LDM 461 – Dog vs. Dog.

Niku glared at Toy with her tense tail.  

“Master. Who is this dog?”  

“Ah, she’s Leona’s former pawn.”  

“Nice to meet you. I’m your sister. Toy.”  

“…my Sister?”  

Toy greets Niku with a smile and court bow while Niku keeps her expressionless face and gives her a small bow.  

“Are you really my sister? I do feel like I had seen your face before.”   

“Oh, Haven’t you ever looked into the mirror? My face is exactly like yours. This face even fooled Rokuko-sama.”  

“Similar? We are?”  

“e? not just similar, it’s like a doppelganger.”   

Rokuko nodded her head at Niku, who was tilting her head. It’s the truth. The faces of Niku and Toy are exactly the same. It’s not strange to call them twins… wait since there’s more than two, we should call it quintuplets or more.  

However, their expression is the total opposite.  

One is an expressionless cute pillow of mine; the other is a cheerful disgusting pawn of Leona.   

“So, why is Toy in Master’s room? Have you come to wake Master?”  

Oh, yeah. For Niku and others, we have only been sleeping. We need to explain ourselves.   

But how to explain this… I was pondering about that when Toy suddenly smiled at me as if to say ‘leave this to me.’  

“I’ll explain it to you. — to this incompetent pup.”  

”Incompetent? … what do you mean.”   

Niku’s ears twitched.  

“I think I’m kind for using the word incompetent for a stupid dog who doesn’t even realize that  her Master has been replaced with a fake?”   


“Yes. Kehma-sama and Rokuko-sama had been abducted to the Daido State, and a meat puppet was placed in their place. And you know what! While the Master was struggling in a strange land, this incompetent dog didn’t even know it. She was content to take care of his meat puppet! Hilarious! Shouldn’t she apologize by cutting off her ears and tail? Hahahaha!”  

And Toy mocking Niku as much as she can while explaining things.   

“…Master, is that the truth!”  

“Ah, well, basically yes. I was summoned to the Daido Country, and I just got back.”  

“…I …I cannot recognize my real master?”   

Niku is stunned.  

“Toy was the one who kidnaps us.”  

“ah Rokuko, you should save it for later. It’s too early to spoil the story.”  

“…I don’t understand? meaning?”  

Niku tail curls up in confusion.  

“Toy was the one who kidnaps us, and Niku was fooled by meat puppets that were made by Leona. In the end, Haku told us to take care of Toy in this village.”  

“…um? It means? …um?”  

“Don’t worry about the details. What matters now is that we’re taking care of Toy. The detailed stories are too troublesome, so let’s gather everyone first and explain it all at once.”  

“oh, I see.”  

The tail settles down nicely as if it were convinced. No, I guess she is glad that she don’t need to deal with the details.  

”Then she’s a customer, right?”  

“That’s wrong puppy. I am here as a tool of Lord Kehma, ufufu I am useful, unlike some useless, food-waster dog, right? I will not accept your objection. you’ve already proven that I am better than you when you have been taking care of my meat puppets with all your heart and soul without realizing that I already kidnap them.”  

“Gu … but that meat doll? Not you who made it.”  

“Well, yeah, not my creation.”  

Toy looks down at Niku with a big grin on her face.  

But Niku responded with a gaze of her own that looked like she was challenging her.   

“Not customer then, you are my Junior?”  

“Junior? Oh fine, putting up with incompetent senor is probably fun in its own way.”  

“I’m better.”  

“My my, you think you are better than me, spoiled little puppy?”  

“I’m your big sister.”   

Sparks flew between the two girls.  

“Master, Rokuko-sama. Pardon. I must make this newcomer understand her position.”  

“Kehma-sama, Rokuko-sama, let me teach this little puppy the vastness of this world.”  

“ah… okay.”  

“This way, come.”   

“Yes, show me around. By the way, will you give me that lovely maid’s outfit? Or maybe I should just take it away from you.”  

“if possible, try it.”  

“Said the fools, fufu.”  

Niku and Toy left the room. I should’ve expected this, but I guess hierarchy is important for Dog-beastman.  

But really, how should I deal with Toy? I don’t want to show her my [create golem] and my other ability. Maybe I could just treat her like a guest of honor from Haku, just like I treat Dolce?  

…then again, it’s also a problem to let her live in the church. After all, there are succubuses. I don’t want to leave the Leona former succubus with Toy.  

“I think it’s a good idea to build an additional dormitory where Rei and others live.”  

“’Yes. I think that’s appropriate.”  

Now that I’ve got Rokuko’s consent let’s build an extension later.  

“By the way, I wonder how strong Toy really is.”    

“Leona says it’s a finished product… at least she excels in magic power, right?”  

“She used to be the director of Magic Institute Afterall.”  

Since Niku will have to establish a hierarchical relationship with Toy, it might be a good idea to use this opportunity to measure her ability.  

“If they were going to have a mock fight, then I’d like to have them go all out in the dungeon’s arena.”  

“Hmm… Would you like to make a bet on who will win? The loser has to do a favor to the winner.”  

“…that’s a difficult condition, well okay, but no unreasonable demands.”  

“Okay …Then I’m betting on Toy to win!”  

“Then, I’m on Niku.”  

 Huh. Stupid Rokuko. You seem to be under the impression that Toy was so nasty powerful in Daido Country, but don’t you know the law of enemy characters will become weaker when they become your allies? I already won this bet.  

…well, the law is a joke, but Niku actually has orichalcum golem clothes that Toy do not have, and I believe that our highest fighting power won’t lose so easily.  

And I hear footsteps running down the hallway. When I looked out, Ichika was coming over.  

“Master! I heard that you were awake. Also, why Niku sempai was split?”  

 Oh, I’ll have to explain it again.  

TL notes:  

Niku dialog… it’s not my broken English acting up.  

I need to save the word count because Niku speaks in small lines. 


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