BTOG 257 – Haruru’s new weapon

“I think we should get ready?”

I told my viewers this as we walked through the Oni village after parting with Melty.

“That Melty, she’s the strongest in the world right now. The title used to be Shuten’s, but now it’s Melty’s. I heard a rumor from an NPC in the adventurers’ guild a while ago that she is the type who uses a lot of grand magic.”


<A turret type?>

<I want a shield to protect me from magic.>

<I was a little scared when she suddenly asked for a duel.>

<Typical fighting maniac.>

<Do you stand a chance?>

<She has to be the worst match for the Oni tribe.>

<Do you have any idea how strong her magic is?>

<I think this is an impossible game.>

“They said it was strong enough to scorch an entire field in a real fight.”

<We’re done then.>

<Good night.>

<Give up.>

<No such thing as impossible.>


<This is the world’s Strongest after all.>

<It’s off the charts.>

“I know it’s impossible! And I expect that a single punch will probably kill me. Not only with a punch or a kick, but even a slap or a flick would probably kill me.”

The estimated level of Melty can be described in one word: [UNKNOWN].

The story of the NPCs and the world setting are summarized in an unofficial wiki created by volunteers, which I had the opportunity to read in my spare time; however, there is almost no description of Melty’s power.

The only thing I know is that Melty seems to use magic on a scale that’s so devastating to the point that she cannot control it.

She had already defeated an apostle on her own. It was told that she had wiped out the apostles, who had not been weakened at all in a pure confrontation of power, but in exchange, permanent scorched earth was said to have been formed.

“So, I consider using a counter in this fight.”

<Clenching the damage and counterattacking is an ironclad strategy.>

<The counter is the only way.>

<Giant Killing …or is it wrong to kill?>

<As a player, she can die as many times as she want.>

<But the compatibility…>

<Anyway, don’t you want some way to prevent range attack?>

“I do have a way! One of the Oni dances has the ability to stop me from dying for 30 seconds. So I want to use this as the core of my strategy.”

The [Oni no Mai] fifth dance – Douji no Mai, is an extraordinary skill that gives the player a stalling effect for 30 seconds. And within that time frame, the user won’t die from direct damage.

However, poison, bleeding, heat, cold, and other chip damage can kill you. Still, not dying from enemy attacks for a certain amount of time is a big advantage.

“….Fufufu, it seems like you’re in need of some advice….”


The voice that came from behind me so suddenly made me let out an unintentionally funny sound.

“Are you that surprised..?”

“I am…”

I turned around and peered down to see Haruru standing there with a doubtful look on her face,

If you’re wondering who she is, she’s a peculiar girl who also happens to be my exclusive blacksmith.

She’s still dressed in rags as usual, but the mace she’s dragging around seems a little different this time.

“I see that Melty Bloodheart has arrived. ……”

“Do you know her?”

“I’ve been watching the stream…”

“I see… Haruru, are you still in the village?”

“I haven’t talked about the reward yet…. and I also had other business in the village, so I just stopped by….”

I owe Haruru and Konekomaru a debt of gratitude for the free equipment they made for me for the battle against Moon Wolf.

We have already talked about returning that favor with materials from the moon wolf, and since it’s a deal that I’ve agreed to and accepted, I was planning to visit Haruru by the end of today or tomorrow.

But, well, if she came on her own, that would be neat.

“Oh, yes. This is Haruru, the smith who makes my weapons. I’ve introduced her before, but I know there are a lot of viewers today who don’t know her.”

<Nice to meet you….>


<Geki Loli>

<I like her.>

<I love your fashion sense.>

<To be able to sneak up on Sukuna is amazing, lol.>

<I feel like it’s been a while, but you were here last time too.>

< There are a lot of people here today, so it’s no wonder there’s a lot of explaining.>

“fufufu… I may look like this, but I’m an adult y’know… “

“Is that so…?”

Well, I mean… there were certainly a lot of things that were uncharacteristic of a child, so I had a vague idea that Haruru was an adult.

In this game, even height can be changed if you want to, but it’s not really my hobby to pry into a player’s real life.

Even among streamers, it’s rare to find someone like me and Rin-chan who did not hide our address.

“Before we get to the rewards…. I’ll tell you a little story regarding your fight with Melty… As it is, I’m pretty sure you’ll get overrun…”


“That’s why I have to bring out my newest creation…. the name is [Teardrop Weapon]!”

Boom! What was taken out was a piece of equipment that, at first glance, looked just like the [Ouma]. But that was only a matter of appearance. When I held it in my hands, it was clearly a lightweight weapon.

Since it was Haruru’s creation, it must have some hidden mechanism in it. I wonder if the reason why she matched the appearance was to make it look fake version of Ouma.

“This one has a mechanism that allows you to put just one item inside …….”

“I see I see…so that means…?”

“This one purpose is to be used as a surprise attack….”

“Oh, that would be great. How much is it, by the way?”

“Its material did not cost much, and it’s just a… sample, so it’s free…”

I accepted Haruru’s request to transfer the item that flew from her hand and received the [Teardrop Weapon].

Item: Teardrop Weapon, Prototype #1

Rarity: Uncommon – PM

Attribute: –

Required Strength Value: 645

Attack Power: +210

Durability Value: 150/150

Classification: [Blunt Weapon] [One-Handed Mace]

Weapon Skill: [Item Storage]

This is the first in a series of teardrop weapons created by Haruru, the blacksmith.

It incorporates a mechanism that causes stored items to scatter when damaged.

“The performance itself is so-so. Especially if we compare it to Ouma, this is rather weak.”

“It can’t be helped… the performance is reduced because I forced a cavity in the weapon.”

“You’re having a hard time with this, aren’t you?”

“Trial and error are my greatest joy…”

Haruru spoke happily, and there was not the slightest hint of stress over failures or things not going as planned.

“Well, since you’re here, please choose your portion of rewards. I’m sure Konekomaru will want the fur-type material, so I’m thinking of handing out materials such as claws and fangs that could be used in weapon creation.”

“Sure… I’ll take those, but …… I want something else right now.”

“Oh, that’s right, I’ll give you one [Soul]. As I promised, a rare drop for you.”

“Nghh…… Sukuna is really a person who is not good at negotiation….”

“N? I’ve already got three, and I’d like to give you my appreciation.”

“I have no reason to say no… so I’ll take it…… I’m a freelance blacksmith with a lot of things on my back…. if it is like this then… it’s not a give and take situation….”

She was unusually mumbling and complaining …what was she concerned about?

“I’m going to use this for now to consider equipment for Sukuna …It’s been a while since we’ve manufactured a named weapon…”

“Is that all right with you? Ah, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy.”

“Based on the estimated value of the materials that Drago has put on the market… the Moon Wolf dropped material is already more than enough… so this rare drop is not necessary…. Well…. let’s view this as an investment to continue to build a good relationship…..”

The Ouma costs approximately 45 million iris when combined with the red wolf attire. Thus even if you consider it half price, I still owe her more than 20,000,000 iris.

As expected from a level 150 drop item, it appears to be worth that much. Though, to be honest, I was worried about the Moon Wolf common drop value before I heard Haruru’s words.

Still, considering that it is so valuable that I don’t know when I will be able to get it again, I could not help but agree with her.

“I will believe if Haruru already said that much, but if you need more materials or something, let me know. I’ll go get it if it’s within my reach.”

“That goes without saying, of course…. anyway, thank you….”

After that, when I sent the selected items and [Soul] to Haruru, she smiled happily, saying something like “huehehehe…” and her cheeks were tearing up.


Sukuna will still give the Soul to Haruru even if she doesn’t have three of them. It’s a promise, after all.


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