ULMF Chapter 011 s

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Misaki woke up and let out a cute voice after a short stretch, “afuu”.

(I have morning practice today. Uuh, I hate seeing Tadokoro sensei’s face in the morning.)

She pulls the curtains up as usual, feeling cynical, and as she places her hand on the window, she is brought back to her current [reality].

(Oh… right…)

What she saw in front of her eyes was a lattice of woven metal and glass and a wooden door leading to the outside. She pushes open the small window to reveal a medieval European cityscape below her.

People walking down the busy shopping street were all armed, and at the far end of the sprawling townscape, there were black walls stretching to the horizon.

“…it wasn’t a dream.”

The words came out of her mouth in hushed tones and she couldn’t stop the tears from falling down her cheeks.

Today is the second morning of the Death Game, and many players have finally come to terms with the fact that what happened yesterday was real.


The inn’s dining room was filled with a chaotic atmosphere.

Men jingled their large leather bags as if to show the result of the previous day’s games, and women poured them something resembling beer.

In contrast to the adventurer-like NPCs who were enjoying a full course of meat and liquor in the morning, there was a man who didn’t move and a woman who cried aloud – those are players who had a bad morning.

Misaki was eating bread and salad for breakfast, reading an e-mail sent yesterday evening by an armor-clad player.

(They seemed so dependable… Just how can they stand tall when the situation is like this?)

Yesterday, a member of the Monshou Guild visited the inn and explained the current situation also the future plans to the players gathered here in the dining room.

Misaki lets out a sigh as her shoulders slump, her short chestnut-colored cut with long fringe swayed.

Misaki is the so-called second group of players who were selected in the 100,000 account giveaway.

Let alone fight a battle. Before the game turned into Death Game, she was so fascinated by the overwhelming quality of the cityscape that she had not even checked her status yet.

After that, she was almost attacked by players, but she desperately ran away and joined a group of players who wanted to fight, following the call of the Monshou Guild that managed to subdue the chaos in the end.

She opens the menu screen and checks her belongings.

There are 950 gold left after using 50 gold for lodging, a [Beginner’s Bow] that she has yet to use, and a hundred arrows listed in here.

(If I manage it well, I can live in peace for a month. But after that, what?)

One month from now, she has to live in a world where she might die, imagining herself fighting for everyday lodging with her bow, she said to herself, (Impossible! I’m scared!) as she shakes her head.

(But it is said you could get money without fighting if you run errands at a place called the [Adventurers Guild] in the shopping district.)

Misaki thought to herself as she rolled a tomato with her fork in the dinner the innkeeper included in her lodging service.

She wasn’t sure how much 50 gold was worth in this world, but it was the initial money they gave us, but for the non-combat-oriented players, it must be a fairly reasonable amount.

(But it will be too late if I only took action after all the money had been spent.)

Misaki got up from her seat, pushed open the Kannon-style door, and walked out.

Despite the frightening experience she had yesterday because of fellow players, she was able to step forward with strong determination because she had seen the members of the Monshou who were eager to get the situation under control.

(At least I want to reduce their burden.)

Misaki searched for an adventurer’s guild with such intent. This may not need to be stated, but there are very few players, such as Misaki, who can recover in a day and get back on their feet.

Moving through a shopping district filled with fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat she has never seen before, as well as some elements that would make every elementary and middle school boys jump with happiness, Misaki stops in front of an establishment with a sword-crossed sign.

Misaki, who thought this was an adventurer’s guild based on simple preconceptions, pushed open the door and walked inside.

After going in, Misaki immediately realized that she was wrong, as swords, axes, and spears from the stalls were lined up in various places.

This was not an adventurers’ guild but a weapon shop.

“Are you looking for something, miss?”

“Ah! Sorry, I…”

Misaki is in a panic when she is unexpectedly greeted. One of the roots of her fear was yesterday’s incident. And perhaps seeing Misaki’s fear, the shop owner laughs and apologizes,

“I’m sorry, I often scare people because of my appearance. But if it’s a wrinkled old woman selling swords and axes, can you trust her with this kind of product?”

“Ahaha, indeed.”

