BTOG 126 – #First_time_Playing_ZeroWars4

“Hmmm… it’s basically the same old survival game, but with more weapons, armor, and the ability to use special one-shot moves.”

<It increases the game replayability.>

<The Trophies are hard.>

<There’s also a story mode.>

<That’s about it if you are just a casual player.>

<or you can do speedrun play.>

Currently, I’m borrowing Rin’s PC to collect more information about Zero Wars 4.

The game screen is right in front of me, but I can’t tell what kind of game it is just by looking at the help.

The most basic aspects of the game are not that different from the original.

What you have to do is simple. Kill the enemy. Survive.

“Simply put… The performance of the weapon in your hands changes slightly depending on your character. If you choose to use a long-range type character, you should aim for the long-range weapons, and if you choose a short-range type character, you should aim for the short-range weapons; that’s about it. But if the rules are similar to the first one, wouldn’t that make the medium-range character have the best environment? Since they can handle the average range of both short and long-range?”

<Certainly, It’s versatile.>

<Exgear skill will turn it upside down.>

<Long-range is strong in the early game, and short-range is strong in the late game, so they’re all pretty much balanced.>

<I love the Mega Launcher.>

<There are four stages, and each one has its own characteristics, so it’s not as bad as it seems.>

I see. That’s what the special move Exgear is for.

Still, it seems that medium-range character is easier to handle, so let’s do with it first.

“I’ll go with this initial character for now.”

<Initial character that unlocked after the Ending?>

<It’s the strongest character.>

<It’s good for beginners.>

<it has no disadvantage in early, middle, or end game.>

<its Exgear is too strong.>

<So, is that Rinne’s data?>

“I’ve been told I can do whatever I want as long as I don’t delete it, so it’s all good.”

There seems to be two game mode for solo, normal and random.

Zero Wars is basically a game where you jump from a plane to an island, pick up a weapon, and start a battle.

Normal is a normal mode where you can choose your own drop point, and Random is a mode where the drop point is completely random.

The weapons are in buildings, so if you’re playing a normal match, you can either land in an isolated building where you won’t be confronted by enemies and get ready safely, or you can land in a fierce battle zone like the city center and kick enemies around.

The advantage of the former is you can have a safe environment to finish your preparation. And its disadvantage is that the safe zone is that they usually placed at the edge of the island.

In this kind of survival game, the survivable area gets smaller as time progresses towards the end of the game.

In most cases, a circular exclusion zone is displayed on the map, and if you enter the zone, you will take continuous damage.

The player needs to escape the exclusion zone while defeating other players, and the most dangerous thing is not the player but the zone that keeps getting smaller. It was this kind of game.

Also, you may feel safe if you can run between the obstacle, but often, you are forced to run through an open field, like a meadow. Making you an easy target for others.

And since the final safe zone will be placed around the center of the island, you will have to survive the enemy attacks while trying to reach it.

It’s safe in the beginning but hard towards the end. This was the advantage and disadvantage of the former.

On the other hand, if you choose to drop in the center, the battle will be fierce; therefore, it becomes extremely dangerous, but the benefits for the survivor were great.

If you kill the enemy, you can take their items, so if you win the urban battle, you can take all the items you can find in the city.

And if you can hoard the best item, you can easily progress through the middle phase, so there’s a high return for the risk you take. {tl: until you get sandwiched by four sides.}

Furthermore, the city itself is served as a fortress, a guerrilla base, or even the no-entry zone in some cases.

But in return, the risk is higher than landing anywhere else, so this is an option only for those who are confident in their abilities.

On the other hand, in Random, everything will be randomized, unlike in Normal.

Only after you spawn will you know the stage you’re fighting on and where you are.

This mode is meant not only for advanced players but for all who like the RNG aspect under equal conditions.

“I think I’ll try it Random for now.”


<Calm down.>

<Random is reckless on your first play!>

<How can you do that when you don’t even know what stage you’re on?>

<Do you know the controls?>

“I guess I’ll learn as I go.”

I selected the random match option and waited for the match.

It’s been a long time since I’ve played a game like this, so my heart danced a little.


It was just a coincidence that a girl living in England named Katarina happened to see the stream.

The VR remake of ZeroWars was going to be used in the upcoming tournament, and she decided to watch a few streams to gather some information for the upcoming release.

In the midst of the stream list from Japanese players, she noticed a title that was not particularly interesting, but thanks to that, it caught her intention.

