LDM 398 – Towards the Demon Kingdom

As soon as we arrived in the Imperial City…
We are immediately summoned to the Emperor’s castle to had an audience with him. This time we don’t need to wait a day before we are permitted to face the emperor, I think it’s all thanks to Rokuko’s connection, anyway we finished our business and say hello to the emperor.
Emperor Lionel only said a little word like [Learns as much as you can] and I bow my head, then we are finished. Where’s Rokuko? She is having tea time with Haku.

Somehow it was decided that we must go today to Demon Kingdom, so it’s like a speedrun.

“It turns out, we are not the only one transfer student”
“Yeah, they also send magic tools craftsmen to study to Empire along with Aidi”
“Oh, is that so?”

And now Haku accompanies us in our ride, or to be exact, we are in Haku’s carriage, it’s a three-seater type carriage, Niku and Ichika are on the separate car.
There’s no way for me to ask lap pillow like this, even though Rokuko and I sit next to each other. Haku was sitting in front of us and releasing high pressure to my direction.
Ah, this is a nice chair with luxurious armrest, the distance between chair is 40cm apart, at least it’s not the distance that you would bump to each other when the carriage is shaking, in the first place the carriage didn’t shake at all.

“By the way, Aidi said that she’s playing around just as a bonus.”
“Is that so”
“Yeah she said she learn a lot about management from here and there, the adventurer guild is her main interest”

Speaking of which, in Demon Kingdom, they have a Hunter Guild instead of adventurer guild, as B-Rank adventurer, we should get better treatment than most people there.
Of course Hunter Guild value strength above all, so there’s a high possibility we will get into a quarrel at first. Yeah, especially when I and Rokuko are looking weak.

“Isn’t Adventurer Guilds are kind of same in other countries”
“As far as I know there’s an adventurer guild in the Daido Holy Kingdom and Wakoku country, but in the Holy Kingdom there’s another kind of guild, a dungeon conqueror guild”
“Ah! we met Saint Alca before, wasn’t she from that guild?”
“You are right, Rokuko. Also, Saint is the highest rank in that guild, which is equivalent to my S-Rank. Moreover, I will never accept that country”

It seems that her decision for the immigration ban is related to our [Cave of Desire] incident, Saint Alca did try to do aggressive things in our dungeon… If someday we ever cross path with Saint Alca again, it will probably on our trip to the Holy Kingdom.
In other words, I will never see that annoying saint ever again! Thank you, Haku!

“Rokuko-chan, are you really going to depart to Demon Kingdom? This is your last chance to turn back you know?”
“I’ve made my decision Haku-nee-sama, Aidi has come over to my place, now it’s my turn to return the favor and visit her, so I can call myself her real friend”
“Is that so? I’m happy then… I’m impressed that you can make friend with her Rokuko-chan, but please remember that our Empire and Demon Kingdom are on the verge of war, please don’t be too close with each other”

….. by the way, are we going to stay in this position until we reach Demon Kingdom? Can I move to the other carriage? Eh, I can’t?

“Excuse me, Haku… can I sleep in this carriage?”
“Oh, if you want to sleep you just need to fold down that chair and lay back, do you need a blanket? Oh wait, maybe you don’t need one because you have [God’s beddings]”
“Well, the comforter and blanket are kept by Rokuko, so can I borrow a normal one?”
“For sure, oh yeah… I just remember what you possess is [Alarm] function, right?”

After saying that, Haku snapped her finger and Chloe suddenly appeared with a blanket, I received the blanket wondering where did she keep it? And while I was lost in thought she was gone already…. is there some kind of secret room here? Well, I should expect this much from Haku’s carriage.

“Then thanks, I will go ahead and sleep. Rokuko you should talk with Haku as much as possible since we won’t meet for a while”
“Thanks, Kehma… then, Haku-nee-sama can I sit with you?”
“Eh…? But this is a single chair, I’m sorry”
“So… Can I sit on your lap?”
“…!? t-that’s…, co-come here”
“Yes, thanks Haku-nee-sama”

Ooh, Rokuko attacks! how come you are so aggressive lately?

As I watch Rokuko sit on Haku laps, I decided to lay down the chair and sleep. I do intend to sleep for real, it’s too scary to pretend to sleep in front of Haku. There’s also Chloe she probably here for the same reason as to why I wear my ring succubus. Also Chloe can detect whenever if I’ve been sleeping for real or not. I have no choice, I need to sleep for real.
Because Rokuko positions herself to block Haku line of sight, she can’t see me, thanks Rokuko, at least I can be a little relaxed here.

On this point, let’s assume that we must sleep until we reach the camp. Good Night.


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