LDM 472 – Re-designing the [Lust]

While Rokuko is off to sight-seeing the great ocean, I work on the plan re-design. 

It turns out that there is a serious problem with the dungeon’s renovation plan …there’s a possibility that the dungeon’s environment will affect Rokuko. 

“I was going to make it based on the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, but that… well, I don’t think it would be very good for Rokuko development…” 

However, the deadly sin trap itself wouldn’t have much of an impact now. It’s not a kill-type trap, it’s just a stall-type. If we didn’t spread that name around, no one would even know its seven deadly sins series trap. 

It looks like I’d better pull the [Lust] out from now dungeon for now. There’s a good chance I won’t find the right way to modify it, And I’ll just have to replace it with another trap that represents [Lust] Okay, let’s do so. 

While I was lost in my thought at the village chief’s mansion, Nerune offered me a cup of tea. 

”So, how do you plan to do it, Master? 

“Hmm. As for the [Lust]… I’m sorry to say this to the succubus village, but I think we should move them out from the dungeon and place them in Beddhist Church.” 

But the current church can’t accommodate them all. They might have to lay down the beds on the church’s floor just to sleep. 

Oh, I know! Let’s have the Draco village build a new Beddhist Church. I will ask them. 

“Can you write the letter for Draco village’s chief?”” 

“All right. I’ll write it for you.” 

I told Nerune what I was going to write verbally and asked her to write it down; the content was about my wish to build a Beddhist Church in Draco village. Alright, that should do. 

But first, I must say a few words to Deputy Mayor Wozuma. I’m a decorated village chief, after all. 

“I wonder if the other dungeon cores are also affected by this condition?” 

“Hmm, I don’t know. The way Toy says it makes me feel that way, but… for that same reason, maybe that’s what made Haku called the [White Goddess]. ” 

Suppose you’re a child of a god, and you’re affected by the dungeon environment. In that case, as time goes, you may become a being worshipped as a God, which will take precedence over yourself if you are really affected by it. I must confirm this to Haku. 

What Toy said is possible, but it’s not necessarily the truth. 


And then Haku’s reply email came. 

“This is new to me; I wasn’t even aware of it. Dungeon Master is known to have an influence, but it could be just one factor. And if it’s the result of research of the chaos faction, it’s credible info. I think it also worth considering Kehma’s course of action based on this info. Please share any information like this in the future.’ 

…This is the first time Haku has heard of this? She don’t know if it’s true or not, but Haku-san’s the core of the first batch, so I’m pretty sure she grew up without being aware of what she really is. 

In addition, I saw in the P.S. “Don’t start weird rumors in Rokuko-chan’s dungeon”, so it would still be better to dismantle the Succubus Village to be safe. 

Fortunately, I was able to get permission from Sid to build a Beddhist Church in Draco Village. He also said he’ll provide us with land and a carpenter. It’s a very generous offer from him, and the best part is that I don’t have to work! Narikin, who is a master of building magic, is traveling right now, so I’ll take his offer. 

In addition to that, ”Shall I make one for Pavuera?” But I don’t think I’ll be able to get to that point, so I won’t. We have enough sisters, though. 

And then, here comes the discussion with the Succubus Village, which is likely to be the biggest problem. 

“So… sorry for making a decision by myself, but we will have to move you out.” 

“I understand.” 

Through the black message golem, I told the succubus representative, Suilla, and she readily agreed. 

”No, I’m the one who said that… but, is it really okay?” 

“We promised to cooperate with the dungeon, didn’t we? And if you’re going as far as to make our new home in the village of Draco, then there’s no problem.” 

“…Don’t you have any attachment for this village?” 

“There might have been a few, but I’ve seen an increase in visits from adventurers recently.” 

“Hm? Isn’t this is a place where you’ve welcomed the food who came voluntarily?” 

“If they only come once in a while, but some may have come a dozen times. It’s worrying.” 

No matter what, if they say that they’re attending because they’re [Charmed] by the succubus, the succubus will be considered as a threat that preys on people. 

I heard that even if they are hiding in the red-light district, they’ll chase you out if they know you’re a succubus. Resentment mainly comes from people of the same profession. 

”…Don’t tell me, did you are actually [Charm] them?” 

“When it comes to the act of feeding on prey, well… we are succubus, so it comes naturally …but I try to dispel it with the best of my ability, you know? It’s true, I swear to God!” 

To THAT God of Chaos, right? I guess, but is it true that safety comes first. From the way she said it, it seems like it’s not surprising that fascination remains. 

”I see, the succubus life is so troublesome…” 

Also, maybe that’s the reason why Beddhism has quite a bit followers, probably it’s because it’s natural to be [Charmed] by the Succubus Nuns, that leads to their favoring us higher than your usual religion. 

Otherwise, no one would believe in such a questionable religion. Hahaha. 

“So, should we leave now?” 

“Oh, not yet, I haven’t prepared your new place. Stay here for a while. And if anyone comes, spread the word that you can’t stay here anymore, you’re moving.” 


Then, I think it would be a good idea to put the [Lust] trap on the former Succubus Village site. I’m going to have to figure out what kind of trap I’m going to use. 

…Maybe I should seek the opinion from succubus who are experts in this business? 

“I wonder if you have any ideas for a moderately erotic trap to put in there instead.” 

“Then why don’t you use our bodily fluids? Meet me in the church, and I will give it to you as much as you want, including my saliva.” 

“What’s so special about the succubus’ bodily fluids? …is that normal thing to use?.” 

“Yes, to put it bluntly, It’s an aphrodisiac. Just filling an airtight space with our scent and it will provide quite an effect, although it’s not very effective for women unless they’re succubus at my level.” 

Suilla is a high-leveled succubus, so her bodily fluid can be used regardless of gender. 

…I see, it seems like it could be incorporated into the new [Lust] trap. 

I feel like it would fine to just paint the succubus’ body fluids on the stone statue in a sealed room. If I can’t think of anything else, I’ll just do that. 

“Thanks for the idea. I think I’m going to have to ask for your help with the bodily fluids as well. What can I do to pay you back?” 

“Then… if anyone get caught in that new trap, I’d appreciate if I could have a taste… it’s all good as long as they don’t know that it was actually me, right?” 

 …Well, I don’t know if I’m going to use it or not, but when the moment has come, I will call you. 

TL notes : 

Only one chapter from the raw, and yeah… still not decided on new series, I want something that I will truly enjoy. 

I will probably take two or three day off just to sort out the series before I made a sample chapter for each potential series. 


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