PMZ 106 – ★Goddess

It was not difficult to believe that it was Minerva. That’s how divine the white owl presents itself.

If I were to use an analogy, it would be like the moment when you see the light of dawn shining through a large canyon as far as the eye can see, a simply overwhelming divinity. That’s how much presence this little owl has.

“Why is the Goddess here…?” I asked, then I heard the voice of the Goddess coming from the ear cuff.

“I have important matter to tell you.”

“Important matter…”

My heart beat heavily. What did the Goddess have to come all the way here to tell me?

“You know there’s something inside you, don’t you? You know there’s something abnormal about it.”

I knew it. That guy was abnormal even in the eyes of the Goddess. Well, that much is true. There’s nothing normal about it since the beginning.

“Yes, I know.”

“I’m amazed that you haven’t been overtaken until now. You are strong, but I’m sure you must have had a wonderful environment as well.”

My environment… I’m not sure, but… if you’re referring to the time I spent with Alice and her family.

“Yes. I do think it was a very wonderful environment.”

“I’m sure it was. Your devotion and straightforwardness, which left no room for the others to slip into your mind, ended up protecting you.”

It was thanks to Alice…

People around me often said, “You’ve become a different person since you met that young lady.”

But the truth is the opposite. Ever since I met Alice, I didn’t have to become a different person.

“But it even that will soon reach its limit. You’re feeling the effects of Morion everywhere, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Am I bound to be defeated…?”

“That’s inevitable. It’s a miracle that you’ve lasted this long in human form. It’s a miracle even from my perspective.”


You surprisingly talk about it so lightly, don’t you, Goddess?

“I’ve just given you a blessing to strengthen your power, it’s a part of my power, which is the opposite of Morion’s. It should keep you from losing yourself for a few days. However, the protection will fade as the days go by.

It will only prevent you from being taken over temporarily, but it will not be able to suppress the influence of Morion.”

“Even a goddess can’t control it?”

“I’m sorry, but… Unfortunately, Morion is an entity of the same rank as me, so he can’t be controlled in the same way I control people or monsters.”

The same rank as a goddess! It’s such a ridiculous existence.

“So it’s different from the normal magic takeover?”

“Yes. It is different from the temporary infusion of magic power from a person whose main body exists separately.

The alteration process was different because all of the divinity power that had nowhere else to go had entered you, and your opponent’s influence would not disappear over time. It’s also impossible to tear it away with magic.

As long as you’re alive, you can’t get the divinity out of your body.”

“As long as I’m alive…”

I see. I think I understand why the Goddess personally came to talk to me. She even shows herself physically.

I think she wants to give me time.

“What do you plan to do with Morion?”

“I’ve thought that if he does nothing and stays quiet for a few decades, I’ll just sit back and watch. But now that come to this, I can’t leave it alone. Take a good look at the sky.”

When I looked up, I saw the same starry sky as before

“…it looks like nothing seems to have changed.”

“No, it has. Look closely at the constellation of the Eagle. That’s what Morion do earlier. Back in the morning, you can see it clearly, but now it’s blurred because a black cloud was created by using the dark attribute. It’s still spreading. If left unchecked, it will cover the entire world soon.”


If that happens, we’re in deep trouble.

It will have a much more significant impact than the monsters getting stronger. The sun will not be able to reach the earth.

“If it’s just a little, I’m sure I’ll be able to get rid of it with my power… But unlike me, he had a power that specialized with the darkness attribute, and eventually, he will use your power as well. –we won’t be able to catch up with him soon enough.”

“I see. What does he want? What Morion trying to do?”

“He wants to create his own world. You can’t blame him for that. It’s an instinctive desire of ours. But if you want to replace me in this world, I too have to follow my instincts and resist.”


“I’ll assimilate him with me into me once it’s out of your body. As long as the other party is not willing to behave quietly, it is the only way.”

“It’s like what we call a takeover. But that’s…”

If there is a difference in power, there is not much of a problem if they resist.

However, since they are equal in rank, won’t that affect the one who has taken over it?

“Of course, after I do this, I won’t be the same being as I was before. Even if it worked, the magical environment of this world would inevitably change drastically. Two divinities with different characteristics will be mixed together.

Even so, if we don’t do it, it will be too late.

The black monsters, they took the lives of living things, didn’t they? The magic of the dead would normally come back to me, but if the black monsters kill them, they will go to Morion as their ruler.

My power will be taken away. This is the main reason why I can no longer wait for your lifetime to end.”

“I see…”

That’s certainly not something I can’t take my time with.

Despite her conversation, which implied that I should ‘die’, my heart remained calm.

Maybe it just doesn’t feel real yet.

“Okay, I understand. then I need to clean up various things while the blessing is working.”

“I’m sorry, … I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. I pray that you will have no regrets. Is there anything you wish me to do?”

