LDM 516 – Let’s Go Sabotage!

A mysterious facility in the Holy Kingdom.

I’ve decided to sabotage that place at Haku’s request.

Now, how should we destroy it? I could think of various ways to do it.

Especially after I possess Narikin and go there, that will open up my option.

Narikin was meant to be second body, so it was almost as good as I personally went there myself. There is a limit regarding the amount of MP we have, but it can be easily solved using mana potions.

I’ve made him learn the magic needed for the elemental burst, so he can shoot if I [possess] him.

And if I also got him to learn [create golems], the need for key no longer exists.

But I wonder if this is the right time to show my hands.

It is true that if I use Narikin to sabotage, it will be easy, but there’s also a great possibility that he will be no longer able to stay in the Holy Kingdom.

And I have no plan to abandon Narikin, so that’s a rather tricky point. For now, I’ll tell him to wear a mask to hide his face.

“Kehma, I have a good idea.”

“Hmm? What idea you have, Rokuko?”

“You should change Narikin’s face during the crime!”

The dungeon’s enhancement function has been used to humanize Narikin, but his face is that of an average adult male from the empire. And we could change his face using the humanization that what she was proposing.

In other words, it’s like a wanted criminal who gets away with plastic surgery to change his face. Well, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do, and I’m sure it’s effective.

“Oh? you can do that?”

“Yes, you can. I’ve been watching for an opportunity to turn Narikin’s face into Kehma’s. You can change his face for 500 DP.”

And what kind of opportunity you were waiting for… well in short, you already confirmed that we could do that.

Dungeon function is something that is determined by what people (the Dungeon core) believe they can do. If you believe you can do it, then you can do it.

“I mean, we can just change his face during the crime.”

“……ee, I want to make him look like Kehma all the time.”

“Well, it’s possible that we can separate ourselves from the current face we’ve been gathering information about and start the next town in a clean state. I’ll consider it.”

It would be perfect if we could change his face before the crime and change it again after the crime. The total cost is 1,000 DP, which is a small price to pay for us now.

“If he die – well, we can use DP to revive him, so that’s quicker than getting caught. The DP for resurrection seems to be rather heavy, though.”

The place where he will be resurrected is a little bit of concern, but it doesn’t matter where. Even if he revives in the morgue, he can be recovered using Soto’s [Storage] dungeon.

“Well, if I get caught, I’ll go to help with Rokufa.”

“Good idea. If the angels are backing us and ‘told us’ to attack that facility, we might claim that justice is on our side.”

“I’m going to go in there and ask my husband what the hell he’s doing!”

…right, Narikin and Rokufa are set up as a married couple.

“I think I’d like to see how they’d react if a terrorist was called a husband by an angel.”

“Yeah, I wonder how in the God of light religion people would react? Should we get caught on purpose?”

“Well, let’s avoid getting caught for now.”

When I think about it, we could count the Heroes in the game as a terrorist since they will take out the enemy head in small numbers.

“Well, I’m going to change my face and go on a rampage.”

“Okay, have a good day.”

Just like that, we decide that the strategy is to [possess] Narikin and go on a rampage.


It was midnight, and I had reached the hut with the hidden passage. And although there seemed to be safe, I still let the rats go ahead of me through the air vents just to make sure that no one was around. After that, I gently reached for the door.

The door was locked, I used [Create Golem], poured magic into the lock, and turned it into a golem. Then, after that, I only need to ask the door to open itself. I feel like cheating when using this, but it’s the only surefire way to get a physical lock open.

At the end of the stairs was the entrance to a downstairs staircase that looked like an underground storage room, but today it was covered with a lid made of wooden boards. It was carefully chained and locked. I wondered if someone had used it the other day and left it open.

However, it’s just an ordinary lid for me(mouse form). And even if the chain was made from orichalcum, I could just turn it into a golem.

Well, considering I could break through a chain of orichalcum if I wanted to, I could be a world-class thief if I wasn’t a dungeon master.

“If you let the mouse remember [Create Golem], you can do a ridiculous thing with it, right?”

“Umm… Rokuko…?”

“I know, we’re currently recording footage to give to Haku-nee-sama, so I’ve [possessing] Rokufa to watch it. Of course, I’ll edit that part.”

“I’ll check out the footage before you submit it… by the way, you haven’t shown it to Toy yet, have you?”

“Of course. The reason I possess Rokufa is because I’m afraid Toy might see it if I leave it to her.”

It’s fine then. [Create Golem] is our trump card, so I have to edit it properly.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out!”

“It’s not like fun is entertainment… Well, okay.”

When I took a sip of the mana potion, the potion disappeared into my body without lodging in my stomach, and my mana was restored.

About the [Create Golem] for the rat that Rokuko talk earlier, there lies the same problem just like with Narikin, and we are talking about a rat with even less magic power, it won’t be able to use the [Create Golem] properly unless you train them to the extreme.

For now, the plan is to destroy the black sphere later and secure the power source first. After that, I’ll destroy the giant magic tool and finally destroy the black sphere.

The reason for this is that if the black sphere is the dungeon core, there is a possibility that it will collapse and bury the entire facility as soon as it is destroyed. If you don’t destroy the giant magic tool properly, they’ll probably be able to use it again soon just by digging it back up.

And, the pathway seems to be well maintained and reinforced, but if it were to collapse, the people above ground would be in trouble.

I’d like to do as much as I can to help, but this is a dungeon owned by an enemy country, and I’m not sure how much consideration I need to give to them.

I guess I’ll pray to the God of light that no one else gets involved.


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