BTOG 256 – The Truth

“Have you ever heard of the term [Heavenly Eyes]?”

“Yes. That’s Melty’s second name, isn’t it?

“True, but originally it was the name of an authority [Ability]. It is the name of an eye that sees into the present and the past of all beings. It is the second class of power [Heavenly Eyes] that I was born with.”

“Present and the past information…”

“To be more precise, I can read the information inscribed in the being, but I cannot read their memories.”

She can read information about the present and the past. That is to say, rather than past vision… is it simply an ability to analyze, appraise, or something like that? {history log?}

Even if that is just reading, It is incredible that she was able to glimpse back into something’s previous states, maybe it means that if she looks at me, she can see my level-up history.

The other thing I’m curious about is…

“a second level… does it means there’s like a rank in authority? Like first or third?”

“You guessed it right. Yes, there are four classes of authority, classified according to the extent of their power.”

“So, from what you just said, the power of creation and destruction is at the top.”

“Yes. There are only two powers that belong to the first level, and they are [Universal Creation] and [Absolute Destruction]. The power was to maintain balance by creating and sometimes destroying the world. That is why these two powers have inviolable and absolute priority.”

As long as the power can reach it, everything can be destroyed.

If we are talking about destruction, ignoring all possible properties, it is probably the power to erase the [data in the game] itself.

Conversely, I can predict that [Universal Creation] is the power to create specific data from scratch.

The power to create and the power to destroy. But if someone you create too much without limit, you will eventually reach the limit of data capacity, so it is necessary to delete some portion of the system.

In other words, [Absolute Destruction] is a function to serve as a counterbalance of [Universal Creation].

When I think about it this way, I feel that [authority] is closer to the admin function that exists in a computer or a smartphone.

As a matter of course, create and delete functions are something that useable.

I might understand what’s the true form of [Heavenly Eyes], considering that it has the power to read the [history/log] of what it has identified. It is not unnatural for it to be able to view not only the present but also the past.

The reason she used the words [record] and not [memory] is that she can know [what one did] at the time, but not [why one did it].

By the way, my knowledge of computers comes from Rin-chan. More than half of the games she played required a computer.

“That’s why the value of [Absolute Destruction] is so high. By the way, did you also create this inverse space?”

“This power is called the [Arbiter of Reason – Code Ruler], which belongs to a second-level power. The effect is… let’s say it’s a versatile tool that can do most things by itself.”

“Hmm, that’s a bit vague, isn’t it?”

“It is not a power that has a specific effect. It is a power that allows you to do everything that can be done with limited creative authority below the third level or lower.”

“It’s an official cheat then…”


< Don’t say [cheat]>

<You don’t need any other (Authority).>

<Totally broken the law of the world.>

<Compared to this, your existence suddenly feels normal.>

<Why? You’ve got everything you need to be the best!>

<↑There should be limits…>

I used the word “cheat” without thinking, but it fits so much that I feel that it really is one.

There’s even a new word slipped in, like [creative authority].

Well, since the first level is creation and destruction, it’s understandable that it will be divided into two branches that still follow the creation and destruction characteristics.

But, since Melty has [Heaven’s Eye] in addition to the Code Ruler, it means that she alone has two powers of the second level, which is undoubtedly the highest level kind of power.

Or is it this world rule where you can get that kind of power after living for a thousand years or so?

“The [Arbiter of Reason] is a power directly created by Iris, the creator god for a few people she chose. It is not something that can be wielded at will, nor is it a means of attack in the first place. It is useful, but it is not as free as it seems.”

“I see, so [Universal Creation] can create lower powers. That sure fits as the power of God.”

“Because that’s exactly what it is. Now that we’ve gotten to this point, let me tell you a bit of a story about creation.”

“Oh, okay.”

Melty said and steered the conversation away from the main topic.

It was too long ago to count.

The higher beings whom one calls [Administrator], after much effort, finally succeeded in creating Iris, the creator god.

The creation of a being to manage the world. That was the ideal that [Administrator] had been working on for a long time.

They gave Iris the [seed of the world] and the power of [universal creation] to create a new world.

That is how this whole world began.

“This is the story of the early days, which I concluded by combining what I heard from Iris herself and the facts I learned from seeing the world’s past with my own eyes.”

