ULMF – Chapter 021

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Seven chairs are lined up in a row around a huge world map-shaped desk – this time, all the demon kings are sitting there.

This is to make the final arrangements for the opening of the dungeon, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

Syutaro, who was sitting there with Punio in his arms, addressed the butler, Elload, who had a troubled expression on his face.

“Where do you want to go tomorrow, Elload? I want to go with Punio to the Adventurers’ Guild. There is a quest that…”

“Excuse me, my Lord. There are a few things I want to tell you before we go to the outside world. May I?”

Elload interrupts Syutaro’s innocent speech.

“I will accompany you wherever you wish to go.”

“Me too. I’m interested.”

“Quiet, please.”

Elload looked at Syutaro with a serious expression after shutting down the giant Gallarus and the blond knight Bertrand.

“It’s not that I doubt you, but do you really have the means to get out of here to the outside world?”

“Yes. I don’t think that’s a problem!”

Syutaro, who had read through the dungeon manual, responded confidently. In fact, there is a button in the dungeon menu that says [Go to the surface]. But whether Syutaro would be able to use that function properly was a different story.

Elload, on the other hand, nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “I see.”

“I understand. Then let us proceed on the assumption that it would be ‘dangerous’ for you to walk around with us in public.”

“E? why is that?”

“You may have forgotten that we were once in a position to fight players like you, my Lord.”

Syutaro was stunned when he heard this.

If he goes with a large number of strange people, the other players will regard him as a suspicious player. Although he could pass himself off as a [summoner] or a [tamer], Syutaro was skeptical that he could fool them if they asked too many questions.

In fact, the only piece of information that is shared during a simple interaction is the player’s name. However, if the two players decide to become friends or form a party, they will share additional information with one another, including their level, occupation, and special skills.

If it is revealed that they are not a “summoned beast” or “servant” but a “boss mob,” in the worst-case scenario, Syutaro may be accused of masterminding this death game.

“Therefore, for the time being, I think it is safe to have only those who can walk alongside the master without any irregularity. The purpose is to reduce unnecessary prying eyes.”

“I see. I’ll do that then.”

Syutaro decided to be obedient and listen to Elload’s suggestion because it appeared to be a difficult problem.

“I don’t think my Lord should take Bumpy, Gallarus, and Sylvia, especially since their appearance is so dissimilar to my Lord. And we also need a few Demon Lords to remain in the castle for defense.”


Bumpy was the first to raise her voice in protest.

However, she stroked a horn extending from her ears to the back of her head and sat down dejectedly in her chair.

Bumpy appearance is completely white, from her hair to her eyes to her skin to her horns, and she was well aware of it.

Gallarus come from a giant tribe, so it goes without saying.

It is difficult to conceal Sylvia’s silver tail and ears because she is a holy beast, and based on how she has behaved in the past, Elload has decided that she is not suitable to be an escort just to be on the safe side.

On the other hand, Elload and Theodore, who are fully humanoid, and Bertrand, whose ears are only slightly pointed, were judged to be acceptable companions.

Sylvia decided to keep her silence, then Elload looked at Gallarus.

“I don’t mind.” Said Gallarus, “…that’s a shame tho.”

“Unless, of course, you have an alternative.” (What had happened? He used to be a man who was so obsessed with the outside world).

Elload waited for his Lord’s words while wondering about Gallarus’ sudden change of heart. But Syutaro just pushes his face against Punio in sorrow.

(If we can’t bring Bumpy, does that mean we can’t bring Punio, too?)

Syutaro was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to bring Punio with him because Punio is a complete monster in appearance, even more than Bumpy. If Syutaro had a friend who was a summoner or a tamer, he could have asked for advice, but unfortunately, he had no such friend.


Punio suddenly gobbled Syutaro’s arm. It immediately covered Syutaro and became a human-shaped black slime.

All the demon kings stood up and took their vigilance to the extreme – and then they noticed the change.

“What? Hey, what’s going on here?”

“I see… interesting… that’s [shape shift]!”

Gallarus said excitedly.

Syutaro’s body repeatedly changes into the form of Elload and then into the form of Bumpy, and then back into the black slime body again.

Syutaro’s body does not seem to be affected, but Elload sits in his seat as if surprised to see this.

“I see. We can at least hide our identity from people of the outside world by changing our Lord’s appearance. We can all be on escort if you don’t mind the look.”

For example, if Punio transforms into a full-body armor that covers Syutaro’s entire body, he could walk around Aristolas without exposing his face. The goal is not to blend in with the other players, so the Demon Kings can also be taken around – though there is still the issue of the extremely suspicious nature of the situation.

“Did you do this because you thought you would be left behind?”

Ask Syutaro to Punio, and it nods in affirmation.

Syutaro thinks for a moment and then looks at Punio eyes(by lifting him up to where his eyes might be).

“Then transform into a strong black full-body armor! Also, make it as cool as possible!”

Syutaro said with a twinkle in his eye; indeed, he was a boy in elementary school not long ago, and swords, armor, and dragons were his favorite things.

In response to Syutaro’s words, the formless liquid solidified, and shortly thereafter, a jet-black knight materialized.

In addition to his black metallic armor that was designed to resemble a dragon, his helmet was adorned with horn-like ornaments that resembled wings, and his black cloak billowed as if it had been cut from the darkness of the night.

The design was the opposite of the armor of a mythological war maiden Valkyrie.

The look was so ominous, a design befitting a Demon Lord.

“Okay, I’ll be wearing this when I go outside.”

Nonetheless, Syutaro was pleased with how well it turned out, and furthermore, this armor is more than just for show.

The one who becomes armor is Punio, the strongest Abyss Slime of the slime family with a level of 108, and unless something managed to break through Punio’s absurd status and skills, even Syutaro would be able to stroll in the middle of the battlefield with ease.

 * * *

Later on, when they were talking about some plans for the outside world, Theodore, who had been listening in complete silence up until that point, finally spoke up.

“May I add something?”

Theodore then took out a sword from his virtual space inventory and placed it on the desk-shaped three-dimensional world map.

It was a rough one-handed sword without any unnecessary decoration.

“My Lord, you have great power, but your level is one, and you have no equipment. I have prepared many things for you, but if you don’t need armor, please at least take my weapon.”

Theodore was not only a first-rate warrior but also a first-rate blacksmith. He is a sword master who is also obsessed with swords to the point where he believes he cannot be considered a true swordsman unless he forges his own sword.

“Woahh, it’s cool! Thank you!”

Syutaro had started as a swordsman, but he had not had the opportunity to use a sword since arriving at this castle and was overjoyed with Theodore’s gift.

He then equips it, then the sword vanishes and reappears on his waist.

“Even a level 1 player can equip this!”

“But it’s a little less powerful than my other works.”

Syutaro draws his sword and assumes a stance.

Unbeknown to him, the materials used, the magic-infused, and Theodore’s skill as a craftsman all come together to create this sword, which is why, from the perspective of a blacksmith, this sword has passed [overpowered] level and performed more like [cheat item].

Thus, Syutaro, who had unintentionally become overly prepared, went to bed early with Punio in his arms in preparation for the dungeon’s opening the next day.


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