PMZ 099 – Two-facedness

“… Alisha ……?”

All gaze was focused on Anna who utters that one word, but the servant didn’t immediately react, it was her sister that broke the silence.

“What? No way!  is that Lady Alisha? Why is she working as a maid in our house?”

There was no one to answer, and the Grand Wife strode up and knelt in front of me.

“Once again I apologize, for the inconvenience our house’s young lady and servants had created.”

The Grand Wife’s words caused even the servants to panic.

I had been thinking about how to cover it up, but now that things have gone this far, I had no choice but to come out clean.

 –Yes, that’s right.

 I am a strange young lady.

“There’s no inconvenience in the first place, I’m only doing this for my sake, I’m responsible for my own actions, and I have no reason to ask the Grand Wife to do such a thing.”

I said this and asked the Grand Wife to stand up.

Anna shuddered and covered her mouth with her hand.

“This can’t be true… if Mrs. Ellie is Lady Alisha… then… her husband who came with her is…”

She glanced at Hayato.

Hayato sighed and took off his veil, his beautiful face now on full display. Everyone, except for the Grand Wife, Mario and Luigi, gasped at the same time. It didn’t bother Hayato at all, and he walked straight up to me, then adjusting my ruffled hair with his hand.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine.”

“Thank God. I was so worried.”

Tears welled up in Miss Anna’s eyes as she watched our exchange.

My heart hurts.

I know how painful it is to not be noticed by someone you love. But I’m sorry, that doesn’t mean I can give Hayato to you.

When Anna began to cry, Anna’s mom gently held her shoulders and said, “What’s wrong? Please talk to your mother,” she said gently.

 –did you understand now? you have also been loved.

Even the Grand Wife has embroidered a wedding ribbon for you, wishing for your happiness.

Don’t betray their trust.

It’ll make everyone sad.

I took a breath and looked at the senior maid at my feet, she was looking up at Hayato with a puzzled look on her face. Then she noticed my gaze, our eyes met, and she cried out, “Hieeeee!”.

“I — I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were a noble…!”

I crouched down and called out to her, using the gentlest tone of voice possible.

“It’s only natural that you don’t know because I hid it. By the way, have you been borrowing the things that belonged to this house’s wife? “

“Y-Yes! Yes, that’s right! I just borrowed it for a while! I’m going to return it right away.”

“I see. Then return it soon. If she doesn’t have it when she wants to use it, you’ll be in trouble.”

I send a glance at Grand Wife; she nodded and instructed the butler to take the senior maid away.

The butler grabbed the senior maid by the arm, stood her up, and took her to a room somewhere in the back.

It’s common for a noble house to have a special room for interrogation and punishment, I think that’s where they headed.

I hope she will be confessed and be sorry for this.

 –Well, I guess it’s about time to wrap this up.

I’m sure everyone has work to do. If I don’t move, they won’t be able to either.

“Then, Grand Wife, I will go prepare for my return. Thank you for your hospitality, even if it was only for a short time.”

“Very well, then. Please use our carriage on your way home. I’ll have it ready for you.”

“Thank you very much.”

We greeted each other with a bow.

 — Using The name of the house is always leads to a quick solution.

But I also have to accept that there will be a wall between us. I feel a little sad about that now. It used to be a normal thing until a while ago.

Suddenly, I heard a low female voice from the other room.

“What? I’m sorry, Anna… Say it again.”

I looked over and saw that the weak Wife, who usually wears an innocent face had her face transformed like that of Yasha (Devil/Oni) after hearing Anna’s story.

All people who see that Grand Wife included were startled to see such drastic change.

“Eh… I… I want to marry Hayato…”

“You idiot!”

The sound of a slap on the cheek echoed throughout the room.

Anna’s mother delivers the slap with all her might. The sound itself made me feel as if she had been hit with a lot of force.

Anna looked at her in disbelief, holding her cheek.

“Mom, What are you doing!?”

“I’m doing what I should! What are you thinking? You couldn’t do that to someone’s fiancée! Have you ever thought about how it feels when your lover to be robbed of you? Do you know how much pain I’m going through because of it? Look at your father! Yesterday, he said he was working, but he didn’t come home, and he’s not here now. Those thieving cat-like women have no right to complain even if they are killed.”


It seems that the Wife is troubled by her relationship not only with her mother-in-law but also with her husband, the baron.

That one sin she shouldn’t touch, Anna has trampled it splendidly.

The servants, who had somehow read the situation, disappeared without a sound, leaving only me, Hayato, Anna’s younger siblings, the Grand Wife, and the head maid.

