BTOG 147 – The Other Fellow

The atmosphere became strange, but I regained my composure and tried to continue the conversation.

“But if you’re so sure, why didn’t you invite Touka-chan from the beginning?”

If Touka-chan is such a talented player, it would be strange for Rin-chan to leave her out of this team.

“I was the one who said reject it, HEROES is the gaming team of the Takajou Group, and even though Rin-nee is the founder, it would be bad for the world if the rest of the team was made up of family members.”

“And I told her I didn’t mind. Well, in the end, it’s Touka’s decision, and when I invited her, she is still in a rough state anyway.”

The moment Rin said that happily, Touka-chan gave Rin-chan a sharp look.

“….Rin, you are the same, aren’t you?”

It was the lowest voice I’ve ever heard for Touka-chan. Coupled with the sharpness of her gaze, the expression on her face is quite intense.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen Touka-chan intimidate Rin-chan like this, and I was a little surprised.

“I was just teasing you. If you’re going to wear a cat, wear it a little better.” {if you are going to hide your true color, hide it better.}

“Well, it’s fine… I was indeed going through a lot back then. But, as I mentioned before, even Rin-nee was crazy about the game at that time, wasn’t she?”

“I want undoubtedly in my prime. I’m a better player now, but I had more energy back then.”

In contrast to Touka-chan, who looked down with a sullen look on her face, Rin-chan was smiling with an unconcerned expression.

I don’t know how many years ago they were referring to.

At the very least, it’s a past that Touka-chan doesn’t want to be exposed to, but for Rin-chan, it’s a past that she can look back on with nostalgia.

And there was one more thing that I somehow understood.

The reason why the two of them were having a rough time was probably because of me.

It was the same reason I was working part-time like crazy.

The accident that day changed our relationship for better or worse.

“Now, back to the WGCS All-Stars, this year’s genre is [VR Shooter.].”

“VR Shooter ……”

Oh… I see since I’m a member of the VR division of HEROES, so of course, she will invite me to join the tournament of this genre. I’ve never done anything professional gamers do, and I’ve been a streamer for all this time, so I forgot that I was one.

“By the way, it’s will turn out to be more barbaric than you thought.”


I guess you can say that it’s like a sport where you will be shooting air guns at each other. The number of places where you can do this in the real world is dwindling, so it’s on the verge of going extinct. I think that’s what Rin-chan wants to say.

I’m sure that if you were to do it in real life, some mysterious task force would come to a stop you, and you would get hurt.

“I think it will suit you since you’re familiar with military combat training.”

“Nana, you’ve been in military combat before?”

“No, I haven’t!”

“Oh, you don’t?”

Rin-chan is the one at fault for talking about memories that didn’t exist, but Touka-chan also plays a part since she is the one who accepts what Rin-chan says without hesitation.

I’ve never fought in the military. I’ve fought the soldiers, though. {bruh…}

“Hmm, but well, that would suit me for sure.”

I’m good at shooting games. And since it’s on VR. It will be much more intuitive than using a controller to control a character.

“I’m sure it will. Besides, there’s another member besides us.”

“Oh, there’s another member?”

It’s true that Rin-chan said she lacked manpower, but she didn’t say that the three of us would challenge the WGCS alone.

Of course, she already prepared the fourth member, not just the girl that Touka-chan will be filling in for.

“We’ll probably meet at the last minute. The girl is overseas right now.”


“I’m giving her some money to train first.”

“Hee~~ She’s a very motivated girl, isn’t she?”

Not every day you hear someone will go overseas just to train for games.

However, in this day and age of the internet and online, why would you need to go overseas for training?

“Nana, in this wide world, there are mysterious places. And sometimes there exist an unknown group of a player with overwhelming skill dominating those places in an abandoned arcade in a small town of a small country. She’s the weakest one from that group.”

“That sounds like something out of novel or manga.”

Kukuku, you might beat me, but I was the weakest of the Four Heavenly Kings …will she say that when she lost?

Anyway, her local place is probably someplace without any connection to the internet. For example, it could be a classic arcade store or a consumer game where you trained offline without a network.

Dominating that kind of place would probably make you feel magical. But, if those people had been released into the sea of the Internet, the story probably changed.

“They are pretty famous in those circles.”

“oh… but why do they only send the weakest one?”

