BTOG 266 – An Unexpected Reunion

“See you later, I’ll be back tomorrow.”


“Good girl, good girl.”

<Goodbye Suiryuu-chan, until the day we meet again.>

<that day is tomorrow tho?>

< it’s cute once you get used to looking at it.>

<The effect of titles on NPCs to increase their favorability is not absolute, is it?>

It was about six o’clock. I returned to the town where it all began after seeing off Suiryu-chan, who returned to the lake with a satisfied but slightly sleepy expression on her face, possibly tired from playing.

The sun had completely set, and the entire town was illuminated. 

“It’s only been two weeks, but it feels like a long time since I’ve been here. I guess this is my first time in the city at night.”

<You never been to this city at night?>

<Well, the city of beginnings has calmed down a lot thanks to the [saba] division.> {no idea}

< That’s good.>

<Sukuna is maxed out already.>

<If you hit a player there, they will die instantly.>

“Why chat talking about something so scary?”

But it’s true that there won’t be that many strong players in the city of beginnings, so even a light bump could kill them.

“What are we going to do after this?”

<You have no plan?>

< Aren’t we going to the forest?>

“Well, I’ve got two hours left on my schedule, but if you think about it, the forest of the end is pretty far away. I would run out of time just to go there and back.”

Yeah, as the name implies, the End Forest is located at the end of the world on the map, about an hour’s walk from the beginning town.

Of course, I can run, but I need to pay mind to my speed and be careful not to outrun the streaming crystal because I’m going a little too fast, so I have to hold a little back. It’s the same situation during a battle.

This gives the stream a very surrealistic feel. It’s like watching the year-end and New Year’s relay race on TV.

“Even if I arrived at the forest at the end, I heard that the [Shrine at the End] has never been found even after 2 months of this game life time, and even if I use my senses, it’s possible that I wouldn’t be able to find it…., or maybe it’s the type of place you can’t get to without clearing a quest first or something like that. Anyway, I’m not sure going directly into the forest would accomplish anything.”

<I see.>

<Then let’s look for the quest then.>

<The first time I went to the forest, I was able to escape rather easily, and I felt like I wanted to explore the city of beginnings again.>

<Since many of today’s viewers are new to WLO, I think this would be a good time to give them a tour guide.>

<Sightseeing guide (for the first timer)>

<The battle with the red wolf seems like a long time ago.>

“To take a stroll in the city of beginning… that doesn’t sound too bad, It’s bright and beautiful city.”

It’s true that the only memories I have of this town are of the potion shop on Main Street, the skill store, and the department store where I bought my armor.

“Let’s go then, shall we?”

After consulting with the viewer, I decided to take another stroll in the town of the beginning, and then we saw a person running towards us with great energy.

Small in stature and with familiar beast ears. A swordsman whose name had just come up in a talk with Melty.


“I hear ya!”


< She’s as tiny as ever.>

<Oh, it’s the Sword Saint.>

<I envy Sukuna’s friendship with Arthur.>

<Geh, Arthur?>

< I’ve noticed. I’ve noticed that Sukuna calls everyone “chan.”>

<↑ She even called Rinne, Rin-chan.>

“For those of you who are new to this game, let me introduce you. This is Arthur, the leader of the second largest clan in the game.”

“I am Arthur, the leader of the Round Table clan and I am the strongest swordsman in the game. If you want to learn the sword or if you like the sword, you should join our clan, Knights of the Round Table. It is an easygoing clan with no strict rule.”

Arthur is the clan leader of the clan [Knights of the Round Table].

She is about 140 centimeters tall beastman with ears and a tail that looks like a cross between a fox and a wolf.

And she is, without a doubt, the strongest swordsman I have ever seen in my life.

“I thought you were headed for Zeronoa.”

“Been there already, it’s been five days since the battle against the moon wolves. We’ve already established the road to Sephira, so it’s not a big deal to get there before the other side. Besides, I got some good things from the battle of the moon wolf.”

A-chan said and turned around to show her whole body.

Originally, she was wearing Western-style light armor with a slight Japanese flair, but now she is fully dressed in kimono.

The most eye-catching item is the moon-colored kenshi haori (swordman’s haori). Combined with the underlying black street clothes, it was a beautiful kimono. And It was different from my half-hearted kimono, which had a mini-skirt underneath. She has what you would call the proper appearance of a samurai.

“I see you used Nocturne’s [Soul] for armor.”

“I really wanted to use it as a weapon, because my [sacred weapon release] that I showed you can only be used with a weapon that can be broken.”

