LDM 497 – Magic Sword Kehma


“Yeah, this is me. I tried to transform into a magic sword.”

The strongest sword is the Hero himself!

I’m using telepathy skills that I learned using the scroll; that’s why I could communicate while I’m a sword. With that, I ask Niku to bring the sword (me).

The dungeon master who can get the scroll they want using DP is cheat existence himself. I wonder how I could further boost my DP gain.

“What do you think? Can you use it?”

“…I wonder?”

She nodded his head with her usual blank expression, but her tail was wagging as if she was looking forward to it.

We came to the arena area of the dungeon to try it out. I prepared some Iron Golems as a test target for slashing.

“Master, may I ask you to attack the target with magic while I do mock movement?”

“Oh, sure…”

As soon as I replied, my vision moved in a circle. My target disappeared to who knows what direction.

“UWAAAaaaaaaaa!! Stop! Stop!”


“This won’t work!”

I can’t aim at it even if I want to. I’m a damn sword. I don’t know how I see things, but it’s natural for my vision to move along with it!

“How about using a signal to attack in a certain direction?”

“So, you want me to channel my magic to signal you?”

“Oh! Great idea, it’s just like a normal magic sword, let’s try it!”


Niku wields me toward the iron golem and put let her magic power flo…

”…Ahahahaha, it tickles! Stop it, you tickling me!!”


“…I can’t concentrate with that…”

“I’m sorry. How should I do it?”

“It might be better if you could activate a signaling device so I can see it and strike, but that’s for another time. How about changing the cue, maybe changing the force of your grip?”

“If I weaken it, it will slip out, and if I grip it hard, will your body know?”

“Right… then another method, how about a switch? Something that you can tap when you wield me, where is the good spot?”

“right there.”

“Around your thumb. Okay, I get it.”

I’m using [Create Golem] to modify my body that was made from pure Orichalcum.

I don’t want to tickle myself while doing it, so I pour magic power carefully… then the switch was made, and it doesn’t work, the switch is too hard, it was made from Orichalcum, After all.

I use [Stone Pile] to create an iron material, and made a spring out of it with the [Create Golem], made the parts for the button, and drilled a hole in my body to incorporate it.

“Should be working now, press it.”

“Yes, it feels good to touch.”

“I could feel it clearly, too. I just need to concentrate my mind on the switch. I can do this!”

Niku points the tip of her sword at the Golem again.

I noticed that the switch had been pushed, and I cast a fireball. **BOOM** the magic hit iron golem.

“Then, the next step is to try it in live battle.”

“Yeah, let’s do this! Golems, come at me!”

The Golem came at me with my declaration (a telepathic one). I focused my mind on the switch as if I were blind.





I’m not sure if I cut it or not… oh, I did? I can’t tell because I made it from Orichalcum. I’m too sharp.



Oh, I’ve been pushed. Fireball!




Oh, I’ve been pushed. Fireball!


Oh, I’ve been pushed. Fireball!







……………… This is really boring.

Because I need to focus on the switch, I could not see anything else because my vision would swirl and I can’t concentrate if I did. So I just wait for the switch to be pushed, and when it did, I shoot, This is Boring!


“What’s wrong, Niku?”


Is it over? When I open my vision, I saw Iron Golems lying around, destroyed into pieces.

“So, how did it go?”

“… The timing doesn’t seem right.”

It seems that if I don’t shoot at the same time as I’m pushed or at a perfectly consistent time after I’m pushed, she can’t match the sword timing during battle. It’s just like playing a rhythm game without a sound.

“Then you’ll have to stop when you shoot.”

“Why sword then? Isn’t it better to become an accessory, helmet, or armor?”

“… You’re right.”

I wonder if I choose sword form because I was using Aidi as an example; true, if you want to take advantage of the strength and lightness of the Orichalcum, armor is stronger, and It won’t move your vision that much.

“You can also use magic at the discretion, Master.”

“Okay, wait a minute, shape change.”

I use [Create Golem] to change my shape and transform it into a chest plate. The belt part that holds it to the body can be combined like a watch band. I can tune the length of the belt using [Create Golem] too.

“[Stone Pile]”

Stone cone grows from the breast place. This is a great way to surprise your enemies by having spikes suddenly pop out from your armor.

“…this is sharp boobs.”

“If that was my intention, I would have grown two shorter ones.”

“I see.”

With that, she removed the stone cone from the plate.

“By the way, Master…”

“mm? What? If you have an idea, let me know.”

“About that… I got this after watching Master wrangling himself to change shape… Can’t you transform into an Orichalcum golem? You can move your body by yourself.”

“……….. you are right.”

 So, the Golem I could make from the volume of the Orichalcum sword was as small as a 1/6th figure, so I latched myself to the Iron Golem I made earlier.

It looks completely like an orichalcum golem. …… okay, it can move.

“What do you think?”

“It looks strong.”

“It’s an orichalcum, after all.”

I tried running and jumping around the area. Great, it’s stronger than my flesh body. It also can’t get tired.

Suddenly an idea comes to my mind. I can use my hand as a sword. Needless to say, I don’t need to clap my hand to transform it.

AN note:

(Orichalcon Alchemist)

TL Note:

Okay, Ziru is back? maybe? I dunno for sure, but if he started to publish new chapter then I will drop this.

also there’s one more chapter locked behind patreon, but I already put it on scheduled release, so yeah count it as 3 chapter translated for this week.


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