LDM 424 – Exhausting Tournaments.


God’s beddings, its defense capabilities are undoubtedly strong. However, one must not forget that its primary role is beddings, and that role comes with one shortcoming, which is its specialization of “not disturbing your sleep.”  

Therefore, among all abnormal conditions, only sleep will be allowed.  

Different from other ailments, this one not only allowed but even boosted.  

No, if that ailments count as attack with malicious intent, it might get blocked. But since it was used without any intention to harm me, then… no form of defense mechanism was triggered.  

As a result, [Sleep] is easily applied, and I fell to slumber.  

“hahh… third place huh…”  

The match was over when I woke up, Sebas takes the first place and Wataru on second. By the way, I was asleep through the whole awards ceremony, so the event is really has ended.  

By the way, Rokuko takes the third-place prize in my place.  

Eh, why didn’t anyone wake me up?  

You can’t wake me up. It’s the [God’s Comforter] absolute priority. Neither the [God’s Alarm] nor the Great Demon Lord can override it. This [God’s Comforter] cannot be disturbed by external sources if the person inside falls into slumber.   

It was like you are hiding inside the Tenamodo it boasting the difficulty of God’s level to disturb me.  

That’s why the stadium is now completely desolated, the award ceremony is held while I was sleeping soundly.  

“Kehma, did you wake up?”  

“…Moring Rokuko, never I imagine to lost to that method…”  

I woke up when they are cleaning up the arena, Rokuko is waiting for me to wake up and get up.  

Wataru also here as Rokuko’s escort. If you are looking for Niku and Ichika, it seems that Aidi has taken them back to the inn.  

E? How about No. 564? Who cares about him?   

“Thanks for your hard work Kehma, no wait, it’s supposed to be good morning, right?”  

“hello Wataru, you look ragged… Did Sebas won?”  

“We were competing to beat you, so whoever beat you win the game.”  

It seems Great Demon Lord is permitted to win or lose by agreement but not surrender, can I use that trick? Ah, it won’t work for me. Neither Wataru nor Sebas will agree to that.  

… and I think they are satisfied after seeing the power that destroyed the arena.  

“I did not expect that status ailment will work.”  

“Neither do I, and need to fix this loophole.”  

“…Mmm, why did I feel like I losing more now? I feel like I missed my only chance?”   

If only I had my [Sleep Resistance] turned on, I would probably win this time, but I usually leave it off, so I forgot about it. Let’s hope it won’t be turned off by itself next time… I hope.  

“Hmm, my [Ultra Good Fortune] didn’t seem to work on Kehma…”  

“No, I don’t think that was the case? It was possible that your luck letting you off from winning.”  

“it was frustrating that Sebas beat you first, I know you longer.”  

“Well, he watches me training longer, Sebas also went to qualifier rounds with me, it was my blunder to let him see my trick before this match.”  

“That was a great defense, it not even flinching even in front of my full power, it’s really a shame that I can’t beat you again.”  

“Aren’t you in better ranking than me? also you won against me when I gave up right?”  

“I may with the battle but I lost the match! It’s not even a draw this time!”  

Well, you deflected my full-power shot, why would you feel that way?  

However, this [God’s Comforter] can withstand the full power of Wataru attack. This might be useful when I have to face Leona. Let’s remember this.  

“Kehma, let’s go home. You already fully woke up right?”  

“Ah , yeah… thanks to you I did not suffer any injuries, Rokuko, I’ll give this back to you.”  


Rokuko received the [God’s Comforter] that I wore like a cloak, she then folded it and put it away in [storage].  

“Miss Rokuko, is that cloak is the true nature of Kehma perfect defense?”  

“Yes, it also had the ability to regenerate your magic power while you wearing it.”  

“I see… that’s why he can shot that dangerous magic repeatedly.”  

Oooh nice follow up Rokuko, she’s not lying at all, but with this, it will make my usual self looks much weaker than it should be, as expected of my partner.  

Wataru called us again when we are about to go home.  

“Well Kehma, since I had [God’s Pajama] why don’t we set it as a bet and have a match again?”  

