LDM 475 – Once again, The Wrath.

For now, Narikin and Co. will be in charge of searching and gathering information in the Holy Kingdom, while I will take it easy and continuing the dungeon’s renovations.  

First, the succubus village, I need to do some preparation so it can be dismantled anytime I need it to, and [Gluttony] will be placed in their place.  

…Ah, by the way. [Gluttony] is placed on the Master Room for now, any member of my dungeon can use it. The main users are Ichika and Eleca.  

And here comes [Wrath] that once I abandoned.  

The idea comes to me after watching Ichika get angry; in short, anyone will be mad if their time is wasted.  

Well, here comes the next idea…  

“This is a ditch…? No, a maze? …’ Start’ and ‘Finish’?”   

Ichika tilted her head as she traced a ditch in the wall with her finger.  

“Turn the hourglass to start – whoa! Something appeared, oh, I see… I must move this to the goal? Is that right?”  

That’s Ichika for you, what a high level of comprehension. As you may have guessed, you need to move the iron rod that just grew out of the wall with your hand and carry it through the ditch in the wall (it almost a straight path) to the goal. Then you can clear it.  

However, she didn’t seem to pay attention to the fact that the ditch’s rim was painted red, except for the start and finish line.  

“Oooh, it’s moving downward on its own;  ……awawa! eh, did it supposed to sink in the middle of the way?”  

“Oh, you failed, penalty time: one stone golem, attack.”  

“I see, you fail if you hit the red line? And it’s a worthless stone golem. Are you going to put this trick in the warehouse area?”  

An iron bar that moves down by itself, as if reproducing the gravity. And if you hit the red line, it counts as a fail. You will need to go back and start over.  

The stone golem will fall from the hole in the ceiling every time you make a mistake or if you run out of time. If you’re not careful, your party members will be crushed under it.  

It’s dangerous, but since this is a dungeon, this level of danger is inevitable.  

“that’s about it for this trap.”  

“It’s pretty funny, isn’t it? At least I think it is.”  

So, this is going to be a [Wrath] mechanism to open the door to the treasure room in the warehouse area.  

If you turn the hourglass over, a stick will grow out, and if you carry it to the goal before time runs out, it will open the door, and allow you to enter the room. If you fail, the Stone Golem attacks.  

… should I make it, so there’s no golem attack if you just run out of time? Too kind?  

“So, this gimmick is also known as an …… irra-zuma stick!” {tl: irritating stick – also a pun of Inazuma kick}  

This is one of the games that were used in the TV show where there was a prize for completing the game. the original mechanism is to send electric shock with an explosion sound when you fail. …… But because it was a hassle to prepare the electric current and gunpowder, I replaced it with a golem attack. Maintainability is also essential for the dungeon mechanism.  

…… Also, the rage-like naming of its original, well that’s about it.  

“By the way, I was also thinking about the idea of turning over the hourglass to open the goblin room across the street and have the goblins attack, what do you think?”  

“That’s annoying; you come far to this warehouse area just to deal with a goblin?”   

“Is that your reaction? Then I will use it.”  

It would be more exciting if there were an obstruction.  

I also plan to make minor changes to the maze as more and more people can clear it; I will probably add a rotating wall gimmick and a floor piston gimmick that blocks the passage.  

“So, if you clear this, you’ll be able to enter the room with the treasure chest.” 

“Mm, hm.”  

“It’s divided into three small rooms, with a total of three treasure chests available. I’ll install a small window to look through.”  

“So, you can get three treasures!?”  

“But only one of them can be opened in one clearing.”  

“Wow, here comes the lifting and slamming down your expectation. This is indeed my Master’s speciality.”  

My specialty, huh? I’m honored.  

“So, these contents are random, ranging from magic swords to trash. I’ll add more magic swords just in case.”  

“Even I will be furious if I got trash for my efforts.”  

“And if someone else already acquired it, though it will refill itself in half-day, so you may not get anything if it’s right after the previous guy cleared it.”  

“Oh, well, that will work to make people getting angry and angrier!”  

This is my rough idea, but it seems the [Wrath] will be completed with this.  


Every once in a while, I go for a walk in the village of Gollen, and there’s a place on its map that’s perfect for sunbathing, which is also rarely visited by people. I came there to take a nap.  

A broad backyard, a perfect spot for a nap. I’ve been eyeing this place for a while now, and I’ve used the [Create Golem] to set up a place where I thought it would be perfect for sleeping in the shade of a tree. When I used  [Clean] to clear the fallen leaves and dust from the ground, I found just the right place to lay down my bed.  

Let’s put it down and sleep.  

“It’s another peaceful day in the village of Gollen.”  

“… it sure it, huh?”  


I jumped in surprise and saw a Wraith – Dolce.  

“Don’t surprise me like that?”  

“I mean, Kehma-sama is the one who dares to take a nap in outside like this ……. You already forgot about the assassin, didn’t you?”  

“…… No, that’s not true. I was just trying to be a bait.”  

“Yeah yeah, I believe you, I wish you had notified me then. I’ve been entrusted by Haku-sama to escort you after all…. Haaa…”  

Dolce sighs. Um, excuse me?  

“But there haven’t been any assassins here lately, have there?”  

“I just saw your doggie hunt for one today. That’s one good watchdog.”  

Seriously? And good job to Niku who’ve been dealing with it. I will need to reward her later.   

“You’re investigating the Chaos’s Dog and the Holy Kingdom, right? We are also working on it, and You’ll have to look into it over there as well.”  

“Uh, for now, I thought I’d try to find some sort of [correctly managed dungeon].”  

“‘A [correctly managed dungeon]? …… Is that a dungeon revered by the Holy Kingdom? That’s certainly something to be curious about. Oh, by the way, I come to give you the information on the assassin mastermind.”  

And I received the information from Dolce-san.  

I’ll share it with Narikin and the others at the time of today’s daily report.  

“Then be my guest and have a safe nap? I’ll keep a close watch on you. I will give you sleep paralysis as a service.”  

“…… Can I actually sleep with that on?”  

By the way, she is really giving me sleep paralysis. That’s was a valuable experience ……  

TL notes:  

I managed to edit the wp script so the next button only shows the specific category, but the bad news is… I cannot do it in wordpress.com site, since I did not pay for their premium feature. 

So, in case you come to this page via RSS update, this note is to inform you guys that my main site is switched to coronatranslation.com, the script implemented there, it also had night mode!  

For people who come via NU, don’t be surprised if your comment is gone, because it’s not, we only migrating to our sister site, the wordpress.com one is still alive and well too. (it also serve as mirror sites) 


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