LDM 556 – Leona and the Succubus Sisters

Leona was in the church reading books, just as she had declared to Kehma. She was disguised in a sister’s habit, blending in perfectly without disturbing the church’s atmosphere.

Of course, the succubus sisters who were left behind in the village as Leona’s followers were well aware of her presence. In fact, the sister’s habit Leona was wearing had been provided by the succubus themselves.

They had been asked by Kehma and Rokuko to keep an eye on Leona, but their gazes weren’t strict. Instead, they looked at her with the same sweetness as if they were watching an idol from afar. After all, she was still an object of their faith. The Beddhist Church was a sub-religion that did not deny the main faith, and the succubus sisters remained believers of Leona. Even though there was no way the succubus could stop Leona if she decided to take any action, this position was correct for monitoring purposes. Kehma and the others didn’t demand more, and they were secretly monitoring her as the dungeon side using a monitor.

“Miss Leona, it’s been a while.”

“Oh, it has been quite some time, Suira. …Since I’m a sister now, should I call you Sister Suira instead?”

“Please don’t tease me.”

Suira knew very well that Leona thoroughly enjoyed chaotic situations where hierarchies got all jumbled up. After all, Leona was a goddess of chaos.

“So, Leona, please tell me everything about the purpose of your visit this time. If there’s anything I can help with, I’ll be happy to assist.”

“Oh? Won’t Kehma get mad?”

“The Founder said, ‘Find out her purpose, and if it poses no harm to the village, you may help her and send her on her way quickly.'”

Indeed, it seems to be under Kehma’s instruction. Although it’s unclear whether it was a good idea to tell Leona directly, there probably wasn’t a need to hide it.

“Well, that’s fine. How’s Michiru doing?”

“She’s doing just fine. But what’s the reason behind your visit?”

“One of my purposes for this visit is to examine Michiru. She’s your princess, isn’t she? I need to give her a checkup every once in a while. I’m her primary physician, after all.”

“Is that so… Thank you very much.”

“I’ll take a look at the other girls as well.”

Leona chuckled gleefully. She closed her book and headed towards the back of the church. Before any other sisters arrived, she decided to start by examining Sister Suira, the head sister.

“[Super Appraisal]… ara, you’ve grown quite a bit. You must be receiving plenty of energy from Kehma.”

“No, the Founder doesn’t lay a hand on us. The founder have a dedicated succubus, so we can’t even repay him with nighttime visits.”

“Eh, seriously? How do you get the energy then?”

“Well, when we work in the church, we often receive ‘affection’ from people… And after confirming that they’ve fallen asleep in the church, we visit their dreams.”

It seemed like a win-win relationship where the succubus could enjoy delicious energy while the other party’s worldly desires were cleansed.

“On the day of the Mass, it’s an all-you-can-eat feast. It’s wonderful.”

“Surprisingly efficient, as expected from the Beddhist Church…”

As Leona admired them, the other succubus arrived, including a particularly young succubus named Michiru. Leona decided to examine Michiru after Suira.

“It’s been a while, Lady Leona!”

“You look well, Michiru. Leaving you in this village was the right decision.”

“Yes, thanks to you, I don’t have to go hungry or shiver in the cold. I’m grateful to both the Beddhist Church and you, Lady Leona!”

“Alright, I’ll examine you now. [Super Appraisal]… Yes, you’re progressing smoothly. At this rate, you’ll become a Queen soon.”

“Hee… It doesn’t feel real.”

Michiru’s reaction was mild, but the surrounding succubus became excited.

“Oh, we’ll be able to bring down a country!”

“Regaining our power isn’t just a dream!”

“Yes, we’ll take back the country that was stolen by the incubus!”

Suira, who noticed Michiru’s troubled face, gently stroked her head.

“Michiru? You don’t seem too thrilled.”

“Sister Suira… I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s fine to just continue being a sister in this village.”

“Oh? Don’t you want to become a princess, Michiru?”

“The thing is, this village is just too comfortable…”

Suira nodded thoughtfully. Indeed, Gollen Village was a very comfortable place to live. With the Beddhist Church, they never had to worry about food. It was a place worthy of being called a paradise or a haven of rest.

“And Sid is also so delicious…”

“The village chief of the neighboring village, right? If Michiru likes him, we can abduct him when the time comes.”

“No, that’s not okay. Cid is working hard as the village chief, and he’s actually the top candidate for the next lord of Pavella.”

“It seems he has an impeccable bloodline. Instead of abducting him, we could properly negotiate and welcome him as the prince consort. He would have a higher status than a lord, and he might even be happy with that.”

“I have friends here too… like Niku, Mai-chan, and Soto-chan.”

“We can invite them as well… Lady Leona, do you have any thoughts?”

Suira spoke casually, but she noticed Leona’s gaze and asked.

“If you’re thinking of laying a hand on Soto-chan, I’ll have to expose Michiru’s ‘potential’ right here and now.”

“Of course, we would never treat the Founder’s daughter, who has done so much for us, rudely.”

“Even so, it’s not acceptable. That child needs to grow up healthy and strong here. The Space-Time God asked me to watch over Soto-chan.”

“I understand. We’ll do as you say. Is that your objective, Lady Leona?”

“Yes. I’ve been promised a wonderful reward. That’s one of the reasons I came to this village.”

Seeing Leona’s dreamy smile, Suira gave up on the idea of laying a hand on Soto-chan.

There’s basically no option to oppose Leona.

“Don’t worry, Michiru. Suira and the others ultimately can’t defy Michiru, so you can live here as you please, alright?”

“I see! Being a Queen is amazing, isn’t it?”

“Besides, it’s not like she has to defeat the incubus right after becoming a Queen, right? She’ll need some training or she’ll be defeated instead. I’d say we should give her around 5 years to grow and learn.”

When Leona said that, the succubus reluctantly agreed.

“Well, humans grow up fast, and if they’re nobles, they’ll be independent in about 5 more years. Michiru, think about various things until then. If you take it too easy, time will fly by.”

“Yes, Lady Leona.”

Afterwards, Leona also conducted health check-ups for the other succubus. However, during that time, Suira couldn’t help but wonder if Leona was really capable of giving proper advice – a thought she kept to herself.


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