LDM 368 – Departure and the plan to renovate the dungeon.

Well, since our possession monster is ready, let’s call Toy later and tell her to get ready. Though for now, I will continue to experiment with this function.  

At the moment, there’s one thing I’ve found out about ‘possession’ that’s troubling.  

Narikin and Rokufa have no consciousness while possessed. They have no memory from the time we ‘possessed’ them to the time we release the Possession.  

The inability to share memories while possessed may hinder our activities, but that’s where Toy (to be exact an assassin who she possesses, she looks like an adventurer’s scout girl) to take care of that.  

With the [Possession] by Toy’s skill, you’ll be completely stunned once the [Possession] is removed. Narikin and Rokufa version is better in that aspect.  

“Kehma-sama, if you don’t mind, please feel free to use my body while I possess her, okay?”  

“I don’t wanna.”  

Toy’s [Possession] also puts her original body to sleep, just like the dungeon’s [Possession].  

Toy’s body protection? I’ll put her in a cell in the inn’s underground prison. She will be left in a sturdy, lockable room with no visitors.  

It would be a lie to say I have no ulterior motive, but, well, you don’t want anyone messing up your body while you sleep, do you? I’ll make sure you have a duplicate key so you can open the door from the inside.  

“Therefore, you’ll have to go to Pavuera today. We’ll have you travel in the unpossessed state during the day, and we will see if we can ‘possess’ you at night. If we can’t ‘possess’ you, come back immediately.”  

“Understood. I’m off now.”  

“Master-sama, Rokuko-sama, I’ll be expecting for you tonight at 8:00.”  

I give Narikin the golem pocket watch. I’ll use that to align our time.  

Bowing reverently, Narikin and Rokufa left with an adventurer, Toy (the possessed assassin).  


“Now, Kehma, you’re free until 8:00. You wanna go on a date?”  

“I think I will modify the dungeon in the meantime.’  

“My. That’s nice to hear, but we are on a stable moment at this time, and I don’t think we need to rush?”  

“Well, yeah, but I need to have a quick word with the succubus village too.”  

Lately, there’s been a lot of information about the Succubus Village, and the people who hear about it are preparing an “equipment that’s just barely worth stripping off” to attack the dungeon.  

It might be better to charge a fee to open up the dungeons at the lower level, but I’d like to make the necessary adjustments to the dungeons since it would be bad for newbie adventurer education (she’s a dungeon, so it might be a waste of time for Rokuko).  

“That kind of info was circulating in the guild? I didn’t know that.”  

“that’s because Rokuko is prohibited to peek on Succubus Village.”   

“Won’t they be defeated by the succubus then?”   

“I’ve told the Succubus to spare their lives, and just strip them, so I heard they’re treating it as a bonus stage in the Cave of Desire…”  

If they had even taken their lives, they might have taken this more seriously, but since they didn’t, it’s recognized as one of the most appropriate gimmicks for the Cave of Desire.  

… Rei has reported to me that this seems to be a modestly good income and a (meaningful) breather for the succubus, thanks to a few enthusiastic repeat customers.  

“I’ve heard that there’s a lot of information on how to get to the Succubus Village efficiently. Also, there’s a warehouse area in the middle of the dungeon, so the amount of magic sword golem blades has been looted is increased. That’s why I’m thinking of rebuilding this area as well.”  

Some people use the information to bring back the magic sword golem blade and redeem it. Or rather, that’s supposedly the proper use of that information.  

“I see.”  

“That’s why I thought I’d at least moving the magic sword storage area to the back. And while I’m at it, I thought I’d renovate something else as well.”  

“Hmm. Do you have any good ideas of what you want to do?”  

“The Magic Sword Trial Room is [Greed] and the Succubus Village is [Lust], so maybe I should also make [Pride], [Wrath], [Gluttony], [Envy] and [Sloth] and name them after the seven deadly sins.”  

“…[Sloth] is a fitting word for the avarice inn at the end of the labyrinth.”  

Well, there was that one. So, there are four left then.  

“Why don’t we call the arena area as [Pride] or [Wrath] for the boss room.”   

“The way you put it is like you want just to get rid of something troublesome… I’m not going to let you cut corners on this dungeon(me) design, okay? Besides, since you said that, wouldn’t it make the riddle area to be [Envy] or something, so let’s think up the other four.”  

If that’s what Rokuko says, it’s cannot be helped then.  

…Oh, maybe it’s an excellent idea to create a key that you will need to gather.  

Until you solve all the puzzles and collect all the key, the door to the true (dummy)core won’t open.  

“I don’t mind the Seven Deadly Sins naming style, but what the are you going to do with [Gluttony] part? Do you want to make orcs and minotaurs only floor?”  

“That’s an actually nice idea, but I’d like to ask Ichika and others for their opinion.”  

She was called an appetite demon by the village’s people, so we might get a good idea from her.  

“Then maybe you should ask Rei and the others for their opinions in [Pride], [Wrath] and [Envy]   

“Niku also needs to give her opinion; it’s not good to leave her out.”  

“Well… the number of questions and people is not matching…”  

“Why you need to match the number? Just ask all of them three times on each subject.”  

So I decided to call them up in the order in which they were available and ask them if they had any good idea.  


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