ULMF – Chapter 027 s

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Misaki faces the black knight. She was aware that she had been fortunate thus far, but now she must consider how she should respond to these “three unknown people” in front of her.

(They’re not monsters, are they? They helped me….)

However, Misaki being the positive girl that she is, her first action was to bow her head and thank them for their assistance, regardless of who they were.

“Thank you very much! You really helped me. I never thought combat could be that difficult….”

“Un~, don’t worry about it! I’m glad I made it in time.”

Misaki was taken aback by the unexpectedly bright-toned voice.

The voice of the black knight was warm and soothing to her tired heart.

“My name is Misaki. As you can see, I’m a non-combatant who has been hiding out since the game became a death game.”

Misaki laughs at herself, possibly because she has had many regrets because she is a non-combatant.

“My name is Syutaro, and the two in the back are my summons… Bumpy is the one on the right, and Theodore is the one on the left.”

Syutaro introduces them, and the two bow their heads.

Misaki bowed her head once more, thinking about [summoner] –a new word to her.

Syutaro is a summoner, and the Demon Kings are his summoned beasts.

It wasn’t a particularly well-developed backstory, but it was how Syutaro and his company presented themselves in the outside world.

It was a known fact that a job that can befriend monsters is called tamer, and people who summon spirit by fulfilling the set condition are called summoners, and Demon Kings are somewhat similar to spirit, making it easy to deceive people.

The former is a profession in which the player assumes the role of a companion from the mobs they have defeated, and the strength of the mobs they have is directly proportional to their own strength. In other words, if a player has an overly strong individual as a companion, it will lead to questions such as “what is this one level?” or “Where did you get this one?”.

But in the latter case, it was confirmed in the beta phase that a higher-level entity could be summoned under various conditions (quests, use of items, etc.), and there is also a “random summoning” mechanic that allows players to try their luck. Even if the summoner is low level, the system can use the summoner’s ability to summon a high leveled creature such as a dragon.

Of course, the majority of the spirits obtained through random summoning are the common ones, and the requirements for summoning a powerful individual such as a dragon are difficult to meet at low levels. Furthermore, there has yet to be an actual case of summoning a spirit with boss characteristics, so it is difficult to say which one is more likely to fool the others. —

But of course, a novice who didn’t know such things as Misaki could only think, “They look strong, and I envy them.”


“Eh, yes ……?”

Theodore, who had been listening quietly, opens his mouth.

Then Theodore placed his hand on Misaki’s abdomen, the deeply carved wound healed, the lost LP restored, and the poison vanished along with the feverish pain.

It was just a simple recovery spell, but to Misaki, it seemed like a miracle.

Misaki frantically lowered her head, then Theodore continues to speak while gesturing to Misaki’s bow.

“If you’re going to use a bow, you should get more distance, learn how to get in the right position to maximize the performance of your bow, and equip yourself with a secondary weapon that can be used at close range so you don’t have to panic like you are now.”

“..yes, sir. Thank you very much!”

Perhaps satisfied with Misaki’s response, Theodore folded his arms and nodded.

If the one who received the advice had been a beta tester instead of Misaki, they would have been astounded by Theodore’s ability to fluently engage in conversation.

Because summoned beasts are NPCs, their speech isn’t supposed to be so complex. But Misaki would never know such a thing.

(Indeed, when aiming, it’s better to stand in this advantageous position from afar. And if your enemy gets close, it’s better if I had prepared a sword or something…)

A direct but accurate piece of advice.

Misaki recited it in her head so she wouldn’t forget, but Theodore’s words and actions, the miracle he performed, Syutaro’s equipment, and the unique atmosphere the three of them emitted all screamed that they were clearly not novices.

(If it was these people, they might–) –lead everyone to safety, and they might even be able to save them – Misaki is planning to plead to their conscience while grasping at straws, hoping that they will be willing to help.

“um… I have a request! Please help my friends!”

Misaki notices the tears falling down her cheeks.

She had no intention of using her tears as a weapon, but being nearly killed by a mob had probably weakened her more than she realized.

The invasion that took place yesterday.

The fact she is a non-combatant and was unable to participate.

The fact that Wataru’s extermination forces were insufficient.

The fact that the red spot had not gone after two hours.

The fact that swarm of blue dots is still there at the tunnel’s end.

She couldn’t stop talking once she started, and she had no idea what had come over her…

Syutaro, who had been quietly listening, muttered to himself and then said gently,

“I’ll help! That is why you must show me the way.”


Multiple footsteps echoed through the tunnels, and the girl leading the way had a bright, hopeful expression on her face, a far cry from what she had been earlier.

A jet-black knight and a white girl were running alongside her, while the dark-haired knight was at following from behind.

Misaki guides the route to the blue point.

Syutaro was hesitant to take a non-combatant like Misaki into the depths of the tunnels, but Misaki insisted on accompanying him.

(With Bumpy and Theodore, it should be okay, right?)

Syutaro was mentally convinced.

Because it was a simple fact that the safety within an area near Syutaro with the two demon kings and the Abyss Slime accompanying him was safer than Aristolas’ inn.

“This route would take us to the blue dots in the shortest distance! And I believe my unique skills will minimize encounters with the enemy.”

Misaki says as she examines the map.

Syutaro, who had heard everything, inquired, “How about the route to Goblin King?”


Syutaro’s words startled Misaki.

“I know we’re heading to the location of the peoples who hold off the main goblin forces, but the people fighting the Goblin King are in greater danger, right? Shouldn’t we prioritize their safety?”

“Um, but I heard the level of King is quite high…”

“I came here with the intention of annihilating the goblin settlement, so don’t worry!”

“However, I’ve heard that Goblin King has a level of around 40! Not to mention that there are about 15 goblin sub-species guarding the King, whose status is enhanced by the King’s unique abilities..!”

The game— or one could say, especially now that it has become a death game —can be quite different depending on whether one enters the fight with or without proper knowledge.

Nonetheless, the white girl responded with a bored expression on her face.

“Calling yourself a ‘King’ at level 40 or so is a fool’s delusion; only when you reach level 120, as we did, should you call yourself a king.”

“One hundred and……!”

Syutaro laments behind his armor, “I should have forbidden her to say that…” as he sees the shocked Misaki.

Just like Gallarus the giant, all demon kings believe that power is something to be flaunted, so publicly announcing that they had reached level 120 was a sort of common practice.


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