Iris is the highest being in this world, but she is a follower of the [Administrator].

She cannot disobey orders from the [Administrator], but he can advise them on better policies.

They cooperate with each other rather than being master and servant, and together they develop this world.

They embedded a fundamental system in the seed of a world of endless 0s and 1s, And with that, they created a system that was free, open to possibilities, and yet not forbidding.

They started by making the Earth, followed by the oceans, mountains, rivers, and lastly, the introduction of life. And those were the opening chapters of Genesis.

After completing the mundane but essential tasks of a God, Iris went into a state of dormancy due to exhaustion.

And while Iris slept, the world continued to grow.

The system created by Iris was elaborate and unwavering, although it was probably managed tentatively by the [Administrator].

New humanoid species were created, bred, and mixed together. The extent of this fact can only be discovered in documents, but it appears that the world was much more diversified than it is today.

After that, the world continued to grow remarkably smoothly, with Iris intervening only when the world’s development stalled.

And so, over a period of time, the template for the current era was formed.

Is it really going that well? Certainly, things were going well up to this point.

Unfortunately, it didn’t continue to work that way.

Two thousand years ago, in the middle of the era known as the Era of God, the world came to a complete standstill.

Iris tried to intervene, but there was nothing she could do.

Do you know why?

You probably guessed it.

Well, there’s no need to anyway because I’ll explain.

It’s because the world has reached its full capacity.

Iris’s [Universal Creation] is a miraculous power that creates something from one and zero.

It is like pouring more tea or milk into an empty teacup. Of course, there is a limit to how much you can pour, and once the teacup is full, you can’t pour anymore.

To be precise, you can pour, but the contents will naturally overflow. And the tea that is forced into the cup will mix messily with other contents, won’t it?

In a completely saturated world, Iris intervened only once, just once. With her [Universal Creation].

At that moment, the previous equilibrium was completely thrown into chaos, and everywhere in the world, there was a disintegration phenomenon, or to put it in a simple way for you, a [bug] appears.

And as you may know, the biggest bug is Sukuna.

That’s right, you already know this story. She was a girl of the Oni tribe, which was later called Kishin, she was someone who was born with the first class power [Absolute Destruction], the polar opposite of the Creator God’s power, and she was a mere creature.

Shuten’s birth was both coincidental and inevitable.

Incidentally, I was also given Heavenly Eyes in the aftermath of that chaos.

However, Shuten’s power was according to the rules that Iris first laid down. It was supposed to be a power that could [come into] but could never be [born with] it.

Couldn’t Iris herself just dump the contents of the teacup? Well, at least Iris couldn’t do that because all she had was [Universal Creation].

She did not have the power to use the [Absolute Destruction] necessary to directly discard the water from the cup, nor could she interfere with similar power.

The reason? Beats me. You’d have to ask the [Administrator] directly. They are the ones who gave Iris only the power to create all things.

They want her to act as a world manager but give her only half the power to manage the world. It is indeed a strange story.

For Iris, who could only look at a saturated and stagnant world, the [Absolute Destruction] was a power she wanted desperately.

But she cannot even touch it. She knew it was lying dormant somewhere in the world, but she couldn’t even look for it.

That is why Iris intentionally triggered [Universal Creation] against a saturated world and intentionally bugged the world.

Iris did this in order to pull out [Absolute Destruction], which was supposed to be dormant somewhere on the surface. She believed that even if the saturation itself did not change, the rules of the world would crumble, and new possibilities would emerge.

And even though it was a clear rebellion against the [Administrator], they saw it as a good thing and praised Iris as they should.

In other words, it was inevitable in the sense that they needed to create the foundation for it to be born. And coincidence in the sense that she was actually born.

That is why the birth of Shuten was such an unexpected joy for Iris.

The more she destroys something, the more space there is in the world. Because, unlike you, Shuten could use the effect of [Absolute Destruction] on everything she touches.

Iris would now be able to breathe new life into a world that had become stagnant. Or at least that’s what Iris wished.

This is the reason why [Absolute Destruction] was born in Shuten.

This is the reason why Iris cannot interfere with [Absolute Destruction] in any way.

Above all, the bug that Iris has caused in the world has not been resolved even after 2,000 years.