…ah, that’s true.  

In the beginning, I was thinking about how to get it from the runner-up, just when did it become [get yourself to second place and win it]?  

I think this Demon Kingdom also influenced me in one way or another.  

Well, it not bad that I gain the power to fight seriously.  

But it’s convenient for me that the one who got [God’s Pajama] is Wataru; after all, I still have some card to be played on him.  

So, let’s proceed with the negotiation with Wataru.  

“Sure, I will accept that”  

“ah? Seriously?”  

“But, on unrelated manners, I thought about giving you the [rights to confess to Nerune] in exchange for [God’s Pajama]”  


And it should be noted that this is only [confession rights].  

If I want to push it further, I could just give Nerune to Wataru in exchange for [God’s Pajama]. I’m sure she will be cherished if she is going out with Wataru.  

But since she is a dungeon monster, she can’t leave dungeon by her own will, it will be a different story if I as dungeon master command it to her, she will follow my will.  

but as expected, free will is important, I also think Wataru don’t have a hobby of forcing someone.  

…ah but if I order her to say “No” then she will gladly do it, so it’s a free will too?  

“You don’t want [Confession rights] to Nerune? Would you rather fight me?”  

“… oi, wait a minute.”  

I will incite Wataru to get [Confession Rights] that cost me nothing.  

This [Confession Rights] is even more fraud than Rokuko’s [Hugs Rights] that she imposes to Haku.  

“Why do I need Kehma permission to get [Confession Rights] to Nerune?”  

“That’s because Nerune is like a daughter to me, well it’s okay if you don’t need it.”  

“Waiit, wait, did you just say something really important just now!?”  

“Let’s have our match after I’m back at Gollen Village, I know a good place behind the cave of desire.”  

“Oi Kehma, wait Kehma!”  

Well, because I intend to provide a cozy workplace and Rokuko as the parents, so my employee Nerune is her daughter, it’s a cozy workplace, it’s important, so I need to say it twice.  

“Rokuko are you fine with Kehma saying Nerune is his daughter?”  

“oh, because it’s not exaggeration to say the she is like the child for me and Kehma.”  

“Even miss Rokuko admit it? Is this trip to Demon Kingdom is honeymoon is disguise!?”  

“Exactly right!”  

“What!? Really? Oi Kehma, I said you should call me when you had your wedding!”  

“It’s my first-time hearing about this wedding too, just so you know I’m not yet married.”  

Wataru shakes me with full force, stop it, I did not wear [God’s Comforter] right now.  

“Well, since Rokuko even admit this, I will need to think seriously about this [Confession Rights].”  

“Ah, can’t you just give me an answer now? It would be too bad if I told Nerune that Wataru love is only this much. Well I’m glad though.”  

“I will give it, I will really give it to you, give me a break, are you Demon? You playing with someone feeling of love!”  

Wataru, you are the one who plays with my desire to sleep. You are the Demon.  

“in the first place, why did you wat this [God’s Pajama] so badly? If there’s some important reason, I could just give it to you, I have many debts to you.”  

“The reason? It’s for the Beddishm purpose, do I need other reason?”  

“Oh, I see”, Wataru nodded.  

Religion and its faith, it always a reason to start a war. Well, Beddishm is a made-up religion that I made.  

“…I understand, let me offer this [God’s Pajama] as follower of Beddishm, and please give me the [confession rights] to Nerune as exchange.”  

“umu, all right.”  

Wataru offers the folded pajama to me, as I reach to it, he avoids my hands…  

“By the way, I still want to do another match seriously with Kehma, can you be a little flexible here? Grand priest?”  


Well, of course, it would be like this.  

“…I will think of something about it”.  

“Thank you….is it a promise?”  

I cannot refuse him, let’s just received our pajama and fulfill Wataru hopes for now.  

And with this, I obtain [God’s Pajama].  

There were various things here, whenever it was fighting or training, but our study abroad purpose was archived. I think our result is wonderful……I just want to go home!!  

TL note  

Tenamodo: the cave where the sun god Amaterasu is hiding    


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