LDM 386 – Cave of Desire study tour (2)

The three dungeon cores Haku, Aidi and Rokuko are gathering in the front of [Cave of Desire], this will be their dungeon tour and I will serve as a guide  

Rokuko’s movement is stiff while Haku and Aidi are feeling excited.  

“…I’m nervous.”  

“it’s expected, Afterall, Rokuko is the dungeon we about to visit”  

With the presence of parent (Haku) and overseas student(Aidi), I can understand she feeling embarrassed about them inspecting her (class)room.  

But since everyone is here, let’s go into the dungeon.  

First, we must pass through the gate that also serves as the Adventurer Guild receptionist office.  

At first, it was only a fence. But after a while the number of people that visiting this dungeon increased and more guild personnel are assigned, they also build this reinforced gate, now it’s required to show your adventurer card before entering the dungeon.  

if you try to enter with people who are not adventurers, as expected you will be stopped at the entrance, but Rokuko and I are B rank Adventurer, Haku is A rank Adventurer, Aidi is… well… a guest. But since Haku is Adventurer Guild Grandmaster it doesn’t matter if you are not an adventurer.  

“umm, does Aidi also need to register as an adventurer?”  

“It seems Demon Kingdom hunter rank can be used as Adventurer rank here, so will I be B-rank, right? Haku-sama”  

“Yes, that’s fine. Oh, just so you know, hunters are Demon Kingdom version of adventurers.”  

 I see, then this dungeon tour team is equivalent to a first-class adventurer party with rank B or above.  

 With that, we pass the receptionist’s desk.  

“so tired~ Well then, next customer please….”  

“Vi-Village chief…, Th-Tha-That person is…?”  

“ah…Haku-san? it will be easier on you if you don’t know the details, just follow the regulation as usual”  

“…can you get me a signature?”  

Perhaps she could hear our conversation. Haku came over to us.  

Haku pulls up a ballpoint pen from her cleavage and draws a signature on the sleeve of the receptionist’s clothes. Oh, it’s an infinite ballpoint pen you sold in the Imperial City? Where did that come from?  

“I don’t want to create commotion, so please keep this secret for 2 or 3 days, okay?”  

“Yes, thank you! Thank you very much! I will make it a family heirloom! right, this way!”  

We went into the dungeon while passing the receptionist that still bowing deeply.  

“Is it okay to give that signature?”  

“Well, I’m used to this, it’s called fan service. Do you need one Kehma?”  

“In that case, I’d like you to write one in irogami and I can use that to decorate the inn’s reception table. It’s kinda late, but it would be a good promotion if people know that Haku-sama backing up our inn”  

“Oh, that’s a good idea! Sister, please do it!”  

“Ufufu, will 50 of them do? Or 100?”  

This person really loves Rokuko. One or two signature is enough but she willing to write as many as you like if it’s for Rokuko.  

After passing the adventurer guild’s entrance, you will find another entrance what covered with cobblestone.  

“hee… Rokuko is a cave type, It’s cute. I’m a mansion type, so this piqued my interest”  

“Ah. It’s embarrassing, please don’t look so much”  

“By the way, isn’t this the first time you’ve entered Rokuko-chan since she growing?”  

“pl-please be gentle”  

Is it because they are also dungeon core that this conversation feels indecent? for Rokuko it must feel like two people (Haku and Aidi) carefully measure her body for up-close, yeah it would be pretty embarrassing…  

“Oh, Aidi. There are pitfalls here, so be careful.”  

“Ah?… I didn’t notice it. unn”  

“That pitfall huh… Yeah, it feels nostalgic”  

To think of it, she was often caught in it in the first dungeon battle. A pitfall made up of only a thin plate that was blending in the stone floor. The goblin weight is just right so that it won’t trigger them.  

“Rokuko. can you explain this to me?”  

“Kehma, can I?”  

“I’m sorry to say this to my honored guest but I can’t tell you how this dungeon works. We can only explain to the extent of what adventurer know, so please analyze it yourself”  

“That’s why I’m sorry Aidi.”  

“It cannot be helped. Just give me a little more time…Hmm, it’s hard to understand because the sign is present on this one but not existent on that… hmm…., a feint? No… both are real?”  

While touching the pitfalls of the stone pavement, Aidi was seriously analyzing it. …… What Aidi seeing and analyze is the pitfall that made by dungeon function, what she can’t detect and analyzed is the pitfall made by me… did the dungeon’s trap sending some kind of signal to her?  

While I was thinking about it, Rokuko shook Aidi’s shoulder with a blushing face.  

“…Enough! That’s it. Stop it! Next, next, look, it’s embarrassing, so don’t look any more”  

“Ah, it’s cute and feels good here inside Rokuko. Right, Haku-sama?”  

“Yes, I agree. I knew it, Rokuko’s stone pavement is felt a bit different…”  

“Aaaa!! What are you saying Haku-nee-sama?  

Rokuko is screaming in agony. It’s like…. in terms of human, it’s like your mouth is being observed carefully… no, it’s even deeper? Maybe it feels like being examined with a gastro camera?  

After observing the entrance of Rokuko ( ), we are going further into the labyrinth area. by the way, we are bypassing all monsters.  

It’s natural for a goblin to avoid us because they can’t with against B rank party. Even they attack us, it is just a waste of DP.  

I’m just keeping a lookout while following the sign, but it was unnecessary to explain it to the two dungeon cores.  

“We have arrived in the labyrinth area, but since today is a special occasion, I have made a special route that allows almost direct access to an exit, so please, this way”  

“Oh, that’s too bad. I want to map it.”  

“No, please don’t do that, this is not dungeon battle or dungeon capture”  

I’m also embarrassed here. No, actually I don’t want to show it either. Let just say it’s an embarrassing point. I had said that because they are really serious about exploring the dungeon. ahh, I don’t understand the feeling of dungeon core.  

“I wanted to see [Avarice Trap], I heard that was the origin of the name of Rokuko’s dungeon”  

“I want to see it too, Kehma, isn’t that located inside the labyrinth area?”  

“I understand, I will arrange the direct route to that location”  

“I don’t want to miss that, Kehma!”  

The [Avarice Trap] can be called our main attraction point, not showing this spot is equivalent to going on a school trip to Kyoto and not seeing Kinkakuji or Kiyomizudera. As expected, it’s a must-see place.  

“…Uuu… well, I think it’s… Okay… to see….?”  

“Ufufu, Rokuko’s special place, let me carefully examine it”  

“I’m looking forward to seeing Rokuko’s [charm point].”  

“Okay, shall we go? this way”  

I feel like tour leader, it would be nice if I had a flag with me, and so I guided our group to our most characteristic and unique place of this dungeon.  

Tl note :   

  1. 1. irogami = not to be mistaken with origami, this is a whiteboard like paper for signature, I don’t know its proper name in English (google also don’t know), should I replace it with signature paper/board?  
  1. 2. After observing the entrance of Rokuko ( ) <- that sentence is not typo I decided to leave author creativity there… I think you all know what this implies…  

Last but not the least! Thank you “Dalton Green” for the Patreon support, that was totally unexpected… you can expect 4 days of double chapter after this, I want to release it as soon as possible but I had lost a half day today if I rush it my accuracy will be severely affected, let’s go with nice and slow pace ok? 


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