LDM 493 – kukuku, I’m gonna strip you naked… (as magic tool and magic circle formula)

Now I’ve had finished my report about the Holy Kingdom to Haku, I will continue my own investigation. 

The melons I bought in bulk are all in the Soto’s [Storage] dungeon, so there’s no need to worry about them going bad. We’ll just have to find the right time to pretend that they’ve arrived in our village and sell some of them to Haku-san. 

To avoid suspicion, I’ll share the ones that originally [don’t fit] in the Storage with Ichika and the others. 

“I’m getting tired of melons.” 

“Well, there are 500 of them. How many have you eaten?” 

“About thirty? And because Soto ate a box of melon in her dungeon, you can eat as many as you want next time.” 

Soto’s [weak replication] can take out the item she eats at once, so if she eats a box, she can take out a box. That’s great. All you can eat fresh melon, but you have to finish it within an hour, and that’s including the cooking time before it disappears. 

“I’d better cook the rest of it…, but that’s not important anyway. What about the survey?” 

“Well, Haku-nee said she will use her subordinate to investigate. Do you want to take part, Kehma?” 

It’s true that I’m curious about it, but I don’t want to drag my feet unnecessarily. 

“Want to try to send in the rats?” 

“But there’s a magic tool that can repel small animals, right? won’t it be unnatural they got found out?” 

“Hmmm, I’m kind of curious about its performance though.” 

“Then let’s find out!” 

“… How?” 

When I asked how Rokuko giggled. 

“You have seen the magic tool, Kehma. You can do a [super transformation] to become it.” 

“Oh, right, we got that hand to play. we can check out the area of effect by examining the products on the site, and we can investigate the formula here.” 

So, we sent a message to Narikin and the others to use rats to check the area of effect, and I use the [super transformation] to morph into the magic tool in the master room. 

“Okay, I’m going to do a [super transformation]………. why Nerune is here?” 

“Of course, she is. Kehma… Do you think I can do the investigation by myself? Nerune is the best person to investigate magic tools.” 

“I know a bit, of course, somewhat… I’m a witch, Afterall.” 

That’s right. She’s [Cave of Desire]’s magic tool expert, isn’t she? And since this is the Holy Kingdom’s magic tool, and it would be a good reference. 

“Then Nerune, If there is a magic circle that you have not seen before, please write it down so I can look at it and try to decipher it later.” 

“Oka~y, I understand.” 

And so, the investigation of the magic tools began. 


I transformed myself into a magic tool with the [Super Transformation]. It’s a big tool, about the size of a small classroom. 

As soon as I transformed, Nerune and Rokuko immediately investigating it. 

“It’s very easy to use, isn’t it? Do you move this small lever to switch the range of effect?” 

“I’ll take off the cover, okay?” 

I’m a magic tool, so of course, I can’t speak, and I shouldn’t feel any pain or other sensations, but I feel strangely ticklish as if the buttons of my clothes are touched and undressed. 

“This button is linked to this magic circle. …… Hmmm…this is how it works? The way they swapping the magic circle with a switch is effective.” 

“Hey, hey, Nerune, what’s this?” 

“It’s a fire magic circle. …ack.” 

Boom! There was an explosion deep inside me, and some of my magic drained away. 

“Did… something explode?” 

“It’s a trap. It’s designed to destroy itself so that no one can find out this tool secrets.” 

“Kehma, are you okay?” 

I tried to reply, “No problem,” but I couldn’t speak. I can’t use [Telepathy] either. It seems because I’ve transformed myself into magic tools, I cannot use my skill at all. 

“If you’re okay, please stay transformed for a bit longer so I can examine the broken parts and countermeasures.” 

“Be careful, Nerune. It’s a little late for that, but what if there’s a trap that kills you?” 

“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to revive me with DP, right?” 

“I can also use [healing], so if you get hurt, make sure you tell me. As soon as possible.” 

With that, Nerune gets down on all fours and enters me.  

“This is burnt area… hmm, this is the important point because it is thoroughly destroyed, isn’t it? If that’s the case, could we shave the board from the other side and sever the magic lines…?” 

“Nerune, how it feels inside Kehma?” 

“… it feels so good! I’m getting excited! I’m going deeper inside of you, Master. Mm-hmm.” 

Can’t you word it less lewd…! 

“Okay, it’s finished, can you untransformed and try again?” 

So, I redid the [Super Transformation] and tried again. I’m at lv5, so I can do it four more times today. 

It’s a foul thing to be able to do multiple dismantling operations, which usually can only be done once. We can do it many times without fear of failure. 

“… I can make it now, can’t I? It’ll take a while, but I’ve got the blueprints.” 

“Aren’t you a top-tier magic engineer now? Maybe I should give you a special bonus.” 

“Yeah. Nerune, what do you want?” 

“Did I get a bonus? Then new spell, please!” 

That’s how we use the power of Nerune and me to go through every inch of the Holy Kingdom’s magic tool. 

… It took a few days, though! 

Tl note:  

quite lewd chapter. 


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