“It’s rare to see someone playing Zero Wars for the first time nowadays.”

Katarina said in her fluent English, leaning back in her familiar gaming chair as she clicked on the title to watch it.

Zero Wars 4 is a game she’s used to playing.

There have been many TPS survival games in the past, but with the rise of VR, only three have survived. Because of it, there are only a few gamers that had not tried this game.

That’s why she was intrigued by the line [first time]. Still, she only planned to watch the first few minutes before going back to find a more worthwhile stream.

“Hmm, she’s a member of HEROES. I wonder if there’s a girl like her?’

Katarina looked a little surprised when she saw the streamer’s profile, who was still busy in a current match with her slightly distracted expression.

If you’re a fellow FPS player and have participated in tournaments, you will be no stranger to the name HEROES.

“Ah right, there’s this one child that Rinne personally recruited. I wonder if she’s that person? Let’s see. ….Her name is …NA-NA …Nana. It’s simple.”

Nana, Nana, and Katarina hum the streamer’s name, perhaps because she liked how that sounds.

Naturally, being someone who Rinne personally scout will raise Katarina’s expectations.

No gamer in the world doesn’t know the name of Rinne, let alone HEROES.

Pro gamer Rinne. At the age of 21, she is a super player with a lifetime winning totaling $15.72 million.

Of course, this is in US dollars, so if you were to convert it into Japanese yen, where she lives, it would be roughly 1.6 billion yen.

It’s listed in the Guinness World Record for the most prize money ever won by a female professional gamer, and the difference is worlds apart from second place.

She is the only woman to have won that kind of award. It’s only natural that she should have that level of honor.

<The number of viewers is quite small, but the comment is pretty active. Is she an experienced player playing this game for the first time?>

The random matches in Zero Wars 4 are chaotic, with everyone from beginners to super-experts jostling for position.

In normal matches, advanced players usually descend to the city center, and beginners proceed cautiously from the safe zone, so the fight is often more orderly than expected, but in random matches, it is rather common to see extraordinary upsets.

This is why many players dive into random matches. When she was playing Zero Wars 4, Katarina also threw herself into random matches about half the time.

<The only weapon she got is a pistol. But she also picked up a bulletproof vest and a throwing knife.>

She was looking at Nana, who had spawned in a large grassy field and was having trouble finding a good weapon.

Nana’s character, Zect, is a balanced character who specializes in medium-range weapons. Right now, she got a pistol, which is categorized as a short-range weapon, so no special enhancements will occur.

The range of the pistol is about 20 meters which are quite short, but its firepower is high. It’s also not a great rapid-fire weapon, but if you get a headshot, it can instantly shatter the bulletproof vest. A weapon that can kill with just two shots is a rarity in Zero Wars, so there is no shortage of players who are obsessed with its firepower.

However, that’s only true if you’re using a short-range specialized character.

And furthermore, other weapons are easier to use, making the pistol a rarely used weapon.

While picking up the items, Nana arrived at a settlement on the outskirts of the city.

Will she contact an enemy player soon? Katarina thought.

Katarina spoke based on her experience, and sure enough, not long after, Nana ran into a player inside a building.

It was a battle with a medium-ranged type player with a Gatling-type weapon. Not wanting to be shot by chance, Nana jumped into a nearby room.

<That room is a dead-end!>

Katarina smiled happily at the comment, which had been more heated since Nana had now begun her first battle.

The Gatling had the overwhelming advantage over the short gun.

After all, the Gatling is a rapid-fire weapon, and even if your aim is a bit poor, it has enough bullets and power to push you over the edge.

In contrast, the pistol has no rapid-fire mode and lacks range. If you’re in a dead-end room like the one Nana just jumped into, the range is almost irrelevant, but even so, the Gatling will surely hit if you aim properly.

However, Nana’s expression is very calm, and on the contrary, her air has changed.


Three gunshots. The battle ended with just that.

<Just now… did she aim for that?>

First, Nana fired her bullet almost at the exact moment when the enemy was about to launch their barrage, and Nana scored a headshot with her first shot.

This was not something that couldn’t be done by listening to the sound, so Katarina was convinced that she had good hearing.

The barrier that should’ve been scrapped by a small amount was destroyed in a single shot, which sent the enemy into panic and tried to run away from the entrance to regain their composure.

Seeing this, Nana smiled slightly and fired two shots at the wall.

