LDM 509 – Sisterly Contact

After spending quite a bit of money, we will finally meet Nayuta. Not long after, Nayuta arrived at our room.

From the looks of it, she has been treated well. Her clothes are clean, her hair and fur are shiny. You can’t have this luster if you clean it in a hurry.

Well, Naana didn’t say anything about her being mistreated… however, it’s also true that making two magic tools per day is a pretty heavy task.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Nayuta… I heard Mr. Customer wants to make a special order?”

“That’s right, or at least that’s our excuse.”

Narikin glanced at Naana(Toy).

“…Master, did you perhaps forget the question?”

“No, not at all. I thought I should leave you alone for a moment. …And to be sure, what should I have asked her?”

Naana thought, really, this ‘Master’ of mine is… he probably thinking this is a precious time to meet between sisters, that’s why he leaves this matter in my hand.

Of course, it’s also possible that Narikin just doesn’t have the confidence to explain the situation well enough to get the information out of Nayuta, and It is also possible that Narikin really forgot about the question.

“Whichever it is, there’s no point to think too deeply about it. Well, it cannot be helped then… I’m sure she wouldn’t answer if I approached her normally, so I guess it’s my turn to do my best to force her.”

“? What is this all about?”

Naana(Toy) bowed reverently, to Nayuta who tilted her head.

“Nice to meet you, Nayuta-sama, …….No, let’s drop this… – it’s nice to see you in good health, Leona’s granddaughter. “

When Naana said this, Nayuta cautiously crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes.

“…Who are you?”

“I’m your sister, Toy. I move this body by using possession, but my original body is dog-beastman.”

“Toy. …Really?”

“Yes …I once work directly under Leona-sama, but currently, I’ve rebelled against her. then I followed her trace and found some fragment of it in this country.”

Naana smiled, and Nayuta looked at her suspiciously. She wasn’t sure if Naana is telling the truth or not, especially with that Leona-like shady-looking smile on her face.

“So, why did you decide to talk to me? As you can see, I’m working as a slave.”

“I know it’s just a sham, sister. Please tell me what you are looking for and what you have found for your cute little sister.”

“… Well, if my sister begs me like that, I guess I have no choice.”

Nayuta relaxes her crossed arms, closes her eyes, and lets out a sigh.

As Nayuta softens her attitude, Narikin and Rokufa look at each other.

“Umm, what’s with that exchange?”

Rokufa raises her hand and asks honestly.

“… Oh, right. If you’re not a beastman, you won’t understand. It’s a matter of hierarchy. The big brother and sister have a greater position than the little brother and sister. But because they are greater, they have to protect and be respected by those below them. Otherwise, you can’t proudly call yourself a big brother or big sister.”

“In other words, it’s an advanced form of bargaining, saying, [I’ll let you call yourself my big sister, but you have to give me some compensation.].”

“… I don’t understand how you can say it so shamelessly…”

“Sister? You said you would give me your info. Are you trying to go back on your word?”

“I just want to tease you.”

“Ahh… I remember the days when I didn’t have a sister and Leona was playing with me. Thanks to that, I can experience a lot of things.”

Nayuta giggles and shrugs her shoulders, “Oh dear, I totally get that.”

“I’ll give you all the information I have, although there’s something I can’t say because of this job.” {referring to her slave contract}

“Please phrasing it in a way to get around the question, sister.”

“Yeah, yeah. But I will leave it to you to pick up the meaning.”

“At least I know you’re here for some job.”

“That goes without saying.”

Thus the exchange was so sisterly that it was hard to believe they had never met before.

“… Hey, Naana. Did you really never meet your sister before? I mean, even your body is not your original, isn’t she too quick to trust you?”

“That’s because we’re sisters. If you want, you can think of it as a skill we inherited from Leona-sama.”

“I see.”

Narikin is convinced that such skill is real.

“I think my Master(Narikin) is way more puzzling. I don’t know why you trust my word so easily.”

“Toy, that’s what we call a good person, or I should say a good employer?”

“Maybe that’s what we called good-natured person. To think that I used to be enemies because of Leona-sama… And sister, please call me Naana when I’m in this body.”

“Understood, Naana.”

Anyway, thanks to Toy’s efforts, they were able to get the information from Nayuta.

“By the way, I want to make some custom-made magic tools. I’m going to take the money for it since I work here, but I will make it specifically for my sister.”

“Hmm, that’s fine. Naana has been very good to me, so let’s see what kind of design will suit her.

I don’t know if it will fit Naana’s original body, but I would appreciate it.”

“Master, you’re just too soft…”

“Indeed, you’re a good employer.”

Naana then smiled, not noticing Nayuta’s warm gaze over her.

TL note:

Still sick, but it’s getting better.


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