BTOG 125 – #I have too much time on my hands

BTOG 125 – #I have too much time on my hands

A note: One bored person who can’t play WLO due to login restrictions.


“I have nothing to do.”



<Still banned?>

<Streaming because of boredom.>

<So Rinne has left you alone.>

“I’m not banned! And Rin-chan was already diving to WLO when I woke up this morning. It’s not fair~”

I borrow Rin-chan’s streaming room for the second day. But since this was noon on weekdays, only a few viewers showed up to comfort me, who was still laying limp on the desk.

“By the way, is it okay for you guys to watch the stream on a weekday afternoon?”

<I’m self-employed.>

<I work the night shift at a restaurant.>




“What kind of sound effect is that?”

<It’s terrible to be unaware.>

<Nowadays, it’s all about remote work.>

<To be honest, I’m a NEET!>

<Sound of my breaking heart.>

<Well, Nana once had a part-time job, right?>

“Yes, it’s been a while since the last time I did that.”

Give or take, over a month.

When I was working part-time like crazy, I never had any free time, so maybe that’s why I have no tolerance for free time at all.

Thinking about it, when I was at my wit’s end because all my part-time jobs went out of business, I only took a nap until Rin-chan asked me out.

<What kind of work did you do?>

<I’m definitely curious.>

<I love it when you ask people their work history.>

“Oh… well…. the last three years I mainly worked in gambling stores like casinos sometimes I also work in warehouses. By the way, I’ve been a casino dealer for quite a while now. It was not a part-time job, though.”

< That’s a lie. lol.>

<Casinos are now accepting people as young as 18.>

< It’s hard for virtual casinos to flourish.>

<A streamer which is a bad influence on young children.>

<Can you demonstrate how you play the trump card?>

“Yes, I can. Do you guys want to see it? I can show you now. I think Rin-chan has playing cards and yo-yos in the storage.”

<I want to see!>

<Surprising side of you.>

<So Nana can speak English, too.>

<Rinne is also good at shuffling cards.>

<I don’t understand this creature who’s not good at sports but still dexterous.>


“I’ll go get it.”

She’s the type of person who doesn’t throw away toys, so I’m sure she’ll have some of the toys we used to play with within the storage room.

I left the stream screen alone and went to the storage room.

Sure enough, there were toys that I used to play with, roughly divided by time period and stored in a drawer.

“I found playing cards, yo-yos, and kendama.” {hammer with balls}


<the image of Rinne playing with kendama brings a smile to my face.>

<Oi, what is that?>

<The ball is splitting. ……>

<The way she plays the kendama with one hand and handles the yo-yo with the other will make her look like a pervert.>

“It’s easy to do, right?”

<No way.>

<No way.>

<It’s really hard.>

<It’s really hard. Everyone tries it and then gives up.>

<Do pen spinning.>

“Pen spinning? Okay, but let’s play cards first.”

Finally, the many magic tricks that Rin-chan asked me to do in the past will come back to life!

By the way, Rin-chan is much better at magic herself. Her shuffling skills are second to none.

Also, she’s very good at guiding people’s attention, which is something I suck at.

But since I’m her only audience and I can see everything, there’s not much point in doing magic tricks.

“It’s easy to do a perfect shuffle, and it looks great when done at high speed.”

<The cards are flying.>

<What is a perfect shuffle?>

<↑ Something amazing shuffle>

<↑ Explain properly lol>

< It’s moving so fast, scary.>

<at that speed, can you also do that thing they do in the manga where are they using the Card as a throwing weapon?>

“I can’t throw it straight. I can do it if I’m allowed to rotate it, but if I miss the catch, my fingers might fly off.”

I then ask my viewer for a minute break time to get some dartboard from the storage room.

Of course, with some darts.

Not long after, I come back and set the dartboard on the wall and throw the trump card vigorously at them using my finger.

Click! A small sound is heard, and the playing card stuck beautifully on dartboard, all live on camera.


<Wow. ……>

<How do you build that kind of momentum?>

<Spinning is changing the world.>

<Are those playing cards made of metal?>

<To think you can use trump card as a weapon.>

“This one is made of paper. Well, they say the thinner the paper, the sharper it gets. I think WLO had playing cards in the flying dagger category?”


<Card is not a throwing weapon.>

<I suppose someone in the development team thought that Card is a weapon.>

“I’ve only been interested in blunt weapons, so this quite refreshing.”

<She’s been Reserved only for Kanabou.> {Oni club, tln}

<I can feel the love in your devotion to that metal rod.>

<I think that’s what you mean is ‘metal rod for demons’.>

<I want to see you use more weapons.>

“I do like the club. By the way, if I were to use another weapon, what kind of weapon would you want me to use?”

<I want a Bou.> {tln; basically a Shaolin stick}


<I’d like to see a sword.>

<I’d like to see a two-handed mace used properly.>


<Or a naginata.>

<Iron fan!>

<I want to see more use of weights.>

<I wonder if a hidden weapon like blackjack is considered a weapon.>


“I think hidden weapons have their branch of skills. But I’m not sure what weapon category the Tonfa is in. about barbells and fans… Are they exist as weapons…?”

<If Trump card is a weapon, then they’re weapons, too.>

“That might be true…”

That comment made sense to me.

I haven’t touched other hidden weapons since the Kugelschreiber.

