BTOG 114 – Defeat the Apostle Battle: Sudden Change

BTOG 114 – Defeat the Apostle Battle: Leopard Change


Drago muttered to herself as she watched the raid battle unfold.

『It’s not very exciting, is it?』

『Honestly, it’s not worth watching.』

『Drago-san, are you going to pull it out today?』

『I’d like to see it once in a while.』

“I’ll use her when the time is right.”

Drago swung her greatsword while replying to her viewers with her unique accent.

Even though this event is being officially broadcasted, it doesn’t mean that individual stream is prohibited.

Initially, Drago had planned to use a joint stream, but not only her but all of the players were close to being unavailable.

And usually, there won’t be enough leeway to reply to viewers when they are in combat.

That’s why this situation is, as Drago says; Creepy.

『Drago can’t do anything at this rate.』

『Since Drago fighting style is more suited to deliver a big punch.』

『We, the viewers, also had nothing to do at this rate.』

『Ooh, watch your words.』

“Don’t worry; my turn will come shortly.”

Besides the large sword on her back, Drago also has a large sword at the ready that she uses to clear away flying debris.

Even though her status is not as specialized as Sukuna’s, Drago is also a swordsman with a high strength value, as you might expect from her job as Heavy Swordsman.

And you have realized from the comments on her stream, Drago rarely uses her Named weapon, which has become her trademark.

It was due to the overly troublesome nature of her weapon.

The name of the weapon Drago own is [Heaven Sword – Sora]. {Tenkuken – Sora}

It’s a sister weapon to Rinne’s Blue Jade Staff, which was created using the materials of the first flight-type named boss monster, Arouz, the eagle lion of the azure sky, the master of the fields around Fias.

Similar to the [Lone Moon Camellia] worn by Sukuna and the [Rapier of Tempation] wielded by Rou, Drago’s Named Weapon also has a Named Skill.

The ability for named skill, given to the [Heaven Sword – Sora] is [Sky Piercing Gaze]. Unusually for skill, this skill has two effects.

The first is [absolute intimidation to all monsters of a lower level than the wearer], which means that any monster that is not fully resistant to intimidation will be forced to flee as soon as Drago draws her sword.

Because of this skill, Drago will always need to bring a different weapon to fight lower-ranked monsters. That also means that it’s extremely hard to find monsters stronger than the current Drago.

This was one of the reasons why Drago rarely pulls out her sword, but the main reason why she still didn’t pull it right now is because of its other effect.

The second skill effect of this weapon is that “when fighting monsters of a higher rank than the wearer, the attack power of this weapon is doubled in exchange for attracting twice the hate of target monster.”

To put it simply, the weapon’s attack power doubled at the cost of gaining twice as much hate.

Simple and absolute, an overwhelming skill effect that should not be weak by anyone’s standards.

In addition, [Heaven Sword – Sora] boasts a terrifically high weapon attack power of “158”.

One could understand how extraordinary the value of the attack was If we compared it to Sukuna’s [Kagenui], which already had an incredible 80 attack power.

The price for this is low durability, but even if the named weapon is destroyed, it will not really be lost forever. It can always be repaired or rebuilt in the worst case.

The weapon’s attack power, which is originally extremely high, is permanently doubled unless Drago dies or the weapon breaks.

What’s more, all of her buffs will be stacked on top of it.

This was the reason why Drago was said to have the greatest sustained DPS of all players.

However, the second skill effect has a fatal flaw in raid battles: it doubles the amount of hate you gain. Considering Drago’s ridiculous amount of attack power when she is using the [Heaven Sword – Sora], she will gain hate so fast that it is laughable.

So it’s not that Drago doesn’t want to pull out her named weapon. She can’t.

She will use it in situations where the tank line was on the verge of collapsing and quickly gather the hate. Normally this will happen near the last stretch.

That’s why current Drago is fighting with the unnamed greatsword since she needs to consider all those risks.

“It’s about time.”

With the exception of Lucifer, all the players became tenser.

There were only a few seconds left until the Dragon’s first HP bar is depleted.

(If I’m honest, I’d like to tell Miss Rinne to keep her distance… Assuming Ars Nova’s weakness continues to be lightning, I don’t want her to grab the hate target just yet.)

If Drago is the strongest in terms of sustained DPS, then Rinne’s trump card is her extreme burst damage that could bury even a named boss monster in a single blow if it hits.

Judging by the amount of HP the Dragon lost so far, Rinne probably is able to take out at least one gauge even against the Giant Dragon, the raid boss.

However, Rinne’s trump card takes an excessive amount of time to activate, and it has a fatal weakness; she can’t move at all during that time, and she will continue to gather hate.

It is a double-edged sword that cannot be used in the early stages of the fight and kind of a waste to be used in the final stages.

–And suddenly, that moment of stagnation is coming to an end.

One player cut it off without any hesitation.

“Fuahahahahahaha! Don’t chicken out, you guys!”

For better or worse. Lucifer, The fallen angel. Who doesn’t read the air, shaved off the HP gauge of the giant Dragon with a bright smile.

It’s a good thing there’s at least one player who doesn’t read the air and goes for it at times like this, Drago thought to herself.

It was unknown whether Lucifer’s action was a wise decision or a blunder.

