PMZ 081 – Alisha raising some kind of flag.

Two-thirds of the students in 2-B had gathered. The missing students would be collected by the patrolling teachers later, so we decided to start immediately.  

“We started with pairs of men and women. If you have a fiancé, you can partner with them; if you don’t we will take their place, with that said please partner up with a suitable partner and try to practice  various moves.”  

This rule is intended mainly for girls since they tend to slack off when they are paired with each other, which will affect them badly later.  

Therefore, they need to gain practical experience against men who are physically superior to them. Of course, you can use magic to defend yourself, but so your opponent, and once you run out of magic power, you’re finished.  

The boys on the other hand like to practice with other boys since they gain no merit to practice with the opposite sex, though they may get closer to each other if they do. I’ve heard that love sometimes starts there, but it has nothing to do with me, I’m not popular after all.  

Only about a third of the class has a fiancé in the same class. The rest were either had an age difference or don’t have one yet. So, Mr Lawrence alone isn’t going to cut it to practice with all the girls.  

Naturally, the boys ask the girls to join them and start practicing, but it seems that there are not enough girls (probably because of Luke). And we have a surplus of boys.  

Until the escaped girl is brought in, the available boys are asked to work together, and I oversee everyone practice replacing Mr. Lawrence.  

“Mrs. Ellie, we need help.”  

A boy and a girl came to me for advice, with their hands intertwined.  

Even if you know the theory, it’s not uncommon for a technique to fail if there’s too much of a difference in strength.  

“Yes, that’s already right. Hold the palm of the hand being grabbed with your free hand, and try to increase the movement as if you were twisting your entire upper body, not just your wrist. Like this.”  

“Like this? –Oh, I’m out! Thank you very much.”  

“It would be even better if you can break his stance by pushing his shoulder before he escapes. Try it a few times until you get the hang of it.”  


When you pair a man and woman, they sometimes be considerate with each other and they were stuck just like now, it was a different story if they were a fiancée.  

For example, the situation where they try to grab her from behind.  

“Hey! don’t avoid my legs!”  

“The kidnapper is not going to listen to you. Try to escape somehow.”  

There is a pair of girls who are struggling and trying to kick their legs in an attempt to get out of the chokehold, and of boys who are dodging in anticipation of being kicked. The girl seems to be troubled.  

“Calm down. Attacking is certainly effective, but it’s useless if you don’t hit. If your feet are on the floor, first try to press your back against your opponent. This will make it easier to lower your hips, so keep your center of gravity low.”  



“Then immediately rotate your wrists inward and use your entire arm to jump up and out of his arms, passing under his armpit.”  

“…teach, I don’t understand. Please demonstrate it.”  

“Well… would one of you like to be my partner?”  


Almost without delay, I heard replies from all over the place.  

“Brian, come forward.”  


I ask the fiancée-less boy to be my opponent.  

He held me tightly from behind and I reflexively executed a series of steps to get out.  

The girl’s eyes fluttered and they look puzzled.  

“What was that? she was too fast… One more time, please.”  

“I understand. Okay, let’s try it slower next time. Brian, one more time.”  

“No, ma’am! I’m next!”  

“Anybody will do. You, please.”  

“Yes, ma’am!”  

I was held up again, and the girls observed my movement as I got out.  

“It’s quite important to rotate your arms.”  

“Like this? Let me try.”  

I made sure she understood the movement and watched her practice it. This time she was able to get out.  

“You’re doing good. Please try it again and again until your body starts to move on its own.”  


Then, a male pair called out to me.  

“Mrs. Ellie. How do you deal with a pattern where your feet can’t touch the ground?”  

“Does that mean I’m being lifted? If that’s the case, there’s no other way but to inflict pain. It may be effective to make a clenched fist and strike the opponent’s bone with the middle finger sticking out a little.” {shotokan fist}  

“Can I ask you to shot it?”  


I don’t think it’s very common for a 15-year-old boy to get lifted.  

