LDM 448 – Ancient Beddhism

Beddism Cathedral.  

The two escorts knight then took us inside the Beddishm Cathedral.  

This is indeed a magnificent stone cathedral.  

The air it wears is old-fashioned, and it does look like a building with plenty of history in it. There was no glass in the windows, and the wooden doors were styled as a double door.  

“…May I ask, what kind of history does it have?”  

“Certainly, It was said that this cathedral originally existed 800 years ago before the Daido country existed.”  

“So, the building originally had nothing to do with Beddhism?”  

I see, then it’s not strange to call this a historical relic.  

As I was assuming that the knight shook her head.   

“That’s wrong; this is an Ancient Beddhism Cathedral.”  

“Ancient Beddhism?”  

Ancient Beddhism religion. It was a religion that dedicated itself to the God of creation who created this world.  

Its history goes back to the time of this world creation before the concept of religion was even born in this world.  

Every human being, and every creature, worshipped and prayed according to Beddhism teaching, which fundamentally believes in peace and tranquility. The ancient Beddhism religion was a religion that was followed by all life forms.  

— therefore, ancient Beddhism was nothing special. It became life itself and was forgotten in the melting pot of culture.  

Beddhism, which has been revived in this generation, stands as a ‘sub-religion,’ but it is actually the opposite. Beddhism is the foundation of everything. And all gods people believed in today are sub-religions.  

“…So, you’re saying that the Beddhism is a religion that Gods uses to worship the God of Creation?”  

“No, sir. That’s what the ancient Beddhism religion was, but since the Creator God has already fallen asleep… the Beddhism of this generation has become a religion for people, not for Gods.”  

So it’s an extension of ancient Beddhism but at the same time fundamentally different from ancient Beddhism – do I get it right?  

“So why you say that the current Beddhism is [revived]?”  

“As I said before, this cathedral existed before the country. No one in this country had any idea when or why it was here, but one day a sister told us about its history also about the original ancient Beddhism religion.”  

Ah yes, yeah, Leona, of course, it is from Leona.  

She continued happily to told me the story about why the statue had a missing arm and about the scratches on the pillar that no one cared about.  

This is the stone statue that was thrown and broken by the Son of the Creator God during the Bunk Bed War about 600 years ago. It’s a bunk bed, not a single bed. In other words, a battle to decide which God would be using the top of the bunk bed… are you a child!  

Of course, the source of information is the Sister of origins (Leona). Apparently, she said she used her appraisal skills to find out the history behind this stone.  

“I’m curious, when did this sister spread Beddhism to this country?”  

“No one knows for sure. Some say it was ten years ago, others say it was a year ago. It can’t be a year ago, that’s for sure, this religion was already around when I was a kid.”  

“I see………..”  

At a glance, this young knight probably around twenty years old.  

Rokuko came to me and pulled my arm, she then whispers secretly.  

“This is funny, isn’t it? I wonder what’s going on in this country.”  

“…. My best guess is that they are under memory manipulation effects.”   

Let’s say there was a “town built a few days ago” where every human being live there was imbued with the “memory of a long time staying there”, and there were “buildings which perfectly fabricated as evidence to support it”.  

Would that make it into a “Historical Town”?  

…. “unreal history of a Historical Town”, is that correct? I can only say that Leona can do that in real life, just like in manga or novels. {fuk kill me}  

“Just what on earth does Leona want?”  

“Maybe she is doing some kind of grand experiment. I really have no idea.”  

I just don’t know.  

Then the mass began.  

A room with long tables and couches like a regular church. We’re in a good spot in the middle of the room, out of sight.  

A Beddhism priest tells the story of the Beddhism religion in the podium in front of us.  

“There was once an ancient Beddhism in this land….”  

The priest told mass the same story as I just heard before.   

It seems that the knights also grew up listening to this sermon – is that the “setting” Leona prepared?  

In the end, he says, “Now is the time for Godless Beddhism to spread in the world of men. Let us obtain peace by human hands, a peace of mind that does not depend on fickleness of Gods.” the priest concluded the mass; apparently, this is the end of the mass.  

…this is not like the Beddhism Mass I know. Well, the gathering is to fall asleep on the couch, so it’s not entirely different.  

“How do you like it, my Hero friend? Would you like to join the Beddhism religion?  

“Oh, wait for a second, I will show you something interesting.”  

Since this male knight offers me to join, I will show him something amusing. I took out a bracelet hanging from my neck. It’s a bracelet with a 5-millimeter hole at its sides, which had string so it can be used as a pendant.  

I shake it lightly to make it easier to understand.  

“Isn’t that Hero bracelet?”  

“You don’t you get it? It’s a Beddhism holy symbol. I didn’t say it because I don’t know it exists here, but it really similar to the Beddhism religion from where I came from… Maybe there’s a connection between us.”  

“I see! I didn’t know that the Beddhism had spread to the world of the heroes!”  

As I say this, the knight takes out a Beddhism symbol made out of greenish-white stone. Is it jade? It’s pretty.  

Kachin, I greeted him by bumping the symbol against each other. This greeting seems to have been passed down in the Beddhism religion over here as well.  

Rokuko and the female knight were also exchanging greetings with the holy symbol (Rokuko’s bracelet also worn around her neck, just like the holy symbol).  


Night has fallen upon us, Rokuko and I are going to have a visit with Toy Tindalos.  

Dinner? I had to decline the offer because I was too full from overeating. I complimented them on their wonderful food culture, and they were all smiles.  

He told me that he wanted me to be hungry tomorrow night because he wanted me to have a taste at the food court. I’d have to make some sort of plans for tomorrow.  

A soldier led me to the office of Magic Institute Director. The soldier who led me in was one step ahead of me as a messenger. Rokuko and I waited right by the door.  

“Are you really in this room, Toy Tindalos.”  

“According to the Soldier’s story, he is an old man.”  

If it’s the Toy I know, the rumor says that he is Leona’s grandson…..no, that would suggest that’s his age is about 500 years old (even though she said she’s eternally 17), so I don’t think it’s funny to joke about this.  

Could it be a different person with the same name? Since its Leona, she would definitely come up with bait like that.  

And then the soldier returned. He said we could go in now, and the soldier left as if to say that he had done his job.  

We were finally inside and about to have a meeting with Toy Tindalos.  

When I knocked on the door, an old man’s hoarse voice replied, “Come in,” and I opened the door.  

“Excuse me—”  


And right after I opened the door, a little kid in a maid’s outfit jumped at me.  

“Eh, what?”  

“Master, master, master, master! I’ve missed you, Master!”  

The dog-eared brown girl called me master and rubs her head against me like a dog. Wait–  

Why is Niku here?  

“Fofofofofo, I’m glad.”  

“Thank you, Master Tindalos, thank you for making it possible for me to meet my master!”  

–Rokuko’s voice stutters. An invisible old man in a robe appeared and sat on the couch, looking and laughing at the three of us.  

TL note:   

… first… sorry for that impulse {fuk kill me} tl notes, that sentence… I know what the author means, but I cannot write it properly in English, I mean… the structure of the words is sooo bad that I had to repeat it in a cycle, like this sentence!  


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