LDM 447 -Shopping Date

eating and drinking date  


Rumors said, one day, a sister came to Daido lands and started this religion.  

As for me, All I can see is Leona forcefully spreading it. She’s already done the same thing in the Corky town inside the Empire border.    

What are you trying to do? Why did you help me gathering GP? Just why? I cannot understand it….  

It may be useless to think too deeply about this. There’s also a possibility that she is doing it for just one purpose… Chaos.  

Anyway, Rokuko and I are sightseeing in the outskirts of Daido castle. Naturally, we are not alone, two guards are tagging along to watch us.  

“It’s an honor to be assigned as hero’s escorts, nice to meet you!”  

“Hero-sama, this is presumptuous of me, but I would like to guide you around this city.”  

They are a young male knight with sparkling eyes (uselessly handsome), a young female knight (Rokuko is cuter), and some escort hiding around us.  

I wonder if they picked this man because of his appearance, or maybe they thought it would be easier to leave a good impression if they are good looking?  

It possible that at first, they want to treat us like slaves. But since we persistently refused to use the bracelet, they need to improvise and giving me an incentive instead.  

To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to go out of the castle. We have a meeting with the director of the Institute of Magic Research, Toy Tindalos, later this night, so we had to prepare now.  

“Do you have somewhere you’d like to go?”  

I don’t know if it’s the right thing to say to someone who came to this world for the first time, it’s a different story if we are someone who comes to this country after doing a bit of research.  

“I want to go to a food stall, and after that… Beddhism church, I’m really curious about that.”  

Food is culture. You can tell a lot about a country by the Food, or so Ichika said.  

Besides, compared to the Food served in the castle, it would be relatively safe to buy and eat outside. Also, I can say that I eat too much and skipped dinner again.  

“Food is it?! Then I’m sure Hero-sama will be pleased since recently we have many different new shops opened in this city, please follow me.”  

“Beddhism Church is holding their mass today, how about we visit them in the afternoon?”  

It’s decided then, our plan for today is to visit the food stalls and heading to Beddhist Church after.  

The female knights lead the way for us, the sparkling male knight escorting us from the back. Rokuko linked her arms with mine, so we will not be separated, and we proceed to the food stalls area.   

“If there’s a stall you’re interested in, please tell me, it’s my treat–I’d like to say that… but the truth is I’ve been entrusted with some money from the Knight Commander, so it’s the Knight Commander’s treat.”  

“Yeah. Well, I suppose I should thank him for that. What’s the name of the Knight Commander?”   

“Commander’s name is Charidy. And do you know what? he’s also the head of that famous Cthugha family!”  

What do you mean by the Cthugha family? Your explanation is too short. Or maybe this female knight doesn’t know that we just got abducted from another world? 

“Kehma! Kehma! They have karaage!”  

“Oh, you are right … they also have baby castella, yakisoba, and okonomiyaki!?”  

“There’s crepes too.”   

The smell of burning sauce and soy sauce wafted through the air. There was also a sweet smell of desserts. Is this Japan? …Oh, they don’t have octopus and squid barbeque. Well, you can’t expect that from a landlocked country.  

“Oh, those are the new foods. There’s been a boom in food creation among the noble’s Children. it’s a surprise, does Hero recognizes this Food…? and here I thought it was a food that originated from this country.”  

“In my original world, we had a pretty much exact type of Food. Hmmm, but you don’t have chocolate bananas or taiyaki…”  

“Hooh, In the world of the heroes exist such a thing? To think of it… a while ago, there were things called chocolate bananas. It was a peeled banana with chocolate on it. However, it seems that they were smuggling in the chocolate and bananas from other countries. As a result, they were arrested …although it was delicious.”  

In other words, this lineup of food stalls is the work of [Tenseisha].  

By the way, I also made karaage, pudding, and Ningyoyaki (baked golem) in Gollen Village, so I don’t want to say too much about this, but this is out of control already.   

 …There were no taiyaki, but shops were selling oobanyaki, okonomiyaki, imagawa-yaki, and kaiten-yaki. There are two types of fillings: custard cream and sweet bean paste.  

…If they had a fish-shaped mold, they could make Taiyaki, too.  

“They are all delicious. Let’s go buy them all.”  

“They are a little bit different from each other, Kehma, let’s share.”  

 “I should have skipped breakfast.”  

And while sharing various things with Rokuko, I offer some of it to our escorts. Because it seems they won’t be able to eat out of we didn’t tell them to …Yeah, they weren’t even hesitating, and it doesn’t seem to have been poisoned, it means that I can go all out.  

Unlike Rokuko, who can nullify the poison by using my absolute command authority to the dungeon core, I’m pretty much defenseless against poison. I can allow myself to die once though, since I’ve used the [Super Transformation].  

However, the chef at this food stall is surprisingly highly skilled. Aside from the sauce and mayonnaise, where did they get the soy sauce? And crepes are usually topped with a sweet whipped cream with lots of sugar and stuff like that … is your food hygiene regulated?   

“you are right, but the food carts that still exist now are fine. There were some food poisoning incidents with mayonnaise in the early days.”  

“It was the Prime minister is the one who discovered the cause.”  

“Prime Minister… is that different man who handles the negotiation against me?”  

“Yes, the man who negotiate with Hero is cabinet minister, the Prime Minister is his superior.”  

Oh, the Prime Minister, is it? Noted.  

And I just learned that the prime minister’s name is Imasara Dagon. Really, Leona?   

Anyway, we finished our lunch and its already past noon. If we go to the Beddhist Church now, we can see the mass, attend it, and listen carefully to their story.   

“Okay then, let me lead you to Historical Beddhist Cathedral. That building is a masterpiece.”   

“… I’m certainly looking forward to it.”  

I’m curious kind of history a Cathedral of newly founded religion looks like…   

But then again, it’s not that strange if you use an old cathedral that’s been existing before.  

TL note tsukkomi corner:  

Cthugha, oi oi oi, this is still LDM, right? I didn’t get thrown off to Lovecraft universe or something…. or even slime Tensei universe? Okay, the joke ends here, but here’s some trivia:  

In case you didn’t notice that captain name is Charidy, a pun for Charity. That word alone did not have any connection with slime Tensei, but combine it with Cthugha, **boom** it’s one of the great aspects in that novel. Here is some wiki link if you didn’t remember who is that https://tensura.fandom.com/wiki/Flame_God_Cthugha  

Imasara Dagon: Now it’s Dagon!!  

Dagon, really…. that Dagon? Now I’m worried. Let me check if Daido is actually from the Lovecraft universe too. j/k.  

And fuk me. I should have put more thoughts on Tindalos tittle….  

‘the director of the Institute of Magic Research’ who the hell wants to type that every time he flaunting his tittle…. So yeah… I shortened it to the ‘Magic institute Director’ now.   

Ningyoyaki: basically doll shaped cake, Kehma make a similar cake with in the shape of golem. 

人形焼・ゼイタク煎餅 | 重盛永信堂

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