LDM 531 – Raid Dungeon Battle (2)

“G-Testor parts, GO!”

Each detached part ran by itself and passed through the passage.

The torso is divided into multiple parts, each of which has arms and legs or is carried by Slime-kun as a stand-alone shield armor.

The limbs part did not undergo any transformation to keep their sturdiness, but each was fitted with wheels so that they could run on their own. (The slime is moved inside the body in the form of a seesaw trolley.)

The head can fly by itself like a drone. Sadly, there’s no escape mechanism with a cockpit or camera in it. So, it is not suitable for reconnaissance because of its weight. That part is just a decoration. The slime in charge of the torso is the one in charge of controlling it.

“Ah, I found a skeleton in the corridor. Launch Testor Punch!”

“Roger that, Testor Punch, fire!”

With Rei’s voice, the right arm accelerates. The enemy skeleton was run over and crushed by Testor right arm. I could hear the sound of rocket punch and  bones breaking from the monitor.

Well, I guess this is one unique rocket punch, isn’t it? Because it’s a wheeled one.

“Hou… It’s power is comparable to castle-breaking siege hammer. It has good offensive power.”

“I am honored by your praise, Haku.”

“Fufu, that’s right, nee-sama! it’s a monster that our Rei came up with, with Kehma finishing touch.”

“I see. You’re as amazing as ever, Rokuko-chan.”

For some reason, Rokuko is very proud of this creation. And Haku, Rokuko wasn’t involved in any of this, was she? Does the dungeon’s member achievement count as the dungeon core’s achievement? Well, if we follow the formula dungeon = Rokuko, I guess that’s true.

“Hey, Kehma, there’s a monster from the other allied core that’s been following Testor.”

“Well, they will get run over if they stand in front of us, so it’s safer to follow from our behind.”

Right, if it for the sake of efficiency, it is safer to proceed behind the G-Testor parts.

Especially since we were used to marching on a map scouted by small animals, it was only natural that we would be the ones leading the way, taking into account that G-Testor was also not slow on his feet.

“What should we do, Master? Shall we outrun them?”

“No, keep going as it is, Rei. We’re allies, so let them follow us. And if we’re in the lead, that means we can play an active role in the battle. You want to show off the G-Testor that you have built, right? Nerune?”

“Yeah, we’ve practiced a lot.”

It’s a win-win situation: our allies have an easy time, and we get to play with the G-Testor a lot. Win-win indeed.

…oops, we’re not here to play. We’re in a dungeon battle. It’s work.

“Master. If you enjoy your work, you will get better results. And if it can be done like we’re playing, can’t we just have called it playing?”

“Kinue, in your case, your work is your hobby, but you’re right about that.”

“I guess so.”

Okay then, let’s enjoy playing with giant robots to the fullest.


As we proceeded with each part of G-Testor, we came across a large open area. It looks like a graveyard at dusk. Crosses and rusted swords are stuck on the floor. But according to the Orange’s scout squirrel unit that ahead of us, this place was only an empty hall.

“Yeah, but our opponent is undead. That info is not going to tell us anything.”

“We’re out in a wide-open space, and I don’t see any enemies on the map, but let’s merge.”

“Copy that, Master! G-Testor! merge sequence commenced!”

The next step is to merge.

Following Rei’s call, the parts quickly started to move. The coupling units were combined with a loud clank and immediately transformed into a giant black steel golem in a sleeping position.

I did say ‘quickly’… but it still takes about 30 seconds. It’s not quick enough. If there are any enemies, they will need to push the enemy away while combining, or they will need to rely on the protection provided by the other monsters accompanying them.

“I did it, Master. A new record, 28 seconds.”

“Oh, I saw that, Niku. You’ve surpassed your practice time even though you had a bad foothold.”

Niku proudly wagged her tail when I patted his head. Niku, by the way, was in charge of the body, which was the most difficult part that linked them all together. Although the golem can compensate for this sequence, the part where the couplers are placed close to each other with the angles aligned had to be done manually to some extent.

I want to automate this. If I have the time and budget, that is!

I had prepared the highest quality golem possible using the available time and funds, but if I wish I could have used orichalcum… well, that’s fine. Let them do their best in this operation. I can see that Niku and Rei are rather more motivated with their work if it gives them some hassle.

“Relaunching G-Testor!”

“Hey Kehma, shouldn’t we keep moving forward in pieces until we encounter the enemy?”

“We’ll be fine, Rokuko. That one will definitely appear from this kind of place.”

“E? you mean a ghost{obake} type?”

“No, the enemy is– I mean, it will be undead, so calling them ghost-type is not wrong.”

And just as soon as all of our troops entered, the graveyard area was sealed off, then skeletons and zombies crawled out of their graves. Apparently, this area was a trap to get rid of the enemy.

But small monsters of this magnitude are as good as sitting ducks for G-Testor. Well, when the big ones come out, they’ll be just the right opponent for it.

“Scoop them up and take them out at once.”

“Yes, sir!”

G-Testor caught the skeleton that had sprung up and threw them at other enemies as if spraying water at them. The bone of skeletons spread out like shotgun pellets and damaged the zombies.

“Hahaha! It is toying with its enemies. Bigger is stronger after all!”

“Is that how the big ones fight, Kehma?”

I’m tempted to say, [Cleave!]……well it’s not special move or something, we’re just cleaving them using normal means. G-Testor only needs to swing its arm.

Aah… I hope the enemy prepared some monster like Gashadokuro (giant skeleton) so we can do giant battle.

By the way, the zombie became a snack for Slime-kun, who was starting to feel hungry.

…No, to be precise, they actually tried to attack the joint, but they got devoured instead. This thing is a great.


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