ULMF – Chapter 013

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Syutaro spent some time in the guest room reading through the dungeon manual – he looks like a new employee sitting at his desk with nothing to do but read the company guidebook.

1. dungeons are not opened for at least two days after activating the dungeon generator.

This is more of a consideration for the dungeon owner, which will prevent people from entering the dungeon for up to a week if he so chooses. This function exists to prevent the immediate invasion to the dungeon, as a freshly built dungeon will inevitably have insufficient monsters and traps.

But of course, this is not the case with Syutaro’s dungeon.

2. experience can only be gained from [foreign enemies].

For example, even if he defeats a monster summoned by himself, he cannot gain experience because it is not a [foreign enemy]. However, all battles that happen in the outside world fall under the category of [foreign enemies], and therefore experience can be gained.

3. If the dungeon core is destroyed, all monsters, including the dungeon master, are destroyed, and the dungeon collapses. The dungeon core is also destroyed when the dungeon master is defeated.

(I must be careful of those 3 rules.)

With the Demon Lords and Punio, it seems that most intruders can be repelled but the chance is not zero. Because of that, Syutaro thought that he should at least know the location of the dungeon core.

(What should we do about the points?)

The dungeon points, which are normally very important, were mostly untouched because the area, facilities, and forces were already set in place.

Points in possession: 999 P




“Eh? What is this?”

Suddenly, Syutaro noticed a small [Quest Completion Notification] message glowing in front of his eyes. He only noticed it now because he was more or less at ease.

Next to the notification was [999+] text.

Syutaro casually tapped it.

<Create dungeon.>

<Summon monsters.>

<Synthesize monsters (receive a reward).>

<Increase the number of subordinates to 5.>

<Increase the number of subordinates to 10.>

<Increase the number of subordinates to 20.>

<Increase the number of subordinates to 50 (receive a reward).>






“What all of is this?”

The list of the completed task was lined up in a row.

All of them are tasks related to dungeons.

Although he had an idea of the top three, Syutaro, who had not summoned anyone other than Punio, was curious about the number of his subordinates and slid down the list further.

<Increase the number of subordinates to 100,000.>

<Increase the number of subordinates to 500,000.>

<Increase the number of subordinates to 1,000,000.>

<Increase the number of subordinates to 5,000,000.>





“Does this include all the undead monster-like beings under Bumpy’s command?”

That was the only reason he could think of.

In fact, since Syutaro had brought the kings who commanded many monsters under his control, those kings’ subordinates were treated as his. And the task to [increase subordinates to] had an upper limit of 10 million, and Syutaro was treated as having completed it.

Tapping on the dungeon creation completion rewards, he found out that he got the following rewards:

Reward: 20 P

Reward: Summoning Recipe <Goblin>

Dungeon points were added according to what was accomplished, as well as the summoning recipe. This allows Syutaro to summon goblins in addition to slimes.

There are four ways to increase the variety of monsters: by evolving monsters that originally existed as recipes, by defeating monsters from outside in the dungeon to obtain recipes, by random summoning, and by unlocking monsters through quest achievements.

If the easiest one is a goblin, what can you get for the hardest one? He tapped on the [10 Million Rewards] button.

Reward: 15,000,000 P

Reward: New function <Awakening>.


A power to breaks through the growth limit of monsters that meet certain conditions and elevates them to a higher existence.

“Does this mean Punio could become more powerful? Maybe all the demon kings are that strong because they are awakened.”

Syutaro spoke to Punio, but Punio just wiggled and danced.

Syutaro also tried to awaken Punio as a test, but it required 50 million dungeon points to awaken it, so he decided to give up for the time being due to the high cost.

Syutaro decided to postpone accepting the reward and continued scrolling down.

Synthesize and strengthen a monster to Lv.10.

Synthesize and strengthen the monster to lv.20 [Receive reward].

Synthesize and strengthen the monster to lv.30 [Receive reward].






This is the reward for strengthening Punio by using Syutaro’s monsters as nourishment. The information that can be gained from this is that the upper-level limit for monsters is 120 (players have another possibility).

This means the demon kings are at the upper limit of their level.

He did not know if this was due to awakening or not, but he knew that it was the maximum value in the system, and Syutaro swallowed his saliva with bated breath.

Evolving a slime to first evolution [Receive reward].

Evolve a slime to second evolution.

Evolve a slime to the third evolution.

Evolve a slime to the fourth evolution.

Evolve a slime to the 5th evolution [Receive reward].

Syutaro only noticed the color change, but when he enhanced Punio, it evolved. And it has evolved to its maximum 5-stage evolution limit, which made its current race name into [Abyss Slime].

The Abyss Slime reigned at the top of the magic slime family with various attributes. And although its shape has not changed, this evolution is more specialized in fighting ability compared to the King Slime of the same rank, It rarely appears in abyssal areas, and its attacks include high-level [poison], [dark], and [undead] attributes, it is a necessity to take a high ranked priest if you want to take it down.

However, none of the players, including Syutaro, knew how dreadful the [Abyss Slime] is, so Syutaro himself just stroked Punio, saying, “This is kind of cool”.

Then, about an hour later, he heard someone say,

“Excuse me…”

After a light knock, Bumpy came into the guest room. Syutaro made a surprised voice and turned to Bumpy.

Bumpy came in and said,

“What wrong? can I help you?”

“No, I’m just tired.”

It’s not a lie, but it was mainly his index finger that got tired because he had repeatedly hit the button to receive the rewards.

The screen says 999+, but in reality, 1,288 tasks were completed. This amounted to 86% completion of the dungeon-related achievement.

Points in possession: 67,810,660 P




>Awakening (NEW!)


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