LDM 533 – Raid Dungeon Battle (4)

So we passed the graveyard area and marched further into the dungeon.

As we separated into pieces again and drove through the dungeon corridors, I suddenly wondered about the invasion situation.

“Come to think of it, what’s about the rest of us?”

“My sister has updated the map, so you’ll know if you look there.”

I examined the map in Haku’s station through the monsters I had stationed there.

I don’t know how many levels there are, but it seems that we have conquered five levels now.

This time, it was not enough just to go deeper into the dungeon. It was necessary to crush it completely.

That’s why we call this a conquering, but as expected, if multiple cores challenge with all their might, it is possible to conquer at this pace.

“How many levels do you estimate?”

“I heard that the dungeon in Sister Haku’s caliber has exceeded 150 level, and it should be the same with the initial first-born core as No. 10. Right?”

“If that’s the case, then we’re still in the early stages of the dungeon… Let’s speed things up a bit.”

I call out over the comms to Orange.

“Hey Orange, how’s it going over there?”

“Oh, Kehma-kyu? We’re doing great.”

Orange is ahead of us and is searching the surroundings. He displays the map to us.

…Yeah, it seems that the map search is over for this floor for now.

“How’s the search going on the next floor?”

“Here is it.”

“….Hmmm, is the sixth floor only about this big? It is only half the size of the fifth floor.

I guess we’re not as far along as I thought we’d be.”

“There are a lot of places where squirrels can’t go, and I have to avoid them.”

Mainly poisonous swamps, it seems. I see. It’s no wonder he’s become slow.


“Why don’t you force your way through? We can use the squirrels as footholds and pass using them.”

“Nankyuuah! Bu-but th-that’s… really pitiful.”

“What are you saying in this middle of dungeon battle…”

“I know you’re right, but…”

So you’re saying that you’re emotionally reluctant to deliberately make sacrifices to move forward. All while realizing that we cannot advance without doing it.

Isn’t he surprisingly pure?

…Or am I the one who is too cruel?

“Then, this might become a little bit inefficient, but you could mix the engineers in with the group.”

“enji-what? What’s that?”

“If we use human terms, it’s a soldier whose job is to dig holes and build bridges.”

“I see… but… can squirrels dig holes and build bridges? It’s just a small task, but it takes a lot of time for them.”

“You going to give them a name and catalog privileges. Then you can give them a DP so they can get out a wooden plank. They can use it to cross the swamp.”

“Oh, that’s convenient!”

There is the hassle of naming, and the DP must be deposited in advance, but squirrel’s strength lies in their [cheapness], and don’t forget there is the drawback that the engineers will become a target.

However, it is good for Orange, who want to reduce the sacrifice of his fellow workers as much as possible.

“And if you want, you can increase the number of squirrels you have lost using them too.”

“Oh, wow. Then it is more like a captain than an engineer. Should I put a captain sash on him to mark his position?”

“That would only make them a target. Keep the same appearance.”

“Gotcha. I’ll mix it in with the following group of replenishment squirrels right away!”

This will speed up Orange’s scouting task.

“Will you run rat squad now? G-Testor has more leeway than we expected.”

“Sure, we can put Ichika in charge of the rats.”

“Okay then… Ichika, it’s your turn.”

“Yes, sir… but can’t we have Soto connect us to the golem and buy them from here?”

“There’s a limit to the number of things we could claim to be prepared in there, and I’d like to keep it secret.”

If you ask me if it’s possible or impossible, it’s possible. Because I know I have the slime that had learned [storage] mixed in there.

“Similar to what I told Orange earlier, I mixed them in.”

“We could have insisted that we were storing the DPs with the slime too.”

Then… isn’t it okay if we release the rats through the slime?

“Okay then, rat-funnel ejection! No, more like rat-familiar?” {fin-funnel lol, gundam reference.}

“Well, I’ll just go ask Soto-sama.”

“In that case, I better actually give DP to the slime and have it summoned locally.”

It is the same thing if you are going to summon them with DP anyway. The price difference caused by distance is not so significant for rats.

So I asked Soto to secretly connect the [storage] dungeon to the golem’s right and left-hand slime, then I asked Rokuko to quietly give the slime some DP through the [storage] dungeon.

I named the slime [{Naked}N-Testor] and gave it catalog access privileges.

“I’m going to go explore with gusto then!”

“Yeah, good luck Ichika.”

“Leave it to me! I’ll do my best!”

Ichika then remotely summoned the rats with DPs and manipulated the rats that emerged from the golem with her dextrous hand. She really is a dependable friend.

“We’ll continue to pilot the G-Testor, but Niku, Rei. You should take turns and have a rest. There aren’t too many of them, so just take the lead and let the golems follow automatically. Well, two people should be enough to operate the golem.”

“I understand. Rokuko-sama…, I’ll take care of the Golem first, so Niku-senpai should go to bed.”

“No. Ichika, had a job as Beddist Saint, so, rest.”

“I’m fine since I’m paid for my work at the Beddist Church in conjunction with the dungeon battle.”

Since Niku and Rei are good at piloting the Golem, they are the main pilots when they combine…, but neither of them seems to want to give up control of the Golem.

I felt that sparks were scattered between the two of them…

It’s true that it’s fun to move the combined robotic Golem, but if it’s going to be a long day, you need to rest, or you won’t be able to keep up with yourself, and your performance will suffer. I’d love to see you take a proper rest…


“…aah, then I’ll go ahead and take a rest~.”

“Then excuse me, I will rest too.”

Nerine and Kinue wasting no time to take a break.

Rest when you can. That is the essence of Beddist teaching.

“Rei, let’s decide which of us will rest first based on which can take down more. I’m going to use the right half of the golem body.”

“As you wish. Then I’m going to use the left half of body part.”

“Hmph, can you keep up with me?”

Ugh, won’t you two just rest obediently…


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