We are living in a world that is more broken than we thought.

“… and so Iris couldn’t stop the shards of Absolute Destruction from falling into your hands because you had gained a connection with God through that bug.”

And this is where Melty broke off the conversation.

“Okay… I understand how it happened and why she couldn’t limit the owners.”

Iris is a creator god who can create anything she wants.

But on the contrary, as the name implies, she was a god who could only create.

I have no idea what the intention of the developer is at the moment, but at least Iris is still trying her best to somehow change the world for the better.

Since Iris’s authority is limited, there are times when we have to deal with things in a haphazard manner like this. Especially when it comes to the power of [Absolute Destruction].

“Unn, does this mean that the world-destroying act of Shuten was also something that Iris wished after all?”

I wondered this when I learned that the birth of the Shuten was actually desired.

I was told by Hakuyo that the biggest reason why Shuten is sealed is that she almost destroyed the world.

I am sure that this is true.

But why was someone who had committed such a terrible crime just sealed? I had my suspicion on this part.

If she had destroyed so many species and caused so much destruction that the terrain had changed, the number of people they had killed must have been extraordinary.

It would be logical that someone like that would be executed. At the very least, the game’s system treats killing as a crime, so it must have been designed with similar ethical standards to those in place today.

Yet, Shuten is celebrated as a god who controls the [Douji] profession, and her life is not even taken but only sealed away.

The reason why something that would normally be unthinkable was allowed to happen may be because the destruction of the Shuten was, to some extent, in accordance with Iris’s will.

In addition to that, could it be because they are afraid that the death of the Shuten will cause the loss of the [Absolute Destruction]?

When I told her this, Melty looked a little surprised.

I have seen this reaction before. She really doesn’t think I’m very smart, does she?

I wonder, do I have some kind of aura that makes me look like I don’t use my brain?

“Your guess is about 70% correct. The reason why Iris didn’t get rid of Shuten was that she didn’t want to lose the power of absolute destruction. Even if it is only for a short time, first class power cannot be allowed to exist in two places at once. Let’s say there were two Creator Gods. You would be in trouble, wouldn’t you?”

“Well, if there were two, they would definitely fight.”

“I once asked Iris why Shuten was not destroyed, and she said she chose to seal Shuten as a compromise between merits and demerits. But there was actually a more emotional reason. Iris was in a situation where she didn’t want Shuten Douji to die, but she didn’t want her to go on a rampage either. And it’s all because Shuten Douji had been too much… broken.”

Somehow that story made me a bit happy.

If the legend is true, Shuten destroyed half of the world. It was a world that Iris had spent thousands of years creating.

While I don’t believe that the lore is false. I just thought it was somewhat of a metaphor.

I know it was a catastrophe that changed the terrain and destroyed some races, but I thought it was just a legend that was often exaggerated.

I looked at Melty, who put her hand to his forehead in disgust, and I knew it wasn’t a metaphor.

In other words, Shuten was really…

“The rage-blinded Shuten Douji destroyed 50% of the saturated world, and that only from what it seems. In terms of the number of resources, she destroyed nearly 80% of them. It was literally the end of the world.”


<A catastrophe.>

< It’s the end of the world.>

<Oh, my God, that’s so dangerous!>

<A monster!>


<The formatting process is too violent.>

<The world is falling apart.>

<Shuten… did what!?>

“Imagine it as if a level 100 warrior facing a level 1 monster. The most powerful forces of the time were destroyed across the board, and most of the weapons called [sacred weapons] were damaged. All races were equally weakened, and for better or worse, the Age of God came to an end at the hands of a furious Shuten Douji. As for Iris, I’m sure that far exceeded her expectations, and not only for her but for [Administrator] as well.”

Eighty per cent of the world’s resources are gone. That’s almost equal to resetting.

She’s a literal God of Destruction.

“If the outburst were to occur again, Iris would have no way to stop Shuten Douji. Shuten has the right to destroy any and all interference in her rage. However, Iris also could not lose Shuten Douji’s existence for nothing. The only thing Iris could do was to tamper the status of the heartbroken girl.”

“I see. If you can lower the attacker’s power, the [Absolute Destruction] won’t trigger.”

