BTOG 247 – After That and From Now On.

“A~a…these three sure could sleep.”

We are on the way home and I look out the window after taking a quick look at Rin-chan, Touka-chan, and Suu-chan, who had all fallen asleep in the car.

We won,

or perhaps I should say that Suu-chan won.

If we only want to win, we should simply leave everything from the first to the third game to Suu-chan, and that should suffice. Well, I just hope our efforts were not in vain, seeing as how messed up our coordination was during the match.

Anyway, we secured the ticket to the WGCS All-Stars. Personally, I don’t understand what is so valuable about this; I wonder if I could appreciate its value if I could see the number it will get from an auction.

Oh, and by the way, Rin-chan, Suu-chan, myself, and Touka-chan were interviewed after the final game, which should come as no surprise given that we were the winners.

Zero Wars VR became one of the main events in BATTLER since it served as an entrance to the WGCS all-star, so naturally, winning such a thing will attract a lot of attention.

Suu-chan and I were unable to flee the interview this time, and Rin-chan made no attempt to prevent it from happening. To be honest, it should have been obvious; everything was over, and there was no need to maintain our mental state in order to focus on anything.

As for the so-important interview itself, Rin-chan and Touka-chan are natural public speakers, whereas I’m not… a good speaker, but I wasn’t nervous.

The problem child turned out to be Suu-chan; she was so stiff that she couldn’t even speak properly.

I assumed that she would not be shy or nervous based on how she conducts herself on a daily basis; however, she appeared to be very tense in front of an audience that consisted of more than one thousand people.

[Suupaa] is the most popular player in the Zero Wars VR community. She is a super player who got the most kills in the tournament, and as expected, her large build also invites a curious gaze like a stabbing blade.

“How did you feel about your victory?”

“a-a-i won, thanks to my friends!”

Did she really believe that?

After that, she was questioned for about 10 minutes while her eyes kept swimming in circles. Suu-chan seemed relieved that she was able to provide a reasonable response, but Touka-chan continued to give her an intimidating smile.

In my case, I was asked a few questions about the second game.

It appears that MHKS’ superb continuous shooting drew a lot of attention on its own; if that’s the case, I’m glad; it means my efforts weren’t in vain.

They asked if I had any tips for shooting like that, and I answered, [You need to be born with a strong body], to which they laughed, but why!?

The rest of the BATTLER was over without anything special to mention.

With the exception of a particularly tired Rin-chan, who would normally be the one to liven things up, but she was surprisingly quiet today.

The only time she said something was time that she met Toki on our way home.

As expected, she would not pass up this opportunity to show her support for Rin-chan as her mother. Rin-chan appeared embarrassed, but I guess she was happy because she didn’t say she didn’t have to come.

When we parted, Toki said something to Suu-chan about her hobbies. Since Suu-chan’s talent are something that could kill people efficiently, she would certainly be a great asset to Toki, whose hobby is exploring the ways to kill people. {tl: don’t ever cheat on your wife Rinne’s papa}

“Well, …I’m glad everything ended without incident for now.”

I sighed heavily and said such things without thinking; I couldn’t help myself. It had been two days full of [firsts] for me.

It was the first time for me to compete in a tournament.

And above all, it’s the first time for me to openly show my strength in this real world.

I thought that people would look at me with horrified eyes like they did when I was little, but surprisingly, they did not.

In fact, the more I showed them, the more they got excited, though it was true that they were a bit taken aback.

Thinking back, it was the same when I was doing WLO. The viewers were happy to see me, even though they were a bit taken aback every time I went overboard.

I used to be an object of fear for them, and now I can see why.

When I was little, my power was simply uncontrollable violence. The way I hurt my family and destroyed everything around me must have looked like a walking bomb to other people.

Of course, I, too, was scared. If I was not careful, I could hurt my own precious thing, thus why the fearful stares that adults used to give me back then were all too reasonable.