“Apparently, there were strict departure restrictions, and only the weakest person was allowed to participate in the tournament.

“I see. I see. And we suddenly returned to the practical world.”

A country that has restrictions on leaving the country and doesn’t have a good internet infrastructure… sounds like a pretty dangerous country.

Nevertheless, since Rin-chan is sending her to train overseas, I’m sure Rin-chan is doing everything she can to ensure her safety.

“Well, She’s the kind of girl whose only asset is her strength, so expect some problem. But, I’m sure Nana can handle her.”

I don’t think I’m good with words, though? {tn1}

But she is a girl whose strength was assured by Rin-chan.

I was definitely looking forward to meeting her, even if it was still a little while away.

“I’m so tired! The test is too long!”

Just as we were finished with our talk, Ron came back.

Despite her words, she looked much better than before she went for the checkup.

“It’s only been about an hour, hasn’t it? And they go to great lengths to prepare it in the morning in anticipation of Ron-nee-sama’s arrival.”

“It’s a Joke, you know. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, Touka. Have you gotten big again?”

“A little more than before. You haven’t changed, have you, Ron-nee-sama?”

“Not in appearance. But I’m getting old, and I’m a little worn out inside. Well, I’m glad to see you’re doing well.”

After patting Touka-chan on the head, Ron sat down between Rin-chan and Touka-chan.

The two of them get along just fine. In fact, there are none of Rin’s relatives who didn’t get along with Ron.

“What were you talking about?”

“I was briefly explaining the WGCS to Nana.

“Oh. I don’t know much about it, but I’ll be there to support you as I recuperate here.”

Ron smiled and said so. She then brought a piece of candy to her mouth. Maybe she was hungry because she hadn’t been able to eat anything before the inspection.

It’s not very well-behaved, but Toki doesn’t blame her for that because she can’t eat a heavy breakfast as we did.

“So, what are you going to do later today?”

“I’m going to visit the grave.”

To be specific, the graves of my father and mother, the two people I’ve never been able to see since that day, I need to report on what I’ve become.

I have no doubts and no regrets, but I have a lot of stories to tell them.

“Oh, I see. Do you want me to come along?”

“No, Rin-chan and I will go alone.”

I refused Ron’s offer because her health did not seem to have improved at all since yesterday.

She looked fine, but her face was pale. I appreciate her feeling to still care for me in that state, but she should take a break when she needs to.

As if she understood my thoughts, Ron smiled and nodded.

“I see. What are you going to do about Touka?”

“I’m training for the WGCS!”

Touka-chan replied to Ron’s question with a stern and energetic voice.

She seemed to be completely back to normal, and her expression was cheerful.

“I’ve got a lot of tests to do after this, so I guess we’ll just go our separate ways today. Aunt Toki, is that okay with you?”

“Yes, everyone is not a child, so please do as you like. Rinne, Nanaka, after you go to visit the grave, I have something to discuss, so please come to me.”

Toki said and dropped me off her lap. Then she turned to leave the guest room.

Toki is not a mere decoration but a person with a high position in the Takajou family.

Considering this, she might be about to head off to work after this.

I think Rin-chan fully understood this, and she stood up and started to move immediately.

“All right, then. Nana and I are going to visit the grave early.”

“… Ah! I forgot to tell you about that.” As if to discourage Rin-chan, Toki’s unusually loud voice echoed as she was about to leavesas the room.

Everyone’s eyes involuntarily gravitated in that direction, and everyone’s face turned pale except mine.

Toki was smiling at us.

Her smile was a symbol of trauma for the other three.

Because when Toki smiles, it’s usually when she’s scolding mode.

Not to mention the mischievous Ron, Rin, and Touka probably don’t have good memories of that smile.

But for me, it was a little different.

It’s partly because I’ve never been scolded by Toki, but I have a much different impression of her smile.

It reminded me of a memory from when I was very young.

Yes, it was the time when I was sent to the hospital after being bitten by a dog while protecting Rin.

“Nanaka, when you’re back, come to meet me. I’ll untie your hand’ this time. You have been struggling for quite a bit, haven’t you?”

The person who had taught me how to destroy living things was still smiling as he had done back then. {???}

Tl note:

{???} She… what?

well, the answer is in the next chapter.

{tn1} she say nothing about your ability with words, you need to tame her with your fist.


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