LDM 452 – The palm of one’s hand

The palm of one’s hand  

Did Leona predict my moves, or she guides it? Either way, the outcome is the same.  

I hugged and hid Rokuko under the [God’s Comforter].  

“Now now… Don’t be so frightened, you’ll get too cute, that way~”  

“Yeah, I don’t care about that. More importantly,… why are you here?”  

“I thought it would be fun if I surprise you at the end of your escape, so I got carried away and wait for you here.”  

You’re wasting a ridiculous amount of mana just to get ahead of me.  

However, I don’t sense any hostility or murderous intent. It’s a little irritating, but I guess I failed to harass her.  

“Are you surprised?”  

“Very. I thought my heart would stop.”  

“Ufufufu That’s what you call a [Surprise Success☆]”  

What kind of surprise is this, damn it.  

But why Toy felt like she was in so much pain before the [God’s Alarm] sounds and Leona seems to be totally fine with it… no, wait. Come to think of it, this woman is…  

“Chaos God, right? So that means it won’t work for God.”  

“Yeah, that’s not it, though? That alarm is harmless to me, because I’m still considered human, and that’s how you set it up, right? It was the same for  Rokuko since she is a humanoid type core, and Kehma is also a Human dungeon master. Besides, you can find out by looking at that watch and use [super-appraisal].”  

Leona giggled. But she must have been peeking at us too. Otherwise, I don’t think Leona could predict our direction. It’s useless to ask about that, though.  

“…Hey, I wonder if Toy isn’t human? She was in a lot of pain.”  

“Oh, Rokuko-chan, that’s a good question! That’s Kehma’s core for you, indeed. … she’s a beastman, so she’s human, but her compositions are very unique. I mixed up a lot of things, so I guess homunculus would be a better term for her. Her physical body has stopped aging and growing for about a year now.”  

Leona answers Rokuko’s question in a good mood…Come to think of it, Niku also said something about not growing taller.  

‘Since I’m using Demi-God as the base, it’s very delicate.”  

“Why the Soldiers and maids were throwing up too?”  

That one is the result of their body being surprised by the sudden return to ‘normal’. It’s amazing how little a side-effect it caused considering how thick my influence was. And yeah, and it also released every single curse on my body. As expected from the “Release” that can spread throughout the country. It seems that even that Stiff God’s Curse was no match for the items that the Dark God created with serious efforts.  

Leona then smiled and laughing.  

The curse that was binding her… is that why Leona wants me to use [God’s Alarm]?  

“Well, since I was using the [Curse Absorbing] skill, the curse was originally just my buff! But suddenly, It’s was gone and rather weakened me instead, ahaha!”  

Leona laughs at that. But the fact is, she weakened right now. 

“But that means…”  

“I am weakened, should I use an analogy, it would be a cool sensation as if my hair hadn’t been washed for days and now it washed clean. It’s refreshing.”  

…I thought I was harassing her, but I got used instead. Damn it.  

“So, what do you want from us?”  

“I already said it before. I just wanted to see the amazed faces of Kehma and the others, that’s all. Oh, or are you referring to the fact that you were brought to Daido country? If it was for that purpose, Toy would have told you. It’s was a gift —a used toy I don’t need.”  

A used toy.  

It means that Leona’s purpose in the Daido country was fulfilled long ago, and she gave it to me as a present as if she was giving me a used toy as a gift.  

“Because you didn’t come when I asked you nicely, I’m forced to do this. And I’m done with this country, except for one thing. I haven’t shown this to Keima. This is a fine finale, right?”  

“… I was totally defeated, huh?”  

“Yes, but I’ve seen a lot more interesting things than I thought I would. The part where Toy got angry and attacked Mr. Keima was so passionate and touching! I’m sure the [God’s Alarm] had some part on it, but to have that (toy) kid ended up defying my order… amazing.”  

Apparently, Leona was going to be happy no matter how the outcome will be. Damn it…  

“…I was dancing on your palm…”  

“Oh, dear. Well, what do you want to do then? doodle on my finger?”  

“I’m not Son Goku.”  

When I say this, Leona laughs heartily, and from there, she speaks up in a good mood.  

“This all started when someone asked me to do something for her. She prayed for me to do something about her selfish daughter. So I put a humble personality into her daughter, you know, I mix her memory and force her to correct it. And that’s how it all started.” 

Then she came up with a drama of the false reincarnator [Tenseisha].  

“and while we’re at it, let me ask one more story. What’s with that joke of a surname, like Dagon or Cthugha?”  

“Hmm? …oh, that. Keima wasn’t here to watch it, but it’s all part of the drama. Do you know what an Otome game is? It’s a romance simulation for girls. I wanted something distinctive as a name for the capture target, so I mixed it up incidentally, and I rigged it so that when she cannot reach the harem ending, the clan would transform into the corresponding monster form.”  

And apparently, the monster part has been purified (or so it seems) because they’ve successfully achieved a harem ending. Leona brags, “It was a mistake to make the rival daughter a [Tenseisha], and I incidentally embedded her memory with Otome games, and then everyone happily offered their fiancée to the heroine. It’s as if she’s recounting her failure as a saga. {…bakarina+last boss?}”  

“I would have liked to see a bit more of a sloppy daytime drama pattern.”  

“Why Daytime drama….”  

“What’s wrong with that? I came here when I was 16 years old, so I’ve never seen a daytime drama or anything like that. I wanted to see it.”  

“Then, you just need to guide my mind to do so.”  

“Hmmm, originally, that’s the way I want it to be,  but it’s boring. I’m very impressed with you, Keima because you have managed to diverge from my expectations at every turn. I love it because it’s a total reversal from what I expected.”  

Sheesh. The thing this woman hates the most is if I moved as the way she imagined, huh?  

“Well, it’s a pity that you avoided every trap like the sex change trap and the room that won’t let you out unless you do some naughty things, and all those other traps. I would have liked to see Kehma turned into a girl… haha, you would have turned into a girl if you had taken this mana potion.”  

“Well, I’m certainly a little curious to see Kehma in her girl form.  


“Right? I think he will be prettier than you think, no, I will make it so! in the name of the Chaos God, I’ll make you an erotic pretty girl.”  

“oi, Leona!?”  

That tsukkomi is by reflexes…  

And here, Leona turns around and turns her back to us. Then she turns around once again and looks at us.  

“um, I’ve got to say I had a lot of fun this time, well.. for now at least. With this, I don’t need Daido anymore, and it’s about time I leave this country. Also, It’s still a mess, but I think this country got the knowledge to make Japanese food, and we’ve added some landscaping, so this country is a perfect place for an amusement park.”  

Amusement park. That’s an accurate word to describe the current Daido Country, the playground that was created for her sake.  

“also this about time Haku-chan found out and came over, isn’t it? One of the curses that were lifted is a surveillance curse from Haku and some others. Well, it’s only a vague indicator of my presence, but of course, they’ll come to check it out when the response disappears.”  


“So, see ya.”  

Saying that, Leona smiled, waved her hand, and went somewhere with [teleport].  

To think of it, I may have done something unnecessary this time.  

Tl note:  

This chapter is hell (ROFL) both in fun and suffering meaning.  

I need to do some urgent business today, so I did most of the typing on the phone. And those walls of text… dammit…   


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