The uncle NPC mixes in a few silly jokes to lower Misaki’s alert level. She then heads for the bow section, just because of simple curiosity.

There were three main types of bows lined up in a row, the [Great Bow], which is taller than she is, a [Short Bow], which was made for easier maneuver, and the [Crossbow Gun], which shoots out a set arrow with you pulled its lever.

“For a woman like you, that crossbow might be the best. It doesn’t take as much effort compared to pulling a bowstring.”

Maybe he was worried about Misaki. The shopkeeper remained behind the counter. Nonetheless, he continues to promote the crossbow’s sales. Misaki, on the other hand, came to a halt after looking at the prices of the bows lined up; she had no intention of purchasing them in the first place, but the price still surprised her.

(Geez, the cheapest one is 3,000 gold.)

Considering that it’s worth 60 days lodging at the inn, she assumes that it would be hard to afford it.

(I don’t even know if I’ll be able to afford a meal tomorrow), Misaki complained in her mind.

Misaki felt it was wrong to simply leave the shop in silence, so she stopped at the door and approached the owner.

“Excuse me, is there an Adventurers’ Guild around here?”

“Oh, it’s the building on the opposite street from this store.”

Misaki patted her chest and thought, (I didn’t think it was this close. Still, I’m glad it’s right around the corner.)

“Thank you, oh by the way, is it a dragon or some other creature that appeared in the sky yesterday?”

Misaki asked the shopkeeper to engage in small talk, even though the information would have been useless to her.

However, the owner kept smiling and said, “Welcome. What can I do for you today?”

Misaki, feeling a little creeped out by it, quickly left the arms shop and went back out to the shopping street.

(I see… even though they look like humans, they are NPCs.)

Gaining a better understanding of NPCs, she opened the door to the Adventurers’ Guild at the back of the building. By the way, the Adventurers’ Guild symbol is a parchment sign folded in half.

Upon entering, Misaki sees a scene similar to the morning cafeteria, people are staring at papers posted on a large bulletin board, and some men and women are making noise in the bar.

[Adventurers Guild]

Unlike the [player guild] established by Wataru and others, this is the name of an organization that has existed in the game from the beginning.

As many people might imagine, NPCs in this establishment will post some errands like [searching], [cleaning], [delivery], and so on.

Sometimes they will ask for mob extermination or be a bounty hunter, and one could find these requests posted on a bulletin board called the [Quest Board].

The people taking a job from this organization are called [Adventurers] and can be encountered in towns and, sometimes in the field; they may be roaming around fighting mobs, so their role is pretty much is the same as that of gatekeepers in terms of preventing invasions, but since the quest are randomized, they are not too useful to prevent an invasion.

(You had to peel off the quest you wanted to take from here and take it to the receptionist….)

Misaki looked at the quest board and tore off a piece of paper that looked the least dangerous.

The request form is marked like this.


Description of the request: Assistance in making a magic potion.

Client’s name: Kiele Anandra

Effective period: 48:00:00

Request Detail: Collect the ingredients needed for the potion and mix them as instructed. First, visit Kiele’s potion shop (coordinates: 120.50.-30.4).

Materials needed:

Demi-rat tail (0/3)

Demon weed (0/3)

Pure water (0/3)



Misaki presents the request form to the NPC receptionist.

When she accepted the request, a time limit appeared at the edge of her field of vision, along with the quest description, [Assistance in making a magical potion]. On the small circular map in the upper left corner of her vision, there is also a pin with a star on it.

(That’s where the quest is, right? Thank you, that’s very kind of you.)

Misaki takes a deep breath just before she leaves the guild, and then she realizes that saying “very kind” to the mother AI who trapped people in the death game is a bit ironic.

Misaki vaguely felt that once she leaves this place, there is no turning back.

(This is not safe Japan anymore, right?)

Misaki clumsily opened the item window and equipped a beginner’s bow and a beginner’s arrow barrel on her back and felt the weight of it.

There are no mobs in town, but still, for her, this is an [anti-personnel] armament. It was also proof of Misaki’s resolve.

Misaki began walking in the direction of the coordinates, praying that the day she would use her weapon against people would never come.


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