Soto sighed by the window like a lovestruck girl. Her expression clearly showed a “Status Abnormality: Love,” but the alarm clock’s effect didn’t work on her either.

“…Karinisoto Shishido? No, Shishido Karinisoto?”

My daughter combined her own name with Leona’s last name. She’s like a teenager in the throes of puberty.

“Wait a minute, Soto. You planning on getting married? I won’t allow it.”

“Huh, n-no, Papa! I just thought that Leona Masuda Labyrinth Heart sounds nice too!”

“I’d rather not become related to Leona… Well, I guess Niku is technically related to Leona too… Oh, right, Niku will cry, you know?”

“If I make Niku-oneechan cry… I’m a bad Dungeon Core… Haaah…”

No good, my daughter has fallen for a bad woman.

What should a father do in a situation like this…!?

The answer remained elusive as Leona’s first training session began. We were alone in the arena area. As a precaution, Rokuko was monitoring us through the dungeon function, so if anything happened, we could be pulled out immediately.

“If you can become strong enough to overpower me while I’m only using one hand, then I will consider that the training is finished.”

“…huh? Leona are you feeling sick?” {implying her unusual behavior is strange.}

“Well, it’s for Soto-chan. I don’t mind to do it as usual, but even I feel a bit hesitant to get involved with my grandchild’s partner.”

Leona, I didn’t know you had such a sense of morality. Honestly, I was surprised.

“It’ll make the family tree quite complicated. Chaos gods might prefer messiness, but right now, I’m ‘Hero Leona’ The teacher of ‘Hero Kehma’ after all. …Ah, should we start with you splitting open a giant rock? It’s a standard trope for heroes training arc.”

“Are you going to shield your disciple and self-destruct after that?” {DQ reference.}

“I see that was nice too, but I prefer the type of master who ultimately betrays and becomes an enemy, that surely nice idea and I don’t hate the development where the master turns into an enemy.”

Saying that, Leona chants [Super Alchemy] and creates a large rock in the arena.

“Try cutting this. Oh right, [Super Alchemy], here, use this sword. It’s just an ordinary iron sword.”

“…Can I cut that rock with this?”

She handed the sword to me, and as she said, it was an unremarkable iron sword. I don’t feel any strange magical power.

“It’s a ‘Super Transformation’ training, so you just need to transform into someone who can cut that rock, right?”

“Ah, that’s true. I just need to transform into someone who can.”

“Your ability will allow you to transform into someone at their peak, if you know about them, of course. But don’t try to transform into hero, okay? You can’t replicate their hero skill using [Super Transformation],”

So, instead of Hero Wataru, I should try someone from Haku’s Four Heavenly Kings, for now I will transform to Sally, the Imperial Knights’ commander. Bu the way, the Dungeon Core of the Demon Kingdom, Aidi, also came to mind, but I’d have to use her magic sword form as a prerequisite.

I used [Super Transformation] to transform into Sally.

“Oh, how cute. She is Haku-chan’s subordinate, right?”

“Well, I thought she might be able to cut through the rock.”

“That’s true. Sally-chan should be able to do it. Give it a try.”

I held my sword and swung at the rock――clang! The sword bounced off the rock and flew out of my hand. My hand felt numb from the vibration.

“…I can’t cut it?”

“It’s because you lack technique. Your strength should be enough, but your skill is just terrible. I might be different if the person you transformed into had enough power to brute force it.”

“I guess so… I see, that’s how it is.”

It’s a simple concept. If you need a score of 100 to cut a rock, Sally achieves that with strength + technique. But I don’t have enough technique, so I can’t surpass 100. But if I can become someone who can exceed 100 with strength alone, I won’t need technique. And if I can use technique on top of that, I could even surpass the original person.

“Choose your transformation wisely. If you can add technique, you can theoretically become the strongest with [Super Transformation].”

“That’s actually helpful.”

“But don’t forget to use skills too. As Sally you can…[Super Appraisal]…yeah, [Slash] should be enough to cut the rock.”

Oh right, I’d forgotten about skills. With [Super Transformation Lv 7], I can use the skills of the person I transformed into. I picked up an iron sword and faced the rock again.


The skill moved my body automatically. The iron sword swung down, cutting through the rock. Wow, these combat skills are amazing.

“Skills make you move correctly, so if your body is strong enough, you can do this. But the movements are fixed and leave you open, so in a battle between masters, using skills could lead to defeat… especially against someone like the Demon King or Haku, though.”

That goes for facing Leona as well. In short, I need to be able to cut rocks without relying on combat skills. The road ahead seems long.

“Alright, I’ll create 100 rocks for you. Cut them all. You can use skills for half of them—[Super Alchemy][Super Alchemy]…”

“And what will you be doing?”

“I’ll be at the church, reading a book. Call me when you’re done. [Teleport].”

Leona disappeared from the dungeon in a flash. Well, at least she’s giving me some training, which is both reassuring and not.

“Kehma, Soto is heading to the church too. Should I stop her?” Rokuko asked.

“…Yeah, do whatever you can, Rokuko! You can even order Niku if you need to!”

Will Soto fall first, or will I complete Leona’s training first? What a risky bet we’ve made!


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