LDM 449 – Toy Tindalos

“Eh Niku? Why are you here?”  

“Tindalos-sama summoned me here to meet with Master, Rokuko-sama.”  

An old man in a robe at the back of the room laughs while playing his mustache. The little dog-eared maid is tearing up while smiling as if to show she’s happy to see me.  


“What’s the matter, Master?”  

I push away Niku because I was creeped out by her face.  

“So, you are Toy Tindalos?”  

“Eeeh? I got found out already?”  

“W-w-what? This isn’t Niku?”  

Rokuko is confused. Toy spins around and snaps her fingers as she laughs “ufufufu”. The old man who was wearing the robe slowly disappeared, leaving only the robe on the floor.  

At any rate, she doesn’t seem to have any intention of hiding herself.  

“As you may have guessed, I am Toy Tindalos, but… can you tell me for future reference? As for how can you see through my disguise? Leona said my face is a perfect replica of Niku.”  

“…they way Niku expressing her happiness is different.”  

“ah understood! I’m sorry I didn’t do enough research about that, but I’m glad that you told me this, I would like to thank you on behalf of our creator, Leona.”  

Toy formally bowed to me, with a stiff smile on her face.  

But when did Leona had time to observe Niku’s outer appearance? …no, that was a stupid question. It’s Leona. She can peep anytime she wants, or even worse, she can monitor us through the eyes of her succubus who have been serving as Beddhist nuns.  

“Well, this is going to take some time, please sit down first.”  

“Amazing, the more I look at you, the more similar you are to Niku…”  

She urged us to sit on the couch. This soft, spring-loaded coach is so comfortable that it made me feel annoyed instead. Toy snapping her finger, cookies, and tea instantly appear on the table, it had a faint scent of a flower.  

As if to show it to us, but Toy picks up one of the cookies and takes a bite out of it, making a pleasant crunching sound and munching it to show us that it’s not poisoned. But it does not matter, I just can’t trust her at all.  

“What… do you want?”  

“About what?”  

“Don’t play stupid, why did you bring Rokuko and me to this Daido country?”  

“Oh. It was a gift; don’t you like it here?”  

Toy laughs with a cunning merchant’s smirk.  

“Don’t you understand? We tried to recreate Japanese food and seasoning as much as possible. Implant fabricated memories in the locals. For example, these cookies, we put a lot of thought into making it, but if it’s something we readily prepared, it won’t become popular, right?”  

Toy eats another one, then she makes a relished face. Rokuko… don’t get tempted… please?  

“It’s not poisoned, you know? you could also prove it by using authenticity judgment magic on me.”  

“I don’t have that magic.”  

“Then, here you go. It’s a [Treaty Scroll], you can also confirm it first, Kehma can understand the true meaning of words contained in magic formation, right?”  

I unfold the scroll and spread it on the table. The words said “Divine Class Ritual Magic”, “Contracts and Oaths”…are you serious, this is a real thing? I read it carefully, but I can’t find anything suspicious in the magic circle either. However, I’ve never seen the real [Treaty Scroll] before.  

“Go ahead and use it.”  

Urged by Toy, I use the scroll, the magic circle spreads, then floating a bit and enters my body.   

… I came to understand how to use [Treaty], it seems the scroll is indeed real. The effect of this magic is to enforce an Oath, just like how it was written in the magic formation codes.  

“Do you swear to answer all my questions without lying?”  

“I’m willing to do so until I leave this room at midnight, I will answer any question you had.”  

When both parties agree with each other, cast [Treaty] again, the content of this time oath is for Toy to honestly answer everything I ask to her, and Toy agreed on condition [Until I leave the room, at midnight].  

“—With this, we agreed to establish a contract, I swear in the name of Ori, the God of Creation, to fulfill this contract – [Treaty].”  

Clink, a magical path forms between me and Toy. It’s a success.  

Now Toy can’t lie to me until we leave this room tonight. Honestly, there should be no benefit to Toy, and it’s been bothering me why he agreed to it without asking for any compensation.  

