BTOG 123 – Characters

As the title suggests, this is an introduction to the characters.

Here’s a rough summary of the main characters up to this point.

I’ve also included a preview-style dialogue in the afterword, if you’d like to read it.

Name: Nanaka Niyado / Nana / Sukuna

Gender: Female

Age: 21 years old


Weapon:Kinbou/Blunt weapon in general.

With short black hair and droopy black eyes, the main character basically lives her life with relaxed atmosphere. Her personality is optimistic and calm. She was born with extraordinary physical abilities, and has lived with the problems and pains that come with it for a long time. She loves Rin-chan more than anything. She has a flat chest and just when she was starting to enjoy her streaming career, she immediately got into a various trouble.

Name:Rinne Takajou / Rinne


Age:21 years old

Height: 170cm

Weapon:Wand / Ring

She has long, lustrous black hair that she sometimes sets on a whim. She is a very glamorous and beautiful, very wealthy person. She is also a professional gamer, and it is said that there is no one more accomplished than her in Japan today. She plays games purely because she loves it. Aside from being extremely athletically illiterate, she is the embodiment of talent and beauty. she dotes on Nana and wants to take care of her for the rest of her life.

Name:Touka Takajou


Age:19 years old

Height:A bit taller than 185cm

Weapon: None

A blonde-haired, blue-eyed, very tall, mixed blood, beautiful woman, Rinne’s cousin, and is naturally very rich. She is also working as a model because how stylish she is. Unlike the previous two girls above, who have graduated from junior high and high school, she is enjoying her college life. She looks up to Rinne and Nanaka because they have something that she doesn’t have, and she considers Nanaka in particular to be her hero. She is currently very happy to have received Nanaka’s contact.

Name:Sakura Satou / Bloom


Age : 17 years old

Height: a bit taller than Nanaka

Weapon: One-handed sword / large shield

A normal high school student who likes to play games. His appearance is… normal. and he doesn’t like his own body, which is naturally hard to build muscles. Perhaps as a reaction to this, he tends to make gorilla-like avatars in VR games. He works hard at his part-time job every day and uses the money he earns in games. was relieved to see that Nanaka, who has been working all the time, seemed to be fare better these day. Generally liked by aunties because he is such a good boy.



Age: Fairly old

Height: taller than Rinne

Weapons: ?

A craftsman exclusive to the Dragon’s Fang, specializing in light armor and cloth armor. He tends to look a bit rugged, but his skills are solid, and he has a good number of regular customers. His hobby is to watch video games stream, which helps him to relax during the tedious production process. He is the creator of the Red Wolf costume. Has very close relationship to his wife, who is an accessory maker.



Age: Same as above

Height: About the same as Sakura

Weapon: ?

Konekomaru’s wife in the real world, she is an accessory maker. She’s not as obsessed with the game as her husband, but she enjoys playing it to a certain extent. She is a very ladylike woman and likes pretty things.



Age: won’t tell anyone



A young girl who is famous as a very skilled swordsmith. She loves blunt weapons, but since she has no one to use them her creation turn out to be unprofitable, which forced her to makes swords to earn money. A bit of chuuni. Even though it’s just for work, she watches a lot of streaming videos as much as Konekomaru. She likes to screw mechanisms into the weapons she makes. Lately, she’s been obsessed with Sukuna, who lets her use rare materials freely and a devout user of blunt weapon. She literally cried when she saw the meteor impact Sukuna unleashed on Gold.

Name : Lowe

Gender : Female

Age : Young

Height: Not very tall

Weapon:Fine sword rapier

One of the most skilled PK players in the game, dressed in gothic dress. She has been spotted in various places, wandering around and hunting for players’ heads. She’s a named weapon holder, and her diligence in leveling her weapon make her a formidable opponent. She hopes to fight Sukuna again one day. A killer and a fighting maniac.


Gender: Female

Age: Surprisingly young

Height: shorter than Rinne

Weapon: Big sword

A female knight who is the clan leader of the “Dragon’s Fang”. She is the first person to own a named weapon in the game, and with the amount of time she spends logged in, she is one of the best player in the game. She actually likes cats and hates dogs. also a professional gamer, but recently her salary as a streamer has been much higher than being a pro gamer. She is famous for her way of talking to her viewer. As the leader of a large clan, she has quite a bit of charisma.


Gender: Female

Age: Two years younger than Touka

Height: Very tiny


Clan leader of the “Knights of the Round Table”. Her swordsmanship is both elegant and gorgeous. It is said that most of the players of the Round Table are fascinated by her. Although her level is not very high, there are many clan members who would like to receive her guidance, as there is no other player who can be as helpful as her when it comes to using a sword. Famous as a big eater. also was the one who secretly reached Griffith when event starts. Suryuu cried when she realized that she’s been left behind.



Age: 23

Height: Smaller than Tuoka

Weapons: one-handed sword shield / twin large swords

A swordsman-like player with an aloof flow. For some reason, he spends all of his time except the time necessary to maintain his life in the WLO, and because of that, his level is much higher than the others. He has been in the game for a long time, so he is rather well-informed. He’s been loyal to Arthur ever since she saved his life. He has recently become the center of attention due to the [twin great sword] skill he used in a raid battle.



Age : 56 years old

Height: taller than Rinne

Weapon: ?

A princess of the demon tribe with bluish colored horns. She is very cool. has the title of “Power Holder”, indicating that she is the most powerful person in the world. She is called “the Castle Breaker” because she once shattered the shell of a named boss monster that resembled a castle with a single blow. Because of her goal is to resurrect the Kishin, she always called out to new Oni type player she could find. She is inwardly excited to see the path to the Onigami-sama open up this time, as there has been no progress in the past few decades.

Name:Melty Bloodheart (NPC)


Age: Haven’t counted from 1000 onward.

Height: shorter than Nanaka

Weapon: ?

The world’s strongest, oldest, and last of the bloodsuckers. She is so strong that she seems to be destroying the balance of the game all by herself. Because of how strong she is, she’s not really good at holding back, she once destroyed an apostle by himself, nearly caused a permanent scorched earth to spread all over the world. There is a rumor that she once took advantage of a Kishin’s outburst and killed her own people. She gives Lynn a generous amount of love and a little bit of meanness.


Gender: Female

Age: I think she’s over five thousand.

Height: shorter than Rinne

Weapon: None

An immortal princess who is favored by Melty. She tends to dress rather shabbily due to Melty’s taste. has been cursed with immortality and will live forever, still her heart is stay pure. She shines strongly like the sun that illuminates everything. However, her ability is hopelessly weak. She likes Melty for some reason.

Name:Shuten Douji(NPC)


Age: Older than Melty

Height: About the same as Nanaka


The demon god who was once hailed as the strongest being in the world. Occupation: God of Oni and guardian of children, she has been sealed away for over a thousand years. She is smiling happily alone in a world that has begun to move. There used to be a best friend that always stay by her side.

Next chapter preview

“Now is the time to tell you the memory of the sins I have committed.”

“Welcome to the village of the demons.”

“So that’s the Youko tribe.” {Demon fox}

“Do you want to learn how to use magic?”

“Let’s go to the event!”

“The demon’s curse is something I wish I could bear.”

“Have I violated a taboo?”

“This is the end of the demon dance.”

“I knew it at first sight.”

“Demon or Humanity? Which path will you choose?”

Chapter 4: The village of demons and the shrine of the end

*all of this is subject to change. {tlnote: you allowed to do that?}


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