LDM 511 – Rats, go to the underground passage.

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To put it simply, it costs a lot of DP, but Haku-san will pay for it this time, so it’s okay! I’m sorry.

…The story about the Holy Kingdom is completely different from the LN I’m writing in volume 16, so it’s confusing. That’s the main reason why I’m writing every two other weeks. I’m sorry about that.

We enter the house through the ventilation shaft. Inside, there was only an entrance to a downstairs that looked like an underfloor storage room.

Some weapons were hanging on the wall, but no tables or chairs in sight. There is only a staircase in the center of the room, or rather, this hut itself is nothing more than a camouflage to hide the staircase.

“There is still a possibility that it is just a basement, but… this just too suspicious. The staircase doesn’t even have handrails, which means they are usually covered?”

“Yeah. But it’s open now. That itself is suspicious.”

“It’s convenient for us, but be prepared for a trap.”

“Oh. I don’t mind the trap, isn’t that’s why we’re using a rat?”

“…I guess you’re right, well, let’s go.”

Rokuko is right. Even if we’re trapped, it’s just the rat that will get caught in it. I only prepare seven of them since I don’t want to stand out, but if I want, I can send more in. after that, I formed a line of rats and sent them down the stairs.

On the other side of the stairs, on the first basement floor, lies a passage with white walls. It’s bright even without a light source, which is one of the unique traits of a dungeon.

“This is Dungeon, right? And it’s very well maintained.”

“Yes, it is. It’s hard to believe if you don’t see it for yourself.”

A dungeon in the Holy Kingdom, a Kingdom known for its dungeon killing, isn’t this quite a scandal ?. It’s also hidden in a hut.

(Is it possible that this dungeon is under state control?)

“Since it was hidden, it also means there is something they guilty for.”

Otherwise, they wouldn’t hide it in a hut. They could make it into a tourist attraction and open it to the public as a practice dungeon.

…are they worried doing such a thing will contradict their dungeon killing principle?

(Master, I’m going to keep going deeper into the dungeon.)

“Ok. …How far does this passage go?”

“Can you show the map to me, Rokufa?”

(Yes, certainly.)

The dungeon is a beautiful underground passage. You can walk right underneath the ground and not worry about it collapsing. In case there’s something wrong, it should fix itself quickly.

The map Rokufa had opened showed that they were heading towards the center of Kuromaku.

“… It’s blatantly heading towards the center. What’s here? I can’t really tell from the map.”

Toy then cutting in.

(Pardon my rudeness, Master Kehma. Let me answer that for you. It’s the Church of the Light God.)

The Church is placed in the center of Kuromaku.

A special place in the town of Kuromaku where there are no structures covered with black cloth. A religious spot.

(If we follow this map, we’ll end up in the center of the city, or to be exact, underneath the church’s headquarters, but it looks like there’s a fork in the road. What should we do?)

I paused and confirmed that there was a right-angled side path extending from the straight path.

The passage is separated by a barred door, like a prison entrance, and it looks like humans can’t get through unless they have a key – well, unfortunately not for the rats, they could walk right through.

“Let’s split up. Two should go accompanying Hameln 5 to go straight. The rest are going to take the side passageway.”

(Understood! Rokufa, take Hameln 5 and go onwards.)

(Ok, got it.)

I decide to let 3 of the 7 go straight ahead and let the remaining check the side paths.

…The straight passage also has a stone floor and white walls. The monitor rat also goes through this one.

“It’s better maintained than most buildings. If it’s a dungeon, then someone from the Holy Kingdom must be the dungeon master.”

“Yeah, I guess so. Probably you could say that’s what being managed means.”

I’ve been told that Haku-san is a traitor, but whoever is siding with the Holy Kingdom can also be called a traitor, right?

“Kehma, there’s something in there.”

“oh, a room.”

It’s a small room without a dungeon door. And we found a black dungeon core in there.

“Uwah, what is this… ughh.”

Rokuko let out a troubled cry.

Normal Dungeon core is supposed to be a glowing white ball the size of a basketball. However, this dungeon core was black and had a number of cables connected to it. They were connected to the ceiling, the walls, and the stone slab in the foreground. And The stone slab is a board with nothing special etched on it, but it’s… what it this.

“…… Rokuko, is this dungeon core, correct?”

“unnn, well, yeah, it looks like it, but… it’s too weird. What is this?”

She feels uncomfortable and disgusted to the extent that she can’t confirm that this thing on the monitor is the dungeon core.

“But what the heck is the point of having a core in such a plain corridor, especially when it’s the first place you find something? Perhaps this is a dummy core?”

“uhmm, I don’t know how to describe it, but I don’t think so.”

 Suppose the dungeon core itself says that, then I guess not. Then why the main body is in such close proximity to the entrance and placed in such a defenseless location? Something is not right.

(Master. We’ve arrived at the other end of the corridor after with Hamelin 5. It looks like a basement. There’s a staircase going up.)

Rokufa’s rats have gone underground and arrived at the basement of the church, according to the map at least, Is it connected to the building outside by an underground passage? Is this a secret route or something?

“Just mark it on the map for now. We will confirm it from ground level later, but is it going to be difficult to get into the church?  Or perhaps we can go there as civilians. “

(Okay… It also seems to be a dead-end here. We can’t go any further because of the door.)

At the end of the upward stairs in the church’s basement, there was an iron lattice door and an ordinary wooden door. We can’t open the wooden door with rat.

“Okay, leave Hameln 7 there and the let rest go back, and 7, if someone opens that door, try to get through. In the meantime, keep a low profile.”

(Okay. I got it, Master.)

I’m telling Rokufa to get the two rats to join the rest. There is only one straight corridor, a side path, and one room, but the map is steadily filling up. Let’s continue to investigate this mysterious dungeon.


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