“Well then, let me ask you a quick question. …….. What’s in these cookies?” 

“A love potion. Oh, I find Kehma-sama so attractive that I can’t stand it. I prepared it in the hope that Kehma-sama and Rokuko-sama would become physically connected with each other.”  


It’s not a lie.   

Rokuko, definitely don’t eat it! okay? I’m serious.  

“What’s Leona up to?”  

“I don’t know? She only told me that it was a gift for Kehma-sama. In fact, this Daido country is a great place for a [Japanese] people to date. I hope you enjoyed your date today Kehma-sama. Oh yeah, Rokuko-sama… how was your date with Kehma-sama?  

“What? Well, yeah, I mean… that wasn’t too bad.”  

“Rokuko, you don’t have to answer that question.”  

I stop Rokuko, who was trying to answer.  

“Let’s me change the question … what do you think Leona is up to?”  

“My creator, Leona, is a maiden at heart, so she probably wishes to see your love story in the dating spot she’s created?”  

Toy replies jokingly. “umm What else…” she looks up a little and ponders.  

“…oh! if you think about it carefully… Is it probably her way to harass White Goddess? Because of that, I hope that you can enjoy your date fully. I also prepared a pamphlet of our favorite date spot.”  

Toy snapped her fingers, and a pamphlet appeared on the table, it looked like something you’d find in a tourist spot… ow, they had a theme park?  

“Oh yeah. To delay people noticing your absence, we sent a dummy body that we have prepared for you to your place.”  

“What? What’s that?”  

“It’s a meat doll that doesn’t have a soul, it will continue to sleep until it dies, but it will last at least six months. That means you still have time to have fun.”  

…Please think about it. If it is during that time, you can date as much as you like in this land where there is no need to worry about that white goddess interference at all. Of course, even after you can…. – Toy whispered to us.  

“Right, we will be free from White Goddess watchful eyes, but go right inside Leona peeping tom eyes, no thanks.”  

“Oh, no! to be called peeping tom by a dungeon master, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black!”  

The over-exaggerated reaction (overreaction), which was impossible for Niku, was filled me by a strange sensation that could only be described as uncomfortable.  

“Well, is there anything else you want to ask?”  

“Where is Leona?”  

“Well? As a Toy (Toy in a literal sense), I just solemnly wait to be played with. It is not my place to be concerned about her.  Why don’t you just ask about me and my failures? If you want I can tell you all about it.” 

“No, no… it’s fine.”  

If you want to play, it’s certainly not impossible.  

Suddenly the sweet and alluring scent tickles my nose, and I noticed that my heart rate increased……….  

“…do you or Leona intend to harm us?”  

“mmm? At the very least, we are not trying to kill you. I’m sure you can say that we are very, very much in love with Kehma-sama, and we want to help your relationship. Oh, this incense, is an aphrodisiac that also works on the dungeon core, this is not considered harmful, by the way.”  

Toy smiles as she tilts her head sideways while holding her index finger to her chin. When I looked next to my side, I finally understood why Rokuko is too quiet, I saw Rokuko’s eyes had become blurry, and her cheeks were red.  

She said it ‘also’ works on dungeon core, which means it probably works on me as a dungeon master too… crap, it’s not a good idea to stay in this room any longer.  

“It’s not harmful at all if it helps to increase your metabolism rather than harm your body. Fortunately, there’s a bed in the room, so why don’t you go and rest here? Once you leave the room, our contract is over. Don’t worry, it’s a very comfortable bed, unlike the one we keep in your guest room.”  

“Damn it, you little bitch.”  

“AhAha! that’s the highest compliment you can give me!”  

Toy has a face that looks exactly like Niku’s, and in contrast, her look of ecstasy doesn’t resemble Niku at all. Her tail and ears don’t twitch at all, as if they don’t have any emotion. It’s not that they don’t move, it’s just there’s no trace of emotion in her tail and ears.  

…I hurriedly left the sweet-smelling room with Rokuko in tow.  

TL note:  

The raws said God class magic, but its sound cooler in Divine Class magic (imo), so I switch it up a bit. 


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