LDM 460 – To Gollen Village, I Returned.

And I was going to push Toy to Haku, but…  

“Then, Kehma, I’ll leave Toy in your care.”  

“Eh? Why me? I don’t wanna.”  

“…you want me to keep this kind of dangerous material in the heart of my country?”  

She’s right.  

When we had a tea party-style report & consultation at Haku’s detached palace, it was decided that Toy would come under my care.  

“But her freedom will be restricted. In the first place, I already uncomfortable with placing her by Rokuko-chan’s side, so at least, Kehma needs to take her reins should there be an emergency situation.”  

She brought up the fact that I can transform into Leona with [Super Transformation] and put Toy in control in emergencies. It can’t be helped. You’re certainly right. Well, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to use [Super Transformation] into Leona without any problems in the future.  

in the middle of the discussion, Rokuko, who was still sitting on Haku-san’s lap, said, “Oh, that’s good, we already have Niku, and I’m sure she’ll get along!”   

She was probably thinking, “I already had one dog. Adding one more won’t pose me a problem.” Or something like that.  


So, after a few days, Rokuko and I decided to return to the Gollen Village. With souvenir, a  bomb named “Toy”.  

“I’m home!”  

“Ah, it’s been a long time since I’ve been home.”  

“Oh, welcome back, Master, and Rokuko. But when did you leave?”  

We use [White Beach] to get back quickly. And the one who welcomed us back in the village chief’s residences was Silkies’ er, because her hair ornaments are red, was it, Nicole?  

“Oh, that, Niku-senpai? Hmm? What’s with that outfit? She seems different?”  

“Oh. I can’t believe that even this child can see through me… it’s hard to impersonate someone you’ve never seen before, isn’t it, Kehma-sama?”  

“Uh, what?”  

Toy talks to me, half ignoring Nicole’s confusion.  

“That said, let’s get straight to Kehma’s room; the meat puppets of Kehma and me are still sleeping in it, right?”  

“ack, you’re right.”  

Rokuko urged me to head to my room at the village chief’s residence. Inside the room, Rokuko and I were sleeping in one bed, in close proximity to each other. And by the way, Gonta the Frost Lizard was laying down on my head.  

“She is supposed to be your escort, but she was left behind.”  

“…I know this since I can read the magic circle, it was clear that only me and Rokuko were targeted. Isn’t that right, Toy?”  

“Yes, In that room … there was a lot of ineffective string of magic formula that Leona-sama wrote, originally she only wants to call Kehma-sama and Rokuko-sama, so perhaps Kehma’s assumption was right.”  

Gonta alternately looks at me and me (the meat doll) with her blue tongue out.  

As expected, Leona didn’t know about Gonta’s existence, which I had just summoned recently, so it appears that she wasn’t included in the designated target… hmm? But then I remember her perfect timing to summon us. It was when me and Rokuko in the middle of having a good time together. Is it just a coincidence? Well, it’s doesn’t matter now.  

“Oh, Gonta. Come here. That’s a fake Leona made.”  

I called for Gonta while holding a cup of ice cream in one hand, and she quickly climbed up my body and reached for the ice cream. She’s gulping it down happily. Lizards is a cute creature when you get used to it.  

“Kehma-sama, can I have some food too?'”  

“Kehma, I want some ice cream too.”  

“We’ll have to do something about this meat puppet first.”  

Rocco poke me (the meat puppet) in the face.  

“It’s such a waste to throw away this high-quality product, can’t we keep it?  

“You can’t. We don’t know if there’s any strange trap inside.”  

“Can’t you do something with the Kehma’s [God’s Alarm]? Come on, I’ll give Kehma my meat puppet.”.  

… uh, yeah, I could actually do something about this.  

“Hey, Toy, is this some kind of a trap? Can you do anything about this?”  

“Yes, Rokuko-sama, please wait a minute.”  

Toy’s eyes are glowing red, and she touches the meat puppets with her palm. It’s probably a magic vision skill.  

“… there is no particular hidden mechanism in this. The needed nutrients are already stored inside their body, so there’s no need for excretion, but if you give it a strong stimulus, then it will respond accordingly.”  

“That what she said, Kehma, please? Can we keep it?”  

“You know that thing was created by Leona, right? If we don’t get rid of it now, it will give us some trouble later.”  

Let’s say I believe in Toy analysis, it doesn’t mean that Leona wouldn’t be able to set a trap that can bypass Toy perceptions, as long as there is a possibility, it is reasonable to dispose of it. That’s Haku’s advice to me.  

“Let’s immediately contact Dolce-san and have her collect it.”  

“Don’t need to do that… I’m already here… ”  

“Oh, Dolce, you are here.”  

“That’s right, Rokuko-sama. I received a call from Haku-sama a while ago. Ehm, let me collect it then… I am sooo angry right now…. these eyes of mine couldn’t even see through this fake…”  

Dolce-san, who suddenly entered the room before I realized, smoothly put away the meat puppet in [Storage] and went out through the wall  …Well, She is Wraith, after all.  

“aaaaah, she took it away.”  

Rokuko sits on the bed where the meat doll had been sleeping and looks at the wall where Dolce disappeared with regret. Well, I couldn’t help but think that Rokuko’s meat puppet was a bit of a waste too, but it’s not good to feel attached here. Yeah, it’s not good in many ways.  

“Oh? Kehma-sama …You look like you about to cry because your mother finally found your ero manga secret stash and dispose it? Yes, I understand. I understand. I’ll be the one to comfort you tonight, okay?”  

“No, thank you.”  

“Hmmm… ah~ that’s right! Rokuko -sama, Rokuko-sama, please comfort Kehma soul tonight’s.”  

“What? What is that?”  

“Eh, was it too hard for you to understand? I mean, Rokuko-sama need to use her body to—”  

“That’s not important, Rokuko, let’s decide what to do with Toy. As for me, I think it would be wise if  we leave her to Ichika and someone else for now.”  

I hurriedly interrupt Toy’s words and talk to Rokuko about what to do with her.  

“Yeah, I think that’s fine with me too. Let’s add it to our schedule.”  

“All right, well, I just need to explain the situation to—”  

“Master! You woke up.”  

Then Niku came in with her usual expressionless poker face while wagging her tail. Or rather, in her eyes, we have only been sleeping this whole time… I need to explain this properly.  

Then Niku looks into the room. She meets Toy’s eyes and then staring at her.  

“….who is this dog?”  

“Oooh, so, this is the failure that Kehma-sama loves? Fuh.”  

Her tail looks angry… but this is a reunion scene between long lost sisters, right?  

As if that could be true. 


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