LDM 425 – Goodbye, Demon Kingdom, I welcome you my Assassin.

Finally, I got [God’s Pajama], I will try it immediately.  

I enter my room in the Inn, and with a merry feeling I took out the [God’s Pajama]  

Because this is an official donation from Wataru, I must use it with proper procedures. I would like to use it with [God’s comforter]. I don’t mind taking the punishment from God. Probably. I will believe in the power of God.  

I immediately put a hand through the Pajama’s sleeves. Oh, it’s so comfortable to wear. There is no discrepancy even if I move my body, this feels almost like an illusion. Is it the characteristic of the highest quality material to not inhibit any friction at all?  

Then Rokuko comes to lend her [God’s Comforter] to me, I’ve been eagerly waiting for it.  

“Kehma, is that [God’s Pajama]? It looks like the jersey you’re always wearing.”  

“Ah, it seems that the appearance will change into your preferred sleepwear.”  

“Huh! that looks interesting. Kehma, let me wear it!”  

“Wait, Rokuko… do you want to change your clothes in front of me? And should I change my clothes in front of you?”  

“Oh, I see, fufu… Even as couple we need to take proper step, right Kehma?”  

No, that’s why we are not husband and wife, yet. She said she was just joking, but I saw a glimpse of lonely expression on her face.  

“… I’ll behave when we got back… after we go back, we will return to our usual relationship, so at least… for now…”  


“I know Kehma, I know that you are afraid of my sister, that’s why only while we’re here where my sister eyes can’t reach you dare to sleep together with me.”  


Rokuko suddenly blushed… no, I think she was right. When we are here, I did remove a lot of my restriction, I believe that what my subconsciousness was trying to tell me. Yeah.  

“so, you really put a lot of thought in that.” 

“…at the very least I tried to act like your wives during this study abroad, was it bad?”  

“I won’t say it bad… ah, no, to have Rokuko as my wife, I’m definitely felt happy about it.”  

“I know.”  

“I’m sure you do.”  

Fufu, Rokuko laughs modestly.  

“if we use dungeon area, I’m sure Haku won’t find out…?”  

“…is it okay to say that to me? I will definitely want to continue to act like this if you permitted it.”  

“Well, I think it’s okay as long as Haku didn’t find out.”  

When I said that, Rokuko crouched and buried her face to my chest.  



“W-what I’m saying…no..”  

While saying that she suddenly takes out the [God’s Comforter]  

“isn’t it perfect if we use it with Comforter and Mattress?”  

“Ah yeah, even if you don’t use your pajama, it’s still two of the bedding series.”  

“Yeah, so don’t worry about it and let’s go to sleep Kehma?”  

I was pushed into the bed, I was in a hurry while she enters it calmly, was it because she tries to acts like my wife? Well, I don’t have any complaints about that.  

“Shall I sing you a lullaby? I was taught one.”  

“Oh, sure… please do?”  


Rokuko sleeps beside me while whispering melody with a gentle voice. I don’t know if the translation function is working or not right now. Still, all I know that this relaxing melody makes you sleepy, veiled within Rokuko’s cute voice, I fell asleep.  

It was morning when I woke up, I was holding Rokuko like a pillow.  

“I slept soundly…”  

“un… Good morning, Kehma.”  

Rokuko feels so slender in my arms.  

“… We cannot extend our stay any longer, the tournament is over, I’ve also fulfilled my main objective, we learn a lot in this study abroad.”  

“… I know.”  

If we won the tournaments and advancing to higher tier competition, we would’ve to spend more expense on accommodation, etc.  

“I confirmed it with Wataru yesterday, it seems that he is going back with us as an escort.”  

“If… Wataru had to participate in higher tier tournaments, would we extend our stay accordingly?”  


If that was the case, it probably was nice to have him won the championship, and I would have to negotiate with Sebas instead.   

…But I got an excellent deal from Wataru by using Nerune, well though I do have a little regret, let’s say the outcome was decent this time.  

“But still, I don’t understand the effect of [God’s Pajama]”  

I can just ask [Father] directly, this is where message function will show its use.  

I open the menu and then….. there’s already email from [Father], by the way, I haven’t checked my menu since yesterday.  

[Oh? Kehma, you already god the Pajama! also, congratulation on your relationship progress with Rokuko, Originally, I want you to give you GP, but since you asked, I will explain the effect of Pajama too.]  

…oi, did you spy on us? And I checked my GP it was 32.  

So, the effect of pajamas written here-  

[God’s pajamas] this is an artifact that provides you with “recovery” and “very comfortable feeling” also, it has the function to automatically fight back when you are attacked in your sleep. I also install a similar feature in my clothes golem. They have some affinity, huh?  

However, from [father] explanation, there’s some flaw in this Pajama.  

If you use [God’s Comforter] in conjunction with [God’s Pajama], then the comforter ‘attack invalidation’ will take precedence. Basically, the effect of Pajama won’t ever activate if the attack is from outside.  

Meaning it’s a different story if the attacks come from within.  

“…Oh, so that’s why we are stuck like this.” 

“e? Did you attack me while I was asleep?”  

“I just trying to pinch your cheek, then you suddenly hug me.”  

What an automatic counterattack…. it’s that kind of system, I see.  

……Hmm? So, isn’t this pajama is a “bedding for responding with an attack of the same type as opponent”?  

And God’s bedding was made by the “Father” for the Creation God… then there’s a possibility that the Creation God might be attacked by someone from inside the bed?  

“…Flirt…No, maybe it was to assassinate the creation god.”  

“What are you talking about?” 

“No, nothing.”  

For the time being, we need to get up and prepare to go home.  

I want to see Aidi and Sebas for one last time since I will return directly to Empire from this town, but since they will participate in higher tier tournaments, I decided to send them a simple greeting as such “see you later, I’ll send you a letter.”  

Don’t you get emotional from your separation? We don’t do that in the Demon Kingdom! Because it’s Demon Kingdom’s way!  

And with Wataru as an escort, our safety on the way back is guaranteed.  

… Rokuko was reddening from Wataru teasing, she even turned her face and looked the other way.  

Oi Wataru, it’s about time you stop that, seriously, it won’t be funny if the Empire gets a hold of this news.  

Anyway, I feel like I stayed here for the longest time, but now we must conclude our study abroad in Demon Kingdom.  

Oh, I can’t forget to prepare for Wataru’s challenge later. 

TL note : 

The tittle was weird for sure? But I think he is talking about how he would be killed by Haku if Wataru reports how Kehma and Rokuko flirt in Demon Kingdom? 


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    I think the assassin he meant was Rokuko. She attacked him when he was sleeping, and the pajamas function when used with the comforter is to counter attacks from inside. I.e. assassins who pretend to be your lover and try to kill you on the bed

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