LDM 557 – During my training

I let out a sigh. “Phew…”

In my transformed state as Sally, I managed to cut a large rock in half. It was tiring, but I successfully learned the skill.

Originally, Sally could easily cut through rocks in her half-human form as a living armor. She had the power to ignore techniques and slash rocks with her strength. But could it still be called physical strength without muscle?  (Japan word play… I cannot…)

In addition to her raw power, she could also cut rocks with her technique. That’s Sally for you. Isn’t she too strong as a member of the Four Heavenly Kings? There are power types, skill types, and even those who combine both.

But just relying on power wouldn’t be enough to defeat Leona. So, I tried my best to cut rocks in Sally’s human form without using any skills. Relying on the fact that Sally could do it, I tried to do the same in her human form. I went through trial and error, fixed the iron sword when it broke, and finally learned the skill.

Thanks to the fact that my fatigue disappeared when I used [Super Transformation], I could practice continuously.

“Looking good!”

“When did you get here?”

“Just a moment ago.”

Even though this is our dungeon, she appears and disappears without a trace. She’s probably been using [Teleport].

“Kehma, release the [Super Transformation] and try to cut the rock with your own body.”

“Huh? There’s no way… or can I?”

“If you have enough strength, you can. You should know that, since you were cutting rocks in human form.”

Though I was irritated by Leona’s words, she was right. So, I tried to cut the rock with my own body…

…and successfully sliced the rock in half.


I couldn’t help but let out a strange sound. I couldn’t believe it. I cut the rock without any golem assistance.

“Well done! You are indeed the hero.”

“That’s right, I am a hero, aren’t I?”

I had almost forgotten, but by definition, I am a hero. Naturally, the more I trained, the more powerful I became.

“If Kehma is a hero, does that make me the demon lord? Then again, we already had demon lord faction, right?”

“Wouldn’t you be a wicked god, since you’re a god of chaos?”

“Oh my, that’s true. Hehe.”

Leona laughed joyfully, clearly delighted by my words.

“A romance between the hero’s daughter and a wicked god is quite chaotic scenario, isn’t it?”

“I’ll punch you.”

“Then you’ll have to get stronger first. Should we call Niku next?”

It seems heroes are supposed to band together with their allies to defeat powerful enemies… But what about Wataru? He’s solo, right? Is he somewhat the first Dragon Quest hero?

“So, what about you, Leona? Have you ever worked with allies to defeat an enemy?”

“Yes, that’s a story from long ago. It was before I fused with the fourth core, when I was called the Holy Maiden, and I changed my name to Chroma and played around at the Light God’s headquarters…” {so that’s the origin of Kuromaku name? Kuromaku = Chroma}

“Wait, wait, wait! That’s too much critical information!”

Don’t just casually drop such dangerous information, geez!

“It’s fine, there’s no 10th core anymore… Well, let’s leave that aside. At least, I can assist my teammates in combat, 【Super Transformation】!”

“…Rokuko, please call Niku.”


With that, Niku was called and arrived.

Upon seeing Leona, Niku made a very displeased face. It was an unusual reaction for the usually expressionless Niku.


“Hey there, Niku. Feel free to attack me as you like.”

“Alright then.”

Niku immediately pulled out her Golem Knife and swung it at Leona. But Leona stopped it with one hand, pinching it between her index and middle fingers, then threw Niku away with a twist.

Niku didn’t hesitate at all just now. Well, she’s not an opponent who’d die easily from being slashed.

“Come on, Kehma, you need to help too.”

“But I can’t just barge in clumsily.”

“Hmm, true.”

As Niku regained her posture and attacked Leona again, she evaded by moving half a step and tripped him, even though he came from behind.

“Niku, you need to cooperate properly with your master.”


Niku glanced at me. Well, let’s give it a shot. I’ll support her with magic.

“Here I go…!”


“Fireball isn’t a bad choice, but a Lance-type spell would deal more damage. Besides, at my level, taking it head-on like this doesn’t cause any damage.”

Leona dealt with Niku’s attack while ignoring mine, as if proving her words is true the fireball hit her and vanished with a “poof.” Not a single hair on Leona was singed.

“…[Fire Lance]!”

“Take this!”

“Ah, watch out. That’s dangerous.”

Leona swiftly knocked away the fire lance I had cast, just in time to prevent it from hitting Niku. It seemed that Niku had jumped into the line of fire at the exact moment I released the spell, putting her in danger of being hit by my attack.

“My apologies, Master. I got in the way.”

“No, it’s my fault. I couldn’t attack at the right moment. Sorry, Niku.”

“…You’re not going to thank me? Well, it doesn’t matter. As long as you don’t die, I’ll heal you completely with a Full Recovery Potion. Feel free to experiment.”

Saying that, Leona used her [Super Alchemy] skill repeatedly to create potions out of thin air.

“Hey, what’s going on? What about the law of conservation of mass?”

“We are in a world with magic, it’s a bit late to worry about that. I’m just refining the air to create the potion bottles and their contents. You know that there’s air in the space around us, right, Kehma?”

That’s way too absurd. It’s like a cheat. …Well, it’s a hero skill, so it’s supposed to be a cheat.

“So, Leona, you can recover as much as you want?”

“Yes. I consume magic power, but I’m also wearing a natural recovery support accessory, so I can basically recover infinitely.”

It seems that she can’t automatically recover under very special conditions.

“Ultimately, I want Kehma to become strong enough to defeat both Haku-chan and me during our training. But when that time comes, I won’t rely on my strongest technique, [Super Alchemy].”

If Leona can use [Super Alchemy], it becomes difficult to determine how to defeat her. I wonder what kind of unique circumstances exist that prevent automatic recovery?


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