“That’s right. If she is using [Absolute Destruction] by her original status, even seals can be destroyed from the inside.”

If it really has the power to destroy anything and everything, then the seals are as good as nothing.

However, [Absolute Destruction] is not able to activate its destructive effect if the attack is not powerful enough.

To take this to the extreme, if she limits the status of Shuten to 1, she can restrict her movements regardless of her power.

When she was on the rampage, Shuten was destroying all outside interference, so there was no way to stop her. But after she had destroyed everything and calmed down, she accepted Iris’s tamper.

That is why Shuten is now sealed up in that other space where the shrine of the end is located, and once her status has been lowered, she cannot escape on her own.

“So, in other words, Shuten had enough status value to destroy everything with [Absolute Destruction]… right?”

“The absolute rule is to use authority where you also need sufficient stats to wield them. What was originally a condition to be acquired has paradoxically brought the natural-born possessor. As you say, Shuten was born with that kind of status. That is why she was called the strongest in the world.”

There is a rule that Oni must have a strength value of 500 in order to equip themselves with race-specific equipment.

But that also means if a person is able to equip himself or herself with the equipment of the Oni race, it proves that he or she has a strength value of 500 or more.

With a theory like this, does it mean that Shuten was born with [enough status to produce enough attack power to destroy everything in the world?]

A bug in the world. That is the only way to describe it.

No wonder all races are afraid of Shuten.

At the very least, from the very start, she had what it takes to destroy [the most powerful attack that the most powerful being in the world can unleash].

It would be as surprising as suddenly adding nuclear weapons to a weak nation that can’t even properly deploy missiles. The very existence of nuclear weapons there is a deterrent.

“I’m starting to wonder if it’s a good idea to bring revive her….”

“Don’t worry about it. Think about it from your point of view. If you were the most powerful person in the world, would you want to destroy it?”

“…No, not at all.”

–because I don’t want to hurt Rin-chan

That was a word I held back, but Melty doesn’t know about it.

It was a power that Shuten was born with. Looking at it like this, we really had similar circumstances.

It was probably just a coincidence, but for the first time, I felt like I understood a little bit about the character of Shuten.

“Now, it’s time to rewrite the skills. I’m going to remove the [Absolute Destruction], but I’ve prepared compensation for it. The first is the third level of authority, [Thorough Warfare]. It is a counteracting power that can be used against enemy attacks and armor. It is similar to the [Mikagami no Mai], but this one can counteract not only emission attacks but also physical attacks and attacks from the enemy’s equipment. It’s almost as effective in combat, so I don’t think you’ll feel weakened.”

“Yeah, if it doesn’t change the way I battle, I’m okay with it.”

I only used [Absolute Destruction] for offsetting enemy attacks anyway.

Considering that, I think [Thorough Warfare] really won’t change my playstyle in any way.

The reason why [Absolute Destruction] was confiscated in the first place is that it is problematic when used in daily life or in quests, isn’t it?

Offsetting the enemy’s attacks in battle should be okay. As long as those two elements are still there, I have no reason to complain.

“As for the rest, well, I’ll give you knowledge. It can be what you want to know or what the people at the other end of the crystal want to know. I can tell you how to get rare items, or the secrets of the world, or any other two things I know.”

“Oh… that’s kind of sweet.”

Melty held up two fingers.

I’m really torn on how to use them, but I have a few questions I’d like to ask right now, two of the most important ones or… or maybe I should ask the viewers just in case.

“Hey, chat. I’ve got a couple of questions. I have one that’s set in my mind, but do you mind if I use the question for myself?”


< It’s all good.>


<No, it’s a lie. It’s a lie.>

<No, it’s okay.>

<Zero complaints here.>

<I don’t know anything about this game anyway.>


< You’re so disciplined.>


<Since we’re at it, let’s do one thing that will benefit all the players.>

<Ask about rare items.>

<How about Hidden bosses?>

<How about a soul or something? What about a soul or some kind of item?>

“All right, let’s say a majority is okay with it!”


<Do the vote thingy.>

< That’s unreasonable.>


<This is terrible!>

“You all… how fast you turn your opinion?”

It was clearly an okay atmosphere before, wasn’t it?

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, I have one question. I’ve reached the upper limit at level 100, but do you know what I have to do to release the upper limit of the level of Oni no Miko?”

