LDM 413 – watching the qualifier tournament

“Welcome back Kehma, Thank you for your hard work.”  

“yeah I’m back, thank you.”  

I finished beating them all and won.  

I approach Rokuko in the audience.  

“Congratulation for qualifying in your block Kehma, after this will be the second block turns.”  

“Why not just use one day for the qualifier?”  

“…Not enough fight(entertainment)”  

“…as expected from Demon Kingdom citizen.”  

Originally, I supposed to do this for three days…, the other blocks too. Well, they will proceed normally.  

“Congratulation Master, will you give me Curry Bread to celebrate your victory?”  

“Ichika, don’t you have something to give me instead? Well it’s okay.”  

“oh, Rokuko’s Master, give me Chocolate Cornet.”  

“Aidi, at least congratulate me first.”  

I serve Curry Bread, Chocolate Cornet and Melon Bread to each of them.  

Is the custom here is that the one who is celebrating is the one who gives out a present?  

“How Niku and Sebas doing?”  

“They are making good progress, Uzoh and Muzoh too.”  

Rokuko answered my question while chewing on Melon Bread.  

“Look, next one is Uzoh vs Niku.”  

“We already won then.”  

“Yeah, but let’s at least cheers them.”  

We go to see Niku match while convinced of our victory. The Arena is divided by four areas, and there’s not much distance from each area.  

Niku block has done its first round, and they are in the middle of the second round.  

Originally, we meant to do quarter-final in the next day, semi-final and final in a day after tomorrow.  

It seems that final and semi-final will be divided into four matches in one Arena. 

I wonder… what will happen to my block?  

“You are the winer of 2nd block.”  

“Ah, I see, so it’s like that…”  

“Rokuko, don’t you need to cheer the puppy?”  

“ah, you are right!”  

I saw Niku and Uzoh facing each other.  

Niku is as expressionless as ever, and she is quite calm, probably because she’s already getting used to this after her first match.  

“I’m indebted to Kehma, but I won’t go easy on you.”  


They keep staring at each other, but there’s no killing aura between them, this feels more like a mock battle. Also, even if you don’t tell her you won’t go easy, she won’t underestimate you. And correction, she is not my child, but she indeed feels like a daughter to me.  

“Kehma, I will just say this once.”  

“What is it?”  

“Niku is also my child!”  

Rokuko put a thumbs up and smiled. Perhaps she wants us to be recognized as a couple? I just send her a smile without confirming about that child matter, I never said Niku is my child in the first place.  

“Oh, it’s begun.”  

“Wait, it’s embarrassing if you leave me hanging like that.”  

Aside from Rokuko who’s now beet red, we had our attention to the Arena.  




As soon as the referee give it a go, she released [Fireball] at Uzoh. He did evade it, but Niku didn’t waste any time and dashing to where Uzoh would land.  

Niku approaches him from a low angle, making full use of her small stature she sends knife strike aiming at Uzoh ankle which just lost his balance. However she didn’t use the knife-edge, but it’s flat side, she aims to topple Uzoh.  

It successfully connects and immediately she mounts Uzoh and press her knife to his neck.  

“I-I… Give up”  


The match ended in an instant.  

“WINNER! Niku Kuroinu!”  

After referee declaration, she stands up and waves at us. Then she turned around, her face is still expressionless, but her tail is wagging with joy.  

“That was quick.”  

“As expected from our daughter…………come on Kehma, say something…”  

“ah yeah, okay… I’m proud of our daugther.”  

Rokuko is in a good mood now, Niku left the stage and returned to the waiting room, Uzoh also exited the Arena after that.  

“Just now… she did not use any chant?”  

“Chanting is something that you can do quietly, Rokuko’s Master you probably won’t hear it because we are so far away.”  

Aidi comments remind me that Empire’s adventurers didn’t do that at all. No, I guess it’s the difference between a personal battle and party co-op battle.  

“That puppy chant so quietly so only her can hear it, she did that so she won’t underestimating her opponent’s ability, but I think she is overestimate it instead, what a waste of efforts.”  

Though it’s okay since she only uses Fireball to defeat him, Aidi is putting her hand on her cheek as she said that.  

Aside from being noisy, I don’t think Aidi commentary is necessary since it finished so quickly.  

Niku has grown so much, huh? Let’s give her some hamburger later, or maybe a food stall meal would be better?  

“Understand Ichika? It’s a tactic.”  

“Well I already know about it, since I used to spar with her a lot… her footwork is confusing, and her power and speed are stronger and faster than what her appearance suggest, it doesn’t matter if you choose to take it head on or avoid it, you will still get rolled.”  

“Her muscles did not seem to be that strong… perhaps that puppy using some interesting abilities.”  

Ummm, that was Golem Power, but it’s our secret. I need to change the topic.  

“How Sebas doing?”  

“He just winning, boringly. Well as my Master it would be a it be a problem. if he can’t win this qualifier with one arm only.”  

“… One arm only?”  

“Yeah, I prohibited Sebas to use his other arm for this qualifier.”  

He fights with his hand tied up, oh, by the way, tying your hand with a rope is prohibited in tournament rules, so it was ‘playing-tied-up’.  

“Aidi, you really put a lot of pressure on that butler.”  

“Oh? Rokuko, you don’t at least trust your Master to do that much?”  

“…You are right, Kehma, will you tie yourself too?”  

“Don’t want to.”  

Anyway, my match is already over, so I decline it. 


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