LDM 382 – Accomodation Discussion

{the tittle also read as: night duty consultation}

It should be pointed out that the whole conversation takes place with Aidi and Rokuko next to it, as a matter of course they listen to it.

“… In short, I will be charged by unreasonably high price?”

“Ara, you don’t have to worry about that, Kehma will charge you just the right price. Because he will serve you in this inn, it’s only reasonable to charge that much”

“As expected from the top 10 ranker just like Gramps, but do you think you can persuade me to go along with that?”

“I’m just laying out the fact, so there’s no problem for me, in the first place the one who will leech you is Rokuko-chan and Kehma”


Aidi closes her eyes and think a little

“…I understand. that makes sense”

and she just accepts it, well it’s okay.

“Kehma, explain it to me?”

“The point is, as an inn it’s alright to charge extra if we give more service”

“I see…”

Rokuko nodded.
Speaking of which, there is one problem.

“By the way, Haku-san, my inn has only one suite, … are you going to share the room with Aidi?”

“Where else should I stay? I don’t want to stay in a normal room…”

“In the first place that’s not a place to receive honored guests, … how about Rokuko’s room? Her room furniture is on the same level as the suite, the price is- —”
BAM, with a loud thud a bag of coin was placed on the table … it seems 100 gold coins were inside.

I was trying to say that the price was same, Why did you add it? but it won’t be good to question this, also Haku-san thinks that it is okay to spend this much, so let’s quietly receive it.

“For the time being that’s the payment for one night, should I give you more?”

“No. It’s enough.”

“Wait, Haku? This is the exact opposite of the talk just before, why are you overcharging even more for the room?”

“This doesn’t concern you 666. This is my pocket money.”

Aidi decided not to mention it anymore.

“Kehma, don’t decide on your own… Well, I don’t think there is any other person who can properly tend to Haku-nee-sama”

“That’s right, I will entrust Haku hospitality to you Rokuko”

“…leave it to me! Then since Haku-nee-sama will stay in my room, I’ll clean up my room right away”

“Oh? I’m okay with the usual Rokuko-chan’s room”

“No, please don’t, I’m embarrassed because my room is messy.”

“…Is that so? I can help you to clean it”

“Please! Don’t tease me!”

Rokuko then proceeds with red beet face and goes up to clean her room, Haku sent her off with a face full of satisfaction.

“…Ah, by the way, we have various policies regarding study abroad, it’s to ensure the safety of Rokuko. Also, during her study abroad period, I will send Misha to the adventurer guild in this village, so I can guarantee your dungeon safety”

“…Misha is the guild master of the Capital City, right? Is it okay to send her here?”

“She just sleeping every day anyway”

Haku’s insurance seems to be safe. I believe Haku won’t let any harm touch Rokuko, Wait a minute Haku-sama! Now… she said that [Rokuko-chan’s safety is guaranteed] but I’m not included in that calculation. what should I do? Well then, I have no choice but to secure it by sticking to Rokuko.

“For the time being, I will stay for about two days, core 666, if you want to go back, please contact us via the Adventurer’s Guild, you understand?”

“Yes, I know Haku… But I’m intrigued by an inn cost of 50 gold coins for a night. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I’m not satisfied.”

“Ara, don’t worry about it. Or you can’t trust my words?”

“No, Haku, I trust you. That’s why I decided that if I’m not satisfied, Rokuko’s inn for studying abroad will be in [the village], of course you don’t have to worry, her safety is guaranteed. Though I can’t guarantee Rokuko’s master safety”

Aidi smiles at me fiercely. [The village] is, of course, a human ranch that is completely unsuitable for Rokuko’s education. Don’t you kidding me, you won’t get away with this easily.

“Well, it’s okay to take Kehma”

“No, please guarantee my…”

“No, it’s okay. I also believe that Kehma can provide the hospitality that satisfy Aidi”

As expected of Haku. she’s putting more pressure on me.

“By the way, my inn is built by using humans as a standard, but is it okay to treat humanized magic sword core just the same?”

“… I believe it won’t be any problem”

“that is… what about you Aidi?”

“Don’t you worry, oh Rokuko’s master, with an exception of that honest conversation about my room price, I will judge it based on human standard. Of course, I will add a point if I find it comfortable”

“I’m relieved then, also please call me village chief when we are in this village. It will be awkward if you call me Rokuko’s master in public”

“Okay, Village chief. Then call me Aidi-sama as well, because I’m a national guest, so you will need to treat me accordingly”

“For sure oh Aidi-sama, we will give you all the best treatment this [Dancing Dolls Pavilion] could muster”

When I said that, she becomes embarrassed. Hmm? What’s wrong?

“…he unexpectedly did it. Okay, or rather please just treat me as usual”

“Ah, okay. It’s also tiring to act stiff like that”

“Instead, I’ll get the best service at this inn, right?”

“Yes, that’s our specialty, by the human standard though”

I don’t know if it’s really worth 50 gold coins, but I will let her fully enjoy it, the hospitality of this inn!


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