Power will only turn from a weapon(of violence) into a weapon(of control) only when it can be controlled by reason. {TLN: Kyouki / Buki, both kanji mean ‘weapon’ but it has a slight difference in its use.}

That was the lesson that Toki repeatedly taught me when she trained me to control my power.

In that sense, I could proudly say that the current me may have finally been able to turn my power into a weapon(of control).

One of my concerns is that I still can’t see or understand the bottom of it, but I can fully control its reins to the extent that I’m able recognize.

From now on, I should be able to use it more to entertain myself and those around me.

“Hmmm, I cannot wait to try it~, but I just fought a moon wolf not too long ago.”

I wouldn’t say that I’ve grown dramatically in the past few days, but I’m driven by a desire to put the solid progress I’ve made into something.

Sniping is fun, but I’m more comfortable with melee weapons. I enjoy exercise more when I can move my whole body.

“I’m going back to WLO tomorrow, and I’d like to see how deep that forest is. I haven’t checked the drop yet, either… There are so many things to do.”

I inwardly regret that I moved on to BATTLER while leaving more things to do than I had imagined. I should have at least checked the drops on the day of the event.

I want to discuss new equipment with Haru and Konekomaru and then decide what to do next. Should we head for the sixth town or head to the shrine of the end?

I’d also like to meet up with Rin-chan, and if Suu-chan starts WLO, there is a possibility that I’ll help her to get started.

“and… what should I do with this thing after this?”

I looked at the turned-off smartphone. It’s my own smartphone with the HEROES logo on it that Rin-chan gave me, but it’s been turned off since yesterday.

The reason is simple: the notifications never stop. To be more specific, the notifications are beeping incessantly, but the issue should have been resolved by now, as the staff mentioned that they handled it from the computer version of the web page around noon today.

That said, the buzz from social networking sites and Livers had completely frozen the apps even after they silent the ever-growing notifications.

Up until now, I had just barely stood at the level of [good at games] and played only games that didn’t have a large player base yet, so I was able to remain a mediocre streamer despite my position as Rin-chan’s best friend. {tln: …I want to smack paper fan on her head}

I have the foundation to become more famous, but I haven’t made any effort.

I am confident that I will garner more attention in the future, as evidenced by the fact that commotion is already growing exponentially.

It’s not about whether I’m interesting or not from the perspective of a streamer or gamer, but it’s about the tremendous increase in interest in the creature known as [Nana]; it’s all because I have enough talent to be called a superhuman, and that info has already been broadcasted to the whole world.

I don’t think it’s likely that I will be put in danger because of this since the security situation surrounding Rin-chan is no less than that of the president of a country. I believe so, partly because I noticed many SPs guarding her even during BATTLER.

Even though I don’t go out much unless I need to attend a convention like this one, I can benefit from being with her all the time.

Still, even if there is no such imminent danger, that doesn’t mean it’s always a good thing.

Even if only temporarily, the number of viewers will skyrocket, and I expect the stream to become quite bumpy as a result. And when you’re up in front of tens of thousands of people, even I understand that not everyone is rooting for you.

There have always been a certain number of people who don’t like you, even for no reason at all. We call such person as [anti]. Mostly, they are the so-called jealous people who don’t like the fact that I am naturally standing next to Rin-chan.

I have been and always will be the one who can spend more time with Rin-chan than anyone else (hehehe).

Well, I can understand why you would want to be me, to be the one who monopolizes Rinne, because she is a very attractive girl.

But Rin-chan is mine, the same could be said as me being Rin-chan’s, and this is something that non-negotiable.

It’s not enough for you to want this exclusive right as a viewer who has only known her for a few years. If you want to come between us, I’d suggest starting before we met when we were three years old. {tl: …I want to hit her}

Then there is this type of bad people who sends abusive comments, although they are a very small percentage of the whole group; so, just in case, the comments section on the stream is monitored by Rin-chan’s subordinates, and those who spout nonsense are immediately blocked and never to be seen again.

In the first place, I don’t really care what anyone other than Rin-chan thinks of me, but I was just thinking how some people can be so nonsensical.

it might be a bit surprising, but it seems like some of my viewers don’t like seeing me unilaterally bashed.