The secret of [Sword Saint] art, the extra rare skill that A-chan possesses, art with the same level as my [Closing Ceremony].

The name-designed equipment will not be lost even if its durability is depleted. Which conflicted with the [sacred weapon release] requirement, is that why she can’t make a Named Weapon?

“Do you like how I look?”

“It suits you.”

“I think this is too plain.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Well, I don’t expect that from you. Let’s see how are your viewers reacting? I’m sure your viewers are excited by the sudden appearance of a beautiful young swordswoman.”

I adjusted the crystal, so it was A-chan, who had her arms crossed with a smug look on her face, and I chose a comment that caught my attention and showed it to her.

< She’s so cute, dressed like she’s going to Shichigosan.> {coming age ceremony for 3,5,7 yo child lol}

“So they say.”

“I’m not that small!”

SMACK! I don’t know where she got the fan from, but she slammed the crystal down on the ground.




<So aggressive.>

<I feel like she’s a doll dressed in clothes, isn’t she?>

<I can’t believe this is the best swordsman player in the game….>

After such a contrived exchange had settled down, I decided to ask A-chan again why she had come.

“….what are you doing here?”

“You here to find the shrine at the end, right? I thought I would join you.”

“In short, you’re bored, aren’t you?”

“That’s one way of putting it. aren’t Sukuna also about to get lonely too? It would have been nice to have at least one more person to liven things up.”

“Would you be offended if I said I would have preferred Rin-chan?”

“I would.”

“Then I won’t say it.”

“You’ve already said it. ……”

<Good tempo.>

< You’re still on top of each other.>

< They’re not getting anywhere.>

<The leader seems to be having a hard time. lol>

< Eye-catching, aren’t they?>

<↑Both of them are clearly not equipped for beginners.>

< They’re not at the level of the first town.>

<By the way, Rinne was being hunted by a pack of Death Rabbits just now.>

<↑ lol.>

“Rin-chan was killed by what… By the way, have you heard any rumors about the shrine of the end?”

“I don’t know about the shrine itself, but I’ve picked up some interesting information about the town of beginnings.”


I listened to A-chan’s words that filled with a tone of arrogance.

I only researched the existence of the Shrine of the End and the quests associated with it, so I honestly appreciated the fact that you were picking up information I didn’t know.

“The south section is a relatively vacant lot. It is famous as a residential area for players and NPCs to build their own homes, but it is said strange things happened when the night falls…”

“Did they mean ghost?”

“No, it’s not exactly a ghost. It is said that structures suddenly appear in vacant lots where there should have been nothing there until yesterday. The location of the structures vary from day to day, the types of buildings vary, and the number of structures is not stable. Some days it’s a Western-style house, other days it’s an old-fashioned Japanese house.”

“It’s a strange phenomenon, isn’t it?”

“Yes. The buildings are also not responding well when you visit them. There is no sign of human habitation, and it can only be described as an abandoned house. There is a curious people who records and uploads such unspecified ghost buildings every day. Among them, I found an interesting building.”

A-chan showed me one of the photos that this curious enthusiast has been uploading.

And it was indeed a picture of something familiar.

“This is… the forbidden site where Nocturne fought.”

“Yes, it is. It’s a little compact, but it’s definitely the shrine from that time. Don’t you think there is some connection?”

<The one that Sukuna destroyed?>

<The one who is to blame is Moon Wolf since she is the one who threw Sukuna towards it.”

<it really looks like the shrine of that time.>

<You guys remember it well, don’t you?>

<Most of today’s viewers don’t know about it.>

“Oh right… for more information, check out my channel’s video on the Battle of Nocturne the Moon Wolf!”

<damn lol>

< Don’t advertise so blatantly!>

<Well, it’s not something I can explain with the word.>

< I’m glad Sukuna’s getting better at advertising.>

<newbie streamer!>

Well, I need to do at least that much.

And it’s true that the shrine is similar to where I was thrown by during the Nocturne battle and secretly met with the Shuten, so it’s easier to watch the video and compare it to the picture I just showed you than to explain it in words.

“So, shall we go to the south section for the time being?”

“But first, let’s get some food! I know a restaurant in the city of beginnings that I can recommend!”

“Then let’s do that. We still have time.”

<Ah…(so this is it I guess)>

<Oh, no…>

<Sukunaaaa! Run!>

<Oh, no, we’ll lose viewers.>

<The nightmare will come back.>

< Arthur’s favorite is not a good thing!>

<Did you mean it was something similar to Arthur’s snack? The butterfly maggots pickled in honey?>


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