Then, about a second later, a kill score appeared on the screen.

<Certainly, it’s theoretically possible to get a headshot with a ricochet… but two headshots with ricochet…>

Theoretically, it was possible.

The pistol Nana had picked up was one of the few weapons that could ricochet in Zero Wars. Was it to compensate for their short-range? or simply to represent their high firepower? The fact remains that all short-ranged weapons in Zero Wars had the ability to ricochet.

The range itself remains unchanged; it stays at 20 meters. Even though there is some decay in the power of the weapon, if you hit two headshots with it, your target will certainly be dead.

In theory, that is.

That was a miracle that can’t be described as lucky because even a single headshot would be a miracle in itself.

And she did it with only two bullets, two shots in a row.

Since something so miraculous happened, Katarina can only think that it was not a miracle anymore but an aimed attack.

What was more shocking than anything else was that Katarina had seen this superb feat before.

<…I see, so it was Nana who taught Rinne that thing.>

She recalled the last scene in a tournament where Rinne solidified her reputation.

A pinch of desperation due to mutual wounds.

At the end of that last-second fight to the death, Rinne grabbed the victory with this technique.

However, it was a different game and what happened now is even more ridiculous than the dream shot that was unleashed by Rinne at that time.

Some players say that it was a lucky shot, but even if it is, no one but Rinne could do that, so in the end, it was just a victory caused by Rinne’s ability.

<It’s crazy that she can do that with such a calm face.>

As if the hit was a natural thing, and no joy was felt in her miracle shot.

If anything, Nana was happier to be able to steal the enemy’s Gatling.

In Katarina’s field of vision, she could see Nana taking the Gatling, a medium-range weapon, from the enemy and starting to overrun the other enemy.

One thing is clear. She has good hearing. She seems to be listening to the sounds well and preemptively crushing all her ambusher.

In addition, she seems to have good eyesight. She can see the shadows of enemies that were so small that Katarina would miss, and she is able to get around without letting them take advantage of her.

What she does looks dangerous, but in fact. Her calculated maneuvering is truly reminiscent of Rinne.

Compared to Rinne, there is a lot of wasted movement, but the accuracy of her shot is simply unbelievable.

Even the Gatling rarely misses. With a sniper rifle, she was able to make a one-tap headshot without a scope.

At close range, she uses a shotgun and sometimes a pistol. Her weapon switching was clean, and she precisely used the weapon of the range she needed when she needed it.

Katarina laughed when she saw [first time playing] title of Nana’s stream, no, maybe it’s really the first time she has played this game.

“I remember now. That’s right, that was the first Zero Wars game…”

As she watched Nana win the final tiebreaker, a memory popped into Katarina’s mind.

At that time, Rinne wasn’t so famous, and it was only a part of the neighborhood with the RTA world record of Kurokuro.

However, when she won first place in the monthly solo match in Zero Wars, she also achieved 156 undefeated matches in team matches in the following month.

The mysterious SKN player that Rinne had been paired with for a long time, who was apparently also a woman, was referred to by the players at the time as–

< –[The Witch of the Bullets]. Yeah, now that I think about it, she looks just like her.>

She was always protecting Rinne, and her shooting accuracy was always perfect. Even when Rinne was down, she was always there to win the game. She was the true key player in helping the team win.

Katarina, too, watched and studied her maneuvers for a time until she had holes in her body. It’s a monstrous playing style that has been called the best solution in Zero Wars. Now she understands why Nana’s movement feels familiar.

<Okay, I get it, so this is what you mean, Rinne?>

Katarina, the ace player of the METAL HEART professional gaming team, ranked second in total win the UK, said with irrepressible smile on her face and declared with genuine joy.

<HEROES, I’m looking forward to our fight.>


I’m glad I didn’t skip it.

I’m really glad I didn’t skip it, and I’m so happy I watched it.

I’m going to subscribe to the channel, so I don’t forget. Maybe I can use it to gather information before the fight.


With that thought in mind, Katarina subscribed to Nana’s channel and a notification was sent to the SNS. Later that day, Nana’s new subs from foreigners were increased quite a bit.


Nana’s forte is her projectile skills.

This is part of the reason why Rinne thinks she will do well. It doesn’t matter if she using a controller or not.

By the way, Katarina is an ace player in the VR department and also one of Rinne’s friends.

Tl note:

The first part: I didn’t translate this novel to promote apex legend, dammit. Well, I like the game… but…


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