At first, I wondered, [why though… that man is a stranger], but then I also feel annoyed and disgusted when Rin-chan is bashed, so it made sense to me that it was a similar feeling to that, so I concluded that it was something that should be dealt with properly.

Rin-chan’s subordinates have a right to manage my channel account, and their job is to diligently remove the bad users, but as the number of viewers increases, so does the burden I impose on them.

I’ve never used it before, but I heard that you can also give the authority to your trusted viewer to delete comments.

In the streaming community, these people are called [moderators]. The original word has many meanings, including go-between, intermediary, and coordinator.

But in short, a moderator is a kind of authorized viewer who helps set the mood for the streaming and make it more exciting. I heard that popular streamers could extend their moderator privileges to another streamer they trust.

By the way, I have been a moderator of Rin-chan’s since I joined HEROES, but I have never used the moderator’s authority.

“It’s no good; I can’t understand this kind of thing. I might need to ask Rin-chan.”

Streaming was a culture that I had never been a part of, but after nearly two months of bulldozing my way through it, I am certain that it has become something I enjoy doing, whether I am suited for it or not.

To tell you the truth, I wish I could continue to stream as I have in the past. I intend to look at the comment even if their number increases with the increase in viewers; I wouldn’t want to miss them, and in the first place, the comments I could pick up were only a portion of the whole chat, so I think I could manage just fine.

I should probably think about stabilizing the channel first before trying to make it more exciting or come up with an event or something like that.

If I could enjoy it and viewers don’t feel bad being there, that’s the best thing for us.

“Argh… it’s really a challenge to stand next to Rin-chan.”

Especially since I know so much about Rin-chan, but the more I get to know her, the more I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of [Rinne] ‘s presence.

I have been protecting Rin-chan from physical danger since she was a little girl, but the truth is that I was the one who had to hide behind her presence and be protected.

We need to work harder and harder so that we can be recognized as a duo by everyone in the world and not just satisfied by the fact that we think of each other as such.

“… I’m going to get some sleep too.”

It will take another hour to reach home, and it’s unlikely that all three of them will wake up after sleeping so soundly.

There are still things I need to think about, but it’s not something I can handle on my own right now, and there’s always tomorrow time to discuss such a thing with Rin-chan.

As soon as I closed my eyes with that thought in mind, sleepiness came over me. Maybe I was more tired than I thought.

It would be best to get up before everyone else woke up, so I decided to surrender myself to sleepiness.

When I looked at social networking sites later, I found a picture of me sleeping with a slightly stupid look on my face posted on Rin-chan’s account. Rin-chan, can we stop making a series out of my sleeping face?


Yes, and with that Arc 5, “My First Competition,” is now complete. There will be a sixth Arc after a couple of extra stories or maybe a bulletin board chapter. {tln: NOOOOOOOOO.}

I’ve announced it in the activity report once before, so those of you who know about it know that I’ve officially decided on a policy, and I’m going to declare it clearly here.

To put it simply, the World Gamers Championships Arc, which was originally planned to be in the seventh Arc, or the WGCS arc will be cut entirely. I wrote the details in my activity report around October last year, but to summarize, I don’t think I can write it even since it took me two years to write this fifth arc. That is how burdensome and difficult a challenge it was to write a real-world convention arc.

But one thing is for sure, the fifth arc was definitely a necessity, but after 2 years of deviation, now it will probably take me another 7 years to write Arc 7…. and I was not very motivated to pick up the pen to do that.

So, I crammed all I wanted to convey about the real-world interaction into the fifth Arc.

There will be no WGCS Arc. I hope you will understand that I prioritize returning to the main story.

By the way, the total of 11 planned Episodes is now left with only 10 Episodes, which also means that there is still a lot of work to be done on Oni-girl. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Tl Note:

[Rinne x Nana = Batman x Superman] ship? Like seriously, their dynamics are really similar, just more romantic I guess(lol).

One friggin rich, one a literal God on earth.


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