Our eyes opened wide in surprise at this sudden change.

Grand Wife retorted in defeat.

“I… I know it’s not right to steal other people’s husbands! But what’s wrong with falling in love with someone? You always say that love is a wonderful thing! Why are you hitting on me? If you have a problem with him, why don’t you just tell dad directly?”

“He’s a man, he can’t know how a woman feels when she talks to him! But you’re a woman, right?  You can imagine how a woman feels when she’s betrayed. That’s why I can’t forgive you!”

The wife continued to slap Anna’s cheek with a fan.

Eventually, Miss Anna said, “Stop it, stop it. I’m sorry, Mommy,” she says, and begins to cry.

 –That escalated quickly.

Baron Maple, you are a sinful man. ……!

As I watched in amazement, the Grand Wife muttered quietly.

“So… that child is capable of getting angry like that. …I really didn’t know that.” She looked a little frightened, but then turned to me and said,

“I’ll take care of this, so you guys can get ready to go home. I’m sorry for showing you such a shameful scene,” she said, pushing us back.

Unable to say anything, we went to the servants’ quarters.

The door slammed shut, and after a moment of stunned silence, I untied the knot of my apron carefully.

“That was amazing, madam…”

“indeed… and Baron, you’re going to face hell when you get back…”

That much is sure.

After that once quiet Wife said so much, she won’t stop here, I chuckled thinking about that future.

“Yes, that’s true. I think the Baron deserved to feel a little pain too.”

I went into the changing room to shower and returned to the clothes I had come in. I won’t wear a wig today. I’ll figure out what to do with it at the academy when I get back.

I folded the borrowed uniform into a square and put it in the servant’s laundry basket.

“We’re ready. Let’s go home.”

He nodded and opened the door to let me through.

When we stopped by the kitchen to say goodbye, the (fake) Mario Bros took a bow and then laughed, then Chef Luigi looked at us and said with a smile.

“I’ve had a rare experience. I never imagined that I would be working with a noble lady.”

“That’s right, isn’t it? my hobby to make a sweet was nothing compared to the young lady who works in the kitchen.”

Mario casually teased me about my eccentricities, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Chef Luigi folded his arms and said.

“I punched the Viscount in the head. I thought he was just stone-headed, but I’m convinced that he’s the rumored Viscount Ridill. My fists are no match for him.”

“Also. My special move, aerial potato cutting, is beaten by a Viscount. The chef was angry, but that was worth it.”

The chef laughed and held out his right hand to Hayato.

“My wife is about to have her first child, and I’d like to get the chimney sweep good luck.”

Hayato smiled, nodded, and shook hands with the chef. The chef let go of his hand, stepped back, and bowed again.

“I apologize for any rudeness I may have shown you.”

“No need, there was none.”

“I’d like to shake your hand, too. I want to be a chef someday.”

“Rejected. Junior rebellion is not allowed.”

Mario’s offered hand was stopped by Chef Luigi.

On our way back, the Grand Mistress came out to see us off to the carriage and gave us our two days’ reward, a sachet with a lavender-scented purple ribbon, and a gold felonniere with a large piece of amber on it.

“No, I can’t take this. Please take it back.”

“Oh, were these too old-fashioned to use? Just take it. It may not be enough to pay for the inconvenience, but this amber has an intaglio of roses carved by a first-rate craftsman who was famous when I was young. It’s hard to find now.”

“I’m afraid that this is too much.”

“That’s all right. I’m retired from noble socialite, so I have no use for it. Amber blends in well with Alisha’s blonde hair, and it’s also the same color as the Viscount’s daytime eyes.”


What a killer word.

If she’s been my local jewel, I’ve brought this on the spot without hesitation, as expected, she is a master at this.

“Then… I’ll be grateful to use it. I’ll send you a thank you note later.”

“I’m the one who needs to send an apology letter, For now, please take care on your way home.”

The carriage doors were closed and they started to drive away, gates were opened and the sound of hoofs lightly passed through.

This was the end of the two-day, one-night work experience.

It was not long before I arrived home, and as I was taking a break in my room, there was a discreet knock at the door.

It was an unfamiliar knock with no sense of rhythm, and it didn’t seem to be my maid. As soon as I answered, the door opened with a clang and Love appeared.

Her usual bright smile was gone, and her expression was hard, I could see that she’s anxious about something.

“…what’s wrong?”

“Lady Alisha…, may I have a moment?

I nodded my head, straightening my posture because clearly, the atmosphere was serious.


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