PMZ 071 – ★ It was a string.

Let me tell you another story.

It was when we were sorting out our personal belongings since we were going to move our base to the duke’s house for quite some time.

I’m sure there’s nothing that the duke’s house doesn’t have, but even so, Alice’s personal belongings are mostly luxury items, so we decided to take everything but the furniture, just in case.

Her room is on the second floor, but I’m not supposed to go up there, so I asked her to take her things down to the first floor, and I would put them in the shadows.

It mostly consists of girly stuff.

“There are still a few things left, is that alright?”

 “Yes, it’s fine, just bring the ones I selected with you.”

I’m going to make sure everything is in order before I put it in to prevent it from getting lost.

When Alice came back upstairs to carry the bag, I spent my time studying.

I need to study to a certain degree in the month before I transfer to the academy. I feel like I don’t have enough time, so I need to use the little time I have to cram the knowledge in.

Even so, I can’t help but have moments when I suddenly lose focus, and when that happens, I try to refresh my mind.

While reading a history book at the table, I had a feeling that I was about to lose my concentration, so I looked at Alice’s pile of luggage.

She has quite a bit of luggage.

The shoes are in a box, and the number that she owns is as much as a mountain. I’m not sure how she got it. She said she bought it by delivery. Her clothes’ quality is so good that even someone who clueless about clothes can tell with just a glance.

There’s one thing that stands out: the thin transparent cloth that Sister Carlos gave her, but if you think I’m going to be disturbed by that, you are so damn wrong.

It’s nothing; it’s just a cloth.

…and her clothes are mostly a dress

There’re small accessories attached to them, but none of them is of low quality. A jewel with high purity, platinum, gold, etc., it’s all genuine article.

Fuu… she’s a high maintenance type of woman?

As I tipped my imaginary shot glass, I muttered the 100th line I’d like to say someday (if I had a chance) and turned my attention back to my books, ready to continue my study.

I may not be able to make as much money as the dukes, but I’ll do my best. I want to see Alice smile.

Fortunately, studying was not as hard as I thought it would be, and in fact, it was quite interesting. I enjoyed learning about magic in particular.  it felt I finally got my answers to the questions I had, which I used to solve by intuition alone.

For example, the pure magical power of humans is white. When the color of an individual’s innate qualities is mixed with it, it becomes a unique color.

It’s a little bit of a difference that you can’t tell unless you observe closely, but that difference leads to the magic you’re good at.

I’m not good or bad at anything as long as my mana doesn’t change its color. My mana is usually just white, and I think Alice is the same as me from what I’ve observed. It’s a rare type that you don’t see very often.

On the contrary, monsters are a mass of attributes, and the color of their magic is easy to understand: red, blue, or black. The red ones can’t use blue magic, and vice versa.

It is said that to use this colorization of energy as magic requires imagination, and it takes practice to actually use it. Some people are not suited for this. It is said that some people can barely start a small fire.

It also said that magic is a difficult thing that one can finally learn to use after much study and practice.

The Stuart’s overturned such a notion and developed the magic tool that allows magic to come out just by passing magic power through it, and their reputation rose from great noble to world-famous Stuarts.

Naturally, there are many people curious about how it works. I’ve taken it apart myself. I’ve even used appraisal magic to observe every inch of it, But I couldn’t figure it out.

It was obvious that there was some powerful cloaking magic applied, but I couldn’t break it.

Usually, this kind of magic can be erased by applying a large amount of magic power, but the cloaking magic does not disappear even when the magic tool is shattered.

It’s too mysterious.

There some kind of other energy, not just magic.

That’s right. It’s just like that guy, the black stone monster from the desert.

 At that time, I felt not just magic but something else as well.

 But what is it…? I don’t think the Stuart family and that thing have anything in common.

In the first place, that thing is fell out of the sky, and there’s a zero chance that the thing comes from this world.

“Hmm. One more trip and I’m done. How’s your study going? Is there anything you don’t understand?”

Alice came down from the second floor while carrying several small boxes on top of each other.

The part I don’t understand is the secret of the magic tool. But…

“I’m fine. Thanks.”

There was no way Alice was going to answer my question.

It’s the Stuart family’s greatest secret.

“That’s great. I’ll make you a cup of tea when you’re done, so just hang in there.”

“Yes. You too, Alice.”

She put the small box she brought on the table, and I watched Alice go back upstairs.

My eyes naturally fell on the box on the table.

It seemed to contain cosmetics and brushes, but the lid was not fully closed, so I could see a little of what was inside.

There was one item in the box that didn’t look like it belongs to Alice’s.


Alice doesn’t usually wear glasses. I think her eyesight is good.

Fashion glasses?

No, they were large and looked like men’s glasses.

I’m not sure if this suits Alice’s style.

So I took it out and observed it.

… Yeah, it’s the right size for me.

I don’t think the lenses have any degrees on them. It’s just a pair of glasses. {TL note}

Why Alice have these?

I wondered, but the experience of wearing glasses for the first time got me excited for some reason, and I started acting like an intellectual guy, alone. 

As I swiped her glasses, I said, “Look, divergence B equals zero! The S and N poles can only be separated by magic! It’s just like you and me,” I say in my brain, the 84th line I want to say someday (I decided it just now).

I was satisfied and was about to take it off when I noticed it.

… Huh? Isn’t this… a magic tool?

I could feel that my magic power is slightly absorbed.

… I wonder what it is. I’m not sure what the effect is, but I don’t feel any different.

At this time, Alice comes down from upstairs, and the moment I casually turn my head in her direction, I instantly know what this is.


Her clothes are transparent! Alice!

I was so surprised that my body and brain stopped, and I became an object that could only watch the phenomenon in front of me.

Fortunately, all I could see were her legs, shoulders, and arms, and the important parts were hidden by the pile of boxes she was holding with both hands. I can’t see them, but if she put the boxes down, I’m done.

No, Alice. You can’t put that box down.

All I had to do was take off these glasses, but I can’t think properly at that time.

But there was nothing I could say to stop Alice, so I just watched her every move in a world where my brain was empty.

Alice wanders around, looking for a place to drop the box, while turns her back to me, saying, “Ah, there’s an empty spot over there. “

Ah. It’s white.

It’s not her magic power, right? The white thing.

I put the box down with a mysterious feeling of excitement and look at Alice, who breathes a sigh of relief.

“It’s all here. I’m finally done.”

 As soon as I sensed her turning in my direction, I reflexively tried to jump away and fell back in my chair. I hit my head. Alice came running up to me, startled. I quickly covered my glasses with my hand and tucked them into the shadow pocket.

“Are you okay? What happened to you?”

Alice puts her hand under my head and wakes me up with a worried look.

What did I just do to such a kind girl…?

I consider seeking her forgiveness immediately, but I don’t know how I can explain this.

I felt so guilty that I couldn’t even look at her face, let alone her whole body.

In the end, I couldn’t say anything, but I’m glad that Alice’s decided not to pursue this matter.

After putting away our luggage, we finally set off for the duke’s house.

On my way there, I got scared every time I saw someone wearing glasses. After a while, we arrived at our new home, Stuart’s family mansion.

Sometimes later, I finally had my chance to confessed what had happened. The moment arrived when Alice report back to me that she failed her glasses modification.

Surprisingly, she was hardly angry.

TL note:

I don’t know what lens for minus called.


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