LDM 514 – Mogumogu Soto-chan

TL note: just in case you are not aware, ‘mogumogu’ is a Japanese sound effect for chewing, I cannot think of a proper alternate title, so I leave it as it is.

I was resting in my room at the village chief’s mansion when Soto popped in from my [Storage].

“Papa, I’m tired of eating skill scrolls for snacks!”

“I’m not saying you can’t come in, but use the door when you enter a room. Don’t your legs muscle will get weaken if you don’t use it?”

“I’m a dungeon core. I’ll be fine! And I don’t want to hear that from papa.”

Ugh, right… I’ve been sleeping a lot and weakened too.

“Back to topic, about my snacks!”

“… isn’t it because you’ve been eating it with your mouth? Use your dungeon. You can eat it in an instant. There are also puddings and pastries too, didn’t you also eat them as a snack?”

“That’s true, but if I’m going to go to all the trouble, I’d like to see how it tastes.”

Soto started to talk like some mangaka. {yeah, I don’t know who he referred to}

I wonder what the scroll tastes like? Do they taste like ink or parchment?

“The fire attribute tastes warm; the water attribute tastes moist. By the way an intermediate level spell has a stronger taste than the beginner level. The taste of Lightning Bolt is a bit tingly.”

“I didn’t know that the taste changed depending on the attribute…”

“It seems that the ink used to write it contains magical stones, so it might taste like that because of it.”

Well, it’s not something you would normally eat, so it’s not surprising. Maybe Soto has a special magical sense in her tastebud.

 I took out a fire magic stone to try and lick it, but it only tasted like stone. It was a little warm to the touch, though.

“There! I want to talk to you about this, papa, but I need you to transform the skill scroll a little!”

“Hmm? Hmm, you mean transform it using [Create Golem]?”

“Yes. I was wondering if you could turn the scroll into a sock.”

“Yeah, I expect you would say that, but… what the difference it has when it is shaped like socks?”

“That’s why we are experimenting! Plus, let’s test if it’s still fine if Kinue wears it for a day! She’s the hardest working person I know, so she’s perfect for the durability test!”

“For a day …even if it succeeds, won’t  Soto’s replicated scrolls will smell like Kinue-san’s feet.”

“That’s the best part!”

My daughter eyes sparkling as she said that. I know our biology is different since she’s a dungeon core, but this is too advanced.

But since I’m the one who giving her a scroll as her snack, I’ll cooperate as much as I can.

In addition to the scrolls, I’ve also told her that I’ll give her one snack a day from my catalogue (I count this as a skinship between parent and child), but there’s a high probability that she’ll ask for more socks. I’ve heard that she doesn’t eat them but let’s someone else wear them and then hangs them in her room.

“Papa, In the future, can’t you make a rule that people need to offer socks that they’ve been wearing for three days if they wanted a skill scroll?”

“I can’t. That would make it impossible for races with no feet or those who don’t have the right size to learn skills.”

“Tsk… fine. Then try making one with this.”

So, Soto produced a skill scroll using [Weak Replication], and I transform it with [Create Golem].

…damn, this is no good. When I poured magic power to transform it, it triggered the scroll activation instead and making it useless. I also didn’t learn anything new since I already had the [Ice Bolt] memorized.

“This is no good.”

“Uuuugh…… Papa, don’t you have a better idea!”

“How about we think the other way around? Like using the socks as wrapping or topping to change the flavour?”

Just like putting a Christmas present in a sock, she can put a scroll in a sock. This way, she can eat both the sock and the scroll. Just like a rolled crepe…… Yeah, sorry, I don’t know what I’m talking about.

“I see! Depending on my mood, I can combine Kinue’s socks, Nerune’s socks, and Rei’s socks! It’s a luxury …uehehehe.”

“I’m starting to worry about my daughter’s future, you know? I probably should have teach you the meaning of the word [self-control].”

“Papa, what are you talking about? I’m still a newborn baby! And it’s time for me to do things without thinking about the future! I’m at the age where I want to put on my honey socks! By the way, [honey socks] is an Beddishm term for a symbol of happiness.”

Yes, honey is poisonous to babies under one year old, and it’s not a sock… that’s not the point! I don’t remember making up that term in the first place, I’m a the Beddshist’s pope for God’s sake!

“I’ve added it to the original Beddhism Scripture! Rei-chan has already read it out at mass, so you can’t take it back!”

“When did you….”

“Around the time when papa was busy with the Holy Kingdom, flirting with my mama, and sleeping on one bed at night with my sister Niku, also calling Nerune to strip you.”

“That’s not wrong, but the way you say is….”

I’m just doing my job, except for the Niku thing! And that Niku, she’s only a hug pillow, and I’m not doing anything wrong!

“By the way, I did actually smeared honey on Rei’s feet and licked her socks to create this story.”

“I’m jealou—no wait! What are you doing?”

” Well, she doesn’t mind you know? The golden honey on her white feet was the best. Papa, why don’t you ask mama to do it for you?”

It seems that “honey socks” became a term to describe a situation where a person could benefit others while sleeping and not working. Thus, one strange anecdote was born in Beddhism….

“At any rate, it’s a little too late if papa wants to change it.”

“You are one hell of a daughter.”

“Papa, I want to use my sister as a hug pillow too. Is that okay?”

“…If she shows even the slightest sign of displeasure, you better back off quietly.”

“I’ll be going then. I’ll hug Kinue-san as soon as possible today!”

“Don’t pretend you didn’t that last part! Promise me!”


With that, Soto jumped into the [Storage] dungeon.


 I should have another talk with Rokuko about Soto’s education policy.


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