I’ve been looking for some variation of hidden blunt weapon lately.

I wonder if I should ask Haruru to make me a hidden weapon. I’m sure Haruru would be happy to make one.

To think of it, I haven’t been able to use the mechanism of the yoiyami yet. It also falls into has a dark weapon category, so there’s actually a hidden mechanism in it.

I didn’t use it in the battle against the giant dragon Ars Nova, though.

“I can’t wait to dive into the WLO.”

<Be patient. Only a half-day or so left.>

<When will the restriction be lifted?>

<After the date change?>

“That’s right. But Rin-chan gets angry if I dive too late at night.”

Ever since I started playing WLO, I’ve never played until the date changes.

I may start early, like in 8 or 9 in the morning, and I usually cut off my stream around six at night.

I bought a nighttime streaming option a long time ago, but still, I always quit before 10:00 p.m. at the latest.


<You’re an adult.>

<Is it because you were living together?>

“No, well, you see… Rin-chan wants to sleep together.”

I think it’s no secret that Rin-chan is a bit spoiled. That’s one of the reasons why she persistently wants to sleep together.

This has always been the case, even from the first time we met, and most of the time, when I fall asleep, I will find myself being used as a hug pillow the next morning.

In the past, I was nervous because I couldn’t control my strength, and I was afraid of hurting her, but now I don’t feel that way, and we just sleep peacefully.

Anyway, Rin-chan says she needs the warmth.

I have a very high normal temperature, so she might be treating me like a hot water bottle.

But I’m happy to be able to sleep with her, so it’s a win-win situation.


<Stop making it more precious every day.>

<The gap between the Rinne we know and the Rinne we love is too great.>

<a bit different from how she officially described.>

“Is that so? Well, surely, Rin-chan is very cool.”

To me, Rin is a very attractive woman who is both strong and cool but weak and cute, but Rin is just a strong and cool person for the outside world.

I’m wondering if it’s not good for her image to talk about her rare appearance, not to mention her hidden true face in this way…

But well, she also revealed my personal information on her stream.

<Now now>

< She’s a hero to us, too, you know.?>

<I don’t know how many times she won my admiration.>

<Rinne is mesmerizing.>

<But she’s not as good in VR compared to her other achievement.>

<in VR that is…>

<So, Nana, do you play any consumer games?>

“I used to, I guess. Do you want to try one of them?”

Consumer games are games that are played on a home console, and even with the recent boom of VR games, they are still strongly holding their position.

VR takes a lot of time, effort, and money, but consumer games can be bought and be played outright by turning on the power and holding the controller, so they will never go out of style.

Six years ago, regular consumer games were much more popular than VR. The same can be said to the first game I played with Rin-chan.

I basically just watched from behind Rin-chan, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried it at all.

I played a little to assist her.

<Kurokuro do Kurokuro>

<↑ Too hard lol>

<Too long.>

<Android Festival.>

<Zero Wars 4 is good.>

<Oh, Zero Wars.>

<Nana, do you know Zero Wars?>

“Zero Wars …Oh, that survival game! I think I played the first one myself. I remember playing it in co-op with Rin-chan a few times.”

From the viewer’s suggestion, I pick up the name of the game that has been buried in my memory.

Zero Wars was the name of one of the survivals shooting games that had once been an explosive hit.

The winning condition of this survival shooter game was simple: be the last one or the last team wins.

Most of the time, the game is played online, and the opponent is another player.

The basic rule of the game is to drop 100 or so players to an isolated island, which will be used as the battlefield, and the players will drop down wherever they want, pick up weapons and items that have fallen all over the island, equip themselves, and fight until they are the last one standing.

The first time this type of survival game came out, it became incredibly popular and was widely developed, either as a clone or with improvements.

Zero Wars was one of the last of these games to come out, and it seems that it came out when the boom was over.

Even so, the fact that the series is managed to release up to four titles must mean that it has taken its root as one of the popular ones.

The only time I’ve played Zero Wars was when I was helping Rin-chan clear missions that she had to complete in pairs.

It wasn’t that complicated to play, and I liked the simplicity of shooting and killing enemies.

<[Survival game] is a crude but accurate term.>

<I don’t know the difference between FPS and TPS.>

<It’s almost like a different game from the original, though.>

<But it’s still the same game with guns and bombs.>

“Well, I’ve got some time on my hands, so let’s take a closer look. which console it runs on?”

<The black one on the right.>

<The black one.>

<The not-so-big one.>

“Well, I need a better explanation. …this one?”

<That one.>

<That’s It.>


I don’t know the name of this console, but with the help from the viewers, I was able to find the one I needed to play Zero Wars.

It’s true that the game console itself is black and not very big… I just need to turn this on, right?

I looked for the Zero Wars 4 package on the screen of the game that started up with a small sound of whirring.

There’s no game library like the one Rin used, all the game is always available for download from the internet.

Game data is still stored within the console itself, so data for Zero Wars 4 should be here.

“There it is. Oh, this character looks familiar, wasn’t he in the first game too?”

<He was.>

<He wasn’t.>

<He was.>

<He was.>

<He wasn’t.>

“The [He was] camp has more vote….?”

I don’t know which one is right.

Well, it cannot be helped then, I thought as I started up the game.


A note:

PUBG descendant.

Tl note:

More like apex descendant, but if we talk about the first… (modded)Minecraft should take that position.


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