“A wish? Right… I wish that…Alice… no… please watch over the Stuarts so that they can live happily ever after.”

If I took the time to think about it, there might be other things that are more important.

But that’s all I can think of right now.

“Understood, I promise that…

The blessings I have placed on you will lose their full effect in approximately seven days. But I’d like to settle this before then, so on the sixth night, lie down in a deserted place. I will cast a sleep spell on you. During this time, I will be the one who ends it all. So that there will be no pain or suffering.”

The white owl nodded and closed its golden eyes quietly. Then it spread its wings wide as if to flap them and quickly disappeared.

I sat there alone, unable to think of anything else.

I rolled on the ground and looked up at the starry sky.

–Six days left for me…

Suddenly it started to sink on me, and I decided to stop thinking about it.

I got up and walked towards the city center. I can’t waste the rest of the time the Goddess has given me. First, I’ll stop by the guild and talk to Pete. Then I’ll report and apologize to the Duke.

He’s done so much for me, and I’m sorry to have to throw it all away.

When I arrived at the guild, Pete and some other employees were still there, even though it was already past working hours. It was so quiet. It feels like a funeral.

“I’m home, hi Pete.”

“Hayato! Why it’s you…why it has to be you!!!”

He suddenly started crying. What is it? What’s wrong with you?

“What’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter, you say!? I heard everything! I heard your conversation with the Goddess! Over the comms!”

“No! how?”

“I don’t know! I was desperately calling out to her, but she couldn’t hear me, could she? But still, I can hear it all! Are you okay about that?”

“I’m not okay, there’s no way it’s okay, but it’s the way it is.”

“You’ll make Alisha sad…”

My heart throbbed with pain.

It was the last thing I wanted to think about.

“Maybe so, but… I’m sure she’ll be fine. I hope one day she’ll forget about me and be happy with someone new.”

“Huh? Why are you reacting like this! I can’t believe that you were that insensitive! Believe in love more, Hayato!”

“I can’t help thinking like that, you know? Girls are probably a lot more practical than we think. A few weeks after telling me how much they like me, they’re getting along with their new boyfriends. They all did. I’m sure Alice will be too, and I’m okay with that.”

“You… are you really stu… no, I’m not going to say anything else.

You are probably still shocked by the sudden situation imposed upon you, or you may be confused. But don’t give up until the end. Talk to the Duke first. He may be able to help you in some way.”

“Yes, I will consult this with him…”

If anything, I’d like to discuss what will happens after the Goddess takes in Morion, rather than how to save him. If it’s not that kind of positive talk, it might dull my resolve.

Because both the Goddess and Morion are going to fight for their own existence, I can’t just run away.

I wonder if I’m somewhat sympathetic to Morion because I’ve been influenced by him. Or maybe it’s simply because I know that he was lonely.

But that doesn’t mean I’m taking sides.

“So you’ve heard and know most of the things, right? In seven days, there will be a change in the magical environment. Maybe the nature of the monsters will change then, too.”

“You’re right… Yeah, I know. There’s a guy who defeated a black goblin. He was stagnant at C rank for years, and then all of a sudden, he got into B rank. He was crying with joy, but I knew there were other forces at work.”

“I see. So maybe Morion’s existence wasn’t all bad?”

“I don’t know. I would have agreed if it only the monsters that are getting stronger. But those clouds are a different story. It’s no wonder that it angered the Goddess.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“You know, I’ve been thinking about your eyes that are getting red sometimes; I didn’t know that was the reason.”

Huh? What did you say!?

“What was that? I didn’t know about it! Why didn’t you tell me!?”

“I didn’t know! and I don’t know how to ask you what it is!”

Well, that’s true, too. I was convinced, and it’s all in the past anyway. I need to switch my mood and continue.

“Hey, Pete… Are there any people who have died from the black monster?”

I was afraid to ask. But I had to know.

“No, at least not from what I know up to this moment… There are some seriously injured, but they’ve managed to escape from the unruly ones. Also, Mark is okay, so it’s good for now.”

“I’m not sure if I’d call this situation good …but I’m glad.”

“Yeah. By the way, what are you going to do now? Are you’re going to talk to the Duke? He’s not going to believe your story about the Goddess appearing on earth.”

“I don’t know. I’ll have to explain it to him… and all the work he has done for me will be for nothing.”

“I’ll be there as a witness. I can’t be part of the discussion between the nobles, so I’m going to leave as soon as I’ve explained it. So, let’s go.”


We left the guild together. On the way to the aristocratic district, Pete asked me this question, a little nervous.

“I’m sorry to ask this at a time like this, but …what was the Goddess like? Beautiful?”

“Oh, …Yes, pure white, very beautiful.”

“Oh, damn!”

“She was a beautiful owl.”



“…So… it’s all white and beautiful… Owl.”

He looks shocked.

That’s rude.


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