PMZ 084 – I was kind of at my limit.

So I managed safely finished teaching class 2-A and went on to freshman class and end today’s teaching.  

I collected the re-written report from Hayato during homeroom on the way home, helped Mr. Lawrence in the teacher’s office with some miscellaneous work until I was satisfied, and then left for home.  

Normally, teaching hours are until five in the evening, but since I’m a temporary teacher, I’m allowed to leave early, it’s a part-time position Afterall. I already said I was planning to quit as soon as the current second-year students graduated, so they didn’t need to train me to be a full-fledged teacher. That is the fact.  

Elizabeth seemed to be in the same position as me, so we both got ready to leave and parted ways in the locker room.  

Then, as usual, I met up with Hayato at the salon, but there was something off with him. Normally he would greet me with a smile, but today he seemed to be in a bad mood and looked a little sullen.  

“What’s wrong?”  

I asked frankly in the carriage that had come to pick us up.  

“It’s nothing, it’s just… what’s up with that class, isn’t it too touchy?  

Oh. You’re angry about that, aren’t you, ……?  

“You may be right, but I wasn’t doing it for fun.”  

“I know that. That’s why I didn’t anything back then, still… I’m jealous, Alice, I had a really bad day.”  

Hayato is cute when he sulks like that. I feel ugly when I’m jealous, but why is it so cute when someone I love shows me jealousy?  

The moment we arrived at our house, which was not far from the academy, he took my hand and pulled me a bit forcefully into the room he was using.  

“Oh, wait.”  

The door was slammed shut and locked.  

The room was dimly lit, even before sunset, and I couldn’t immediately see his face until my eyes adjusted.  


He grabbed me by the wrist and pushed me against the door.  

“Tell me everything they did to you.”  

His hand is firm, firm enough to not let me get away easily. As my eyes became accustomed to the darkness, I saw that he had a very grim look on his face.  

Maybe I’m more loved than I thought I was. It wasn’t that I doubted his love for me, but I didn’t think it was as heavy as this obsession of mine.  

“All of it?”  

“Yes. All of it. My class wasn’t the only one, right? what else did you do when I can’t see you?”  

“It was not that different. Pretty much same everywhere.”  

“Really? It’s horrible then, you are mine.”  

“Only very few people know about it After all… Did you hate it?”  

“Of course! Even I never touch you that much!”  

When I giggled, he relaxed his hand a little.  

“It was nothing to laugh about…”  

After he said that, he goes around to my back and held me.  

“Aren’t you going to try to escape?”  

“Why do I need to escape? We’ve always done it this way.”  

“Then what about this?”  

He lifted me up a little, causing my legs to float in the air.  

“I’m afraid that you will say I’m heavy.”  

“What’s that? That’s not what you should be worried about.”  

With a dumbfounded voice, he carried me to the back of the room.  

He put me on the bed and I got down on my knees on the bed. This is where my heart finally starts to race. As I was about to turn around, a weight fell on my back and I couldn’t stand up, so I put my hands on the bed.  

“What now?”  

“Alice. If I was a criminal, don’t you think it would be too late at this point?”  

“Uh, yeah.”  

Oh, no. My head is starting to panic. I don’t know what to say. A hand came around my mouth from behind and squeezed my lips.  

“Still not trying to escape?”  

He asked again as if to say no. I froze, unable to say anything, but then he pushed me to the side and I rolled over easily.  

Then he climbed up on the bed too. The air is completely different from the goofy banter we’ve used to have.  

He looked down at me and smiled a little.  

“What the hell. You’re not very good at self-defense, are you, Mrs. Ellie?”  


My voice is pathetically scared. The me that had been playing with him, goading him, was nowhere to be found.  

I know how to get out of the mount position, but I can’t seem to do it now. In other words, I don’t hate it. I’m just scared.  

And what’s the point of being scared now?  

I decided to go with [come on baby], didn’t I?  

I said the words out loud.  

“–… I love you.”  

When I said that, I felt his eyes soften a little.  

“You can touch me, more.”  

I grabbed him by the tie of his uniform and pulled him close to me.  

“I’m sorry, I went too far. I didn’t mean to do anything serious.”  

“Then what, you’re just going to let the maiden say all this and pass it off as if nothing happened? That would be quite a bummer, please at least give me a kiss on the cheek.”  

“On the cheek?”  

“Yes, on the cheek.”  

I tilted my head slightly and held out my right cheek. Then he gave me a very light kiss and quickly pulled away.  

Somehow, I felt unsatisfied. {tn: greedy girl}  

I don’t want you to think that this is the way to take responsibility for lighting up my maiden’s heart.  

“Please do the same for this side too.”  

I tugged on his tie and this time offered him my left cheek. The gods of my past life told me that I should offer my right cheek and then my left cheek. I’m sure he was right. {tln}  

After a short pause, she kissed me on the left cheek, and I was so happy that I put my arms around his neck and hugged him.  

“Thank you, I love you.”  

…uh? there was no reply.  

I wonder if he got angry because I was too selfish.  

As I hugged him, I noticed that he was breathing hard. I’ve never seen him gasp for air before.  

“…what’s wrong? Are you okay?”  

When I called out to him, he scans me from top to bottom. He has the eyes of a raging beast.  


He put one hand in the gap between the bed and my back, and the other hand under my head.  

He hugged me tightly, making it hard to breathe. It seems I’ve hit some kind of switch.  

–No, it’s okay. After all, I’m on [come on baby] mindset.  

He kisses my cheek and moves his face down to my neck little by little.  

I feel see even through his uniform that his body is getting hot. The heat seems to be spreading to me. Little by little, my breathing becomes ragged, and I begin to sweat slightly. Hayato, who seemed to have noticed this, stopped moving.  

He looked up at me fearfully and looked me in the eyes.  

In the indescribable silence, I said something.  

“… Would you like to do it?”  

Hayato closed his eyes and turned his head.  


If someone slaps you on the right cheek give him/her your left cheek?  



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  1. MrTrixer says:

    I feel sorry for Hayato here, he is trying so desperately to hold bach for her own honor and then there are moments like this that just flips the world for him. ^^”
    Hayato fight-o!

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/

  2. Kivi says:

    if you get hit on the left cheek – substitute the right, but don’t let me hit. As for me, it should sound like this

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