…but can you say such a thing is absolutely impossible?   

They should have learned a certain amount of fighting skills, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they only learned to escape rather than fight in this class.  

“… sure, try to lift me.”  


With a very energetic reply, his hand went around my stomach and lifted me up. My legs were floating and I was in an unstable position. Even if I kicked him from this position, it won’t do much damage.  

As I mentioned earlier, I made Shotokan fist with my middle knuckle sticking out and struck the back of his hand. Then, he shouted, “Ow!” and his hand was quickly removed.  

“It’s true. I can’t continue lifting with that pain.”  

“right? the angle at which you strike is very important.”  

“Sensei, I want to do it too.”  

Before I could reply, he lifted me up from behind, startling me a little. As I was about to strike the back of my hand in the same way as before, the door to the dance hall opened and Luke and the others came in.  

“Ah, the noble lord of the harem.”  

When the boy behind me muttered his second names, Luke’s gaze caught mine. He had an astonished expression on his face and was quickly coming towards us.  

“What are you doing?”  

“What do you mean, a self-defense class?”  

“That’s Mr. Lawrence’s job! I can’t believe someone’s wife does this!”   

“That’s true, but…”  

He is right.  

As long as I’m hiding in the academy with an impure motive, I feel bad for people if I don’t at least do my job. Since the other girls had to do this too.  

At any rate, I patted the back of my student’s hand and asked him to let go of it before turning to face Luke.  

“I’m grateful for your concern, but this is a class. How about you? Will you start to take the class seriously?”  

Luke froze.  

“It’s too easy… I don’t feel like there’s not much point to…”  

“Was it? then show me what you can do.”  

For now, I asked Max, the biggest guy in the class, to help me out and partnered up with Luke. Naturally, Luke was the one being attacked. My stepbrother doesn’t have a big stature, he is only a little taller than me.  

It may sound rude, but with that body of his, I think he is the one who needs this class the most.  

“Let’s get started. Go.”  

Max grabbed Luke as soon as the signal is given, Unlike with girls, he doesn’t grab his wrists but instead tries to grabs him by the chest and puts him in the mount position.  

It’s a little different from what you’d expect from kidnapping, but I guess it’s okay.  

As I watched, Luke jumped back with both hands and grabbed one arm just before he was grabbed by the chest, and while pulling on that arm, he pushed Max’s chin with his palm and made him lean back.  

It was a great way to pull and push at the same time, which made it more effective.  

My my, Luke, you’re better than I thought.  

While I was admiring him, Luke looked somewhat pleased and asked Max for the next simulation.  

What’s that? You look like you’re having a lot of fun. If you can make such a face, why don’t you just take the class normally?  

“Ma’am! Watch this! I’m going to show you how to turn over the mount position!”  

“I’m watching.”  

He’s quite a good sport. I wonder who he takes after.  

He let Max take the mount position, let him lose his center of gravity, then locks one of his arms and legs and rolls him over.  

It was very cute to see him make the motion of punching Max with his fist and then turn his big smile towards me.  

“You are quite amazing, aren’t you? I can understand why you would say it’s easy, but … I hope you can manage to keep that to yourself and attend the class.”  

“I’ll take it if Mrs. Ellie is there.”  

It’s hard for me to accept his smile that full of fondness that he directed towards me.  

What should I do in this situation? Isn’t it kinder to tell him that I’m his step-sister?  

No, but Ellie is going home in six months, and Alisha will always stay as a family…  

It’s too pitiful for him if he had to carry the black history of asking his step-sister’s hand in marriage for the rest of his life, even when you adding the fact that he didn’t do it on purpose. If he never knows the truth, it would be just another page of his youth.  

“….please take it even if I’m not here, it will be useful someday.” was all I could say.  

TL note:  

Shotokan fist is painful AF, don’t joke around with that. 

my premium grammarly is disabled, the proof read of these 6 chapter is made using normal grammarly, bear with it….

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