I’m the headless chicken


I’m both coward and aimless right now, too coward to forget all the pain that has come before, too loss to look ahead, my life is just a friggin machine routine, I have no aim, and it currently feels like I’m just living for the sake of living.

My mother’s death appears to have had a greater impact than I had anticipated; I know I will grieve, but I never expected the pain to become more painful with time.

and I thought time will ease it, they were lying huh?

I tried many methods to overcome it, even taking a break from translating, but I still outsourced some chapters to other translators (which later bit me in the a$$), so if you feel like there’s some chapter that isn’t in my style, yeah… sorry about that, I only did some minimal correcting at the time, and I didn’t have the energy to rework it from scratch.

Sorry for the two-month hiatus. But, to be honest, I need that void; I still feel like my soul isn’t fully connected to my body; I feel like I’m doing everything half-heartedly.

I’m not sure, I’m not sure what I should do.

Why am I writing this? Why indeed?

I feel compelled to.

That’s the only explanation I could come up with.


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  1. ImSleepy says:

    I just got here in this website. Just saw this post and the other one as well. You will not forget the pain; you need to overcome it and move on. Your aimless? Its okay. You feel like a btch and a coward? Its okay as well. You’re like a wounded soldier going to war. Take a rest.

    Its easy to say that you need to move on or overcome it but its not. Just need to remember that you need to step forward even the tiniest things you can do. Just like other commenter said in other post, just rant. We, at least in this website be there for you.

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