But here, at last, one-fifth of its HP had been cut down.

At that moment, something strange happened to the giant Dragon.

The giant Dragon, which had been attacking the tankers; Noel and Tetsuya, suddenly stopped its attack and thrust its four limbs into the earth one by one.

Each time its leg buried itself in the ground, the earth shook, and the player’s foothold was taken away.

The stunned players are unaware of what is about to happen.

Pich, pichi. {tln}

Amid the roar and dust, the only one who could pick up such a tiny sound was Sukuna.

“————!” Sukuna is shouting something.

Drago’s position is across the giant Dragon, almost exactly opposite from Sukuna’s.

Still, at the slightest glimpse of Sukuna and Rinne’s impatient expression, Drago instantly thrust down her unmarked greatsword to be used as her shield.

The air trembled.

The moment Drago felt that, the wind of destruction blew over the world.

“…What just happened?”

The big sword that was thrust in front of her disappeared without a trace, and Drago’s HP was also reduced by half.

She managed not to get blown away, but she also took a tremendous amount of damage.

Before she could check the situation, Drago almost reflexively drank the most powerful potion she had on hand and looked around.

The field, originally filled with ruin, had been scraped clean with the giant Dragon as its epicenter and was now several dozen centimeters lower. The Dragon itself still planting its four feet on the ground

Perhaps, it’s also felt the recoil from the destructive power that made one hesitate to call it an attack. The gigantic Dragon was completely silent.

Drago and Shuya, who had put up their guard as fast as they can, were safe. Even though Drago’s greatsword is not a dedicated shield, it still can function guard tool. However, Drago is forced to eat a lot of damage.

And Shuya, who cannot completely mitigate the damage with a one-handed circular shield, has already begun treating his wound from the heavy damage he suffered.

Sukuna and Rinne had been the first to leave, and they are the ones who lead everyone to escape to the very edge of the Area of attack.

The healers by Rinne’s side and the buffers in Drago’s party were safe as well.

(Tsk, I didn’t expect to lose four cards)

Drago clicked her tongue as she examines the situation.

The players who were closest to the giant Dragon at that moment were Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, Leo, Erumi, Noel, Tetsuya, Drago, and two players she didn’t know the names of.

Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, as the one who was cutting down the gauge and happily expecting the challenge from the giant Dragon more than anyone else, died instantly because he was closer than anyone else.

(But I didn’t expect Leo to be dropped this early.)

Yes, the shocking thing was that Leo has fallen. Looking at the unharmed Erumi sitting there in a daze, it seems that he died protecting Erumi. She couldn’t hide her shock at the death of Leo, the number one ranked player at the round table and a good friend of Drago’s as a former member of her attack team.

And next is Noel, and an unknown player.

Looking at where Noel’s was, she probably died defending another player.

Tetsuya, a stray wizard, and Soramaru, the tank of Drago’s party, stood dumbfounded inside Noel’s barrier.

Lucifer, Leo, Noel, and Nora. Drago bit her teeth in front of the scene created by the torrent of destruction that had mercilessly wiped out four players instantly.

“Anyone who was watching, tell me what happened.”

『It was a wave, wasn’t it?』

『Yes, it was. The Dragon had a crack all over its outer shell and then exploded like a balloon.』

『the blue waves looks like fireworks as they were scattering.』

“I see, [the Great Dragon of Waves]…”

Drago nodded, amused by the answer from her viewer. And the answer is still flowing even now.

Even though it had exploded, there was no sign that the giant Dragon’s body had shrunk.

It was probably a tremendous energy wave.

Drago didn’t see the attack because the large sword she held was blocking her view as she used it as a shield.

That in itself was regrettable, but it was a blessing that she had survived being so close to the giant Dragon.

Fortunately, the giant Dragon has yet to move; perhaps it is still stunned from the recoil of the attack.

And since the unnamed sword is broken, Drago had no choice but to pull her out.

If that kind of attack is launched at you every time you break the gauge, the tank will hardly be able to function anyway. That’s why she decided to pull her [Heaven Sword – Sora] and wield it… right at that moment.

“Miss. Sukuna……?”

Drago saw a frail girl at the edge of her vision, and Drago can see her body trembling even from a distance.



Lucifer is not bad.

Rather, he did the gauge breaking that no one else wanted to do.

This much truth must be made clear.


{tln: pikachu lightning bolt}

Oi it’s shooting wave, why you renamed the dragon to ripples? Because I read ahead lol, as I suspected, the kanji it uses is the same as ripples in Jojo, you will see its ability in future chapter. long story short, I got into heated arguments with my friend and I lost, change it back to Waves.

And sorry, recently, I’m  a bit slow perhaps?

Well first, again, sorry. But this is an important part of the novel, and I want to do it extra ‘right’ since it was important, so important that I need to said twice.

The most important part is still 2-3 chapter ahead, but this is an important premise that lead to it, so let me do this right, ok?

And second is… dang the chapter is dang long… and filled with jargon new to me, so I need to google it, or to be exact to weblio it. tl;dr it’s hard, and I don’t want to screw up this part of the story.

I could say this worth two chapter of effort, it just that hard, and several chapters ahead is not getting easier.


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