Regarding this, I honestly did not know what to do. As long as there are no people in this world who become a [Douji] before me, there is no way to find out what the conditions are for changing jobs.

It’s hard for me to contact Shuten and ask what to do next, and it will be even harder to ask others…

I am sure that the number of players who will reach [Oni no Miko] will increase in the future, so it would not be an exaggeration to say that this is a question for all players.

“Not a bad question. The method of releasing the upper level of a special profession is different for each profession, but in your case, it is relatively easy. Go to the Shrine of the End. Just hold up the Houzuki hairpin in front of the shrine, and you should be able to take the test.”

She pointed to the hairpin that she had received from the Shuten quite some time ago, and I couldn’t help but put my finger on the Houzuki hairpin.

Come to think of it, I haven’t used this at all since I got it. I think Shuten said that it was used to enter the shrine at the end.

The Shrine of the End is the place where the Shuten is sealed. It wasn’t a high-priority place for me at the moment, but things may have changed a lot.

“Thanks for the help. Then the Shrine of the End is next to my destination… But before that, I’d like to visit the dungeon in Trillia.”

“Oh, you want to take on the challenge right away? If you’re going to challenge Trillia, you’d better be prepared. It’s not really your kind of dungeon.”

“You mean it’s not good for blunt weapon users?”

“No, it’s not for solo. And that the dungeon is not for the faint of heart. The more people challenge it, the easier your time will be.”

Melty laughed as she said this so lightly that she seemed to be humming a tune.

S≠Trillia. The dungeon was written to be highly challenging, but it might be trickier than I thought. {Solo-not-Trillia…}

“What about the other question?”

“Uh,…… well, the other one is a question, or this is what I want to ask you,…… or maybe I could say it’s a favor. Can you do me a favor?”

“Sure, I’ll grant it to the extent that I can, but… I’m pretty sure that I can’t give you something as valuable as information?”





I’ve been wishing I could make a suggestion ever since I was able to have a proper conversation with her.

I was nervous to even say it out loud.

Yes, nervous.

I was frightened to speak it out loud and felt nervous, which is unusual for me.

“I wanted to fight with Melty.” {I knew it…}

My words elicited an unexpected reaction from Melty.

Her eyes widened, and she paused for a moment as if in love.

She closed her eyes and closed her parasol as if playing with it.


With her crimson eyes thinly open, Melty laughed.

And in her next breath, the world distorted.

No, that’s not it.

It was like the black sunlight that poured down and painted the ground.

And all kinds of blackness were stirring around me.

“Yes, yes, but of course!”

Her words bounced like notes.

A jet-black shadow devoured the temporarily assembled inverted world.

The world distorts and collapses around Melty.

The power to manipulate shadows, perhaps? It is a common sight to see vampires flying bats made of shadows, but I was horrified by the countless shadows that swirled around Melty like a living creature.

The world of negatives had been devoured in about five seconds, and we were being returned to our original Oni village.

“If you really want to fight, come to the training ground in two hours.”

I could see the excitement in Melty’s blazing red eyes as she left. While I couldn’t contain my excitement at this chance to challenge a monster so far above me.


Melty was naturally also the bugged character.


First and foremost, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Second… I’ve resolved not to make this too long and depressing, but it’s safe to say my filial duty is complete. I’ve done everything I could, and now it’s time to move on, for real.

Both of my parents are now gone, as is my father figure… to be honest, this was painful, but I know they don’t want to see me moping all the time, so let’s get back on track, one step at a time.

I lost my life goal, the thing that kept me going, and it only hit me after I finished the 100-day mourning ceremony (if that makes sense? This is java tradition), but I’m not sure what I’ll look up in the future.

No, I’m not suicidal; that’s the last thing they want me to be.

Nonetheless, I’m still here. I’m looking for a new goal, a new future; I’m not sure what I’ll be or become, but I can tell you that my course of action will most likely change dramatically.

And as for the translation, I will continue it, but only for LDM and BTOG; it is safe to say that I dropped the last boss is my friend, so whoever wants to pick that up, go ahead and do it.

I’ll keep you updated on my journey, though it may differ greatly from the translation path, which I kind of